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MTBS’ 2007 Year-End Message

By December 31, 2007March 24th, 2020Editorial

Hello everyone!

I’m a bit early, but Happy New Year from MTBS!

I think 2007 was an exciting year for both stereoscopic 3D consumers and solutions in the market. This year alone, we saw the successful release of Beowulf, a well received movie that earned 2:1 revenue in 3D cinemas versus 2D cinemas. Hollywood has demonstrated further promise with commitments by Dreamworks Animation, James Cameron, George Lucas, and many more to continue producing S-3D features for wide release.

Real D, Dolby Laboratories, and IMAX 3D are all helping secure consumer 3D by offering instant mass education on what stereoscopic 3D is all about through exciting visual experiences in full sized movie theaters.

In the consumer markets, we are seeing very viable S-3D solutions in release and in development from the likes of iZ3D, TDVision Systems, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Zalman, and more. Even NVIDIA is back in the news again with a highly anticipated stereo driver update just a few weeks away.

I can’t go into detail yet, but game developers are very much aware of S-3D, and some key accomplishments done in 2007 will slowly be revealed in the new year.

We have big plans for MTBS in 2008, and I will be able to share them with you a little later on. For now, I’d like to give thanks to the organizations and people that helped get us where we are today in 2007:

  • iZ3D and TDVision for their continued financial support and involvement.
  • Dimension-3 Expo and 3D Biz-Ex for giving us the opportunity to speak about the future and challenges of S-3D.
  • Real D, Dolby Laboratories, In-Three, and Main Street Pictures for making appearances on MTBS and their kind support.
  • Feared Gamers, Simply Gaming PR, Mod Central, and for helping promote our efforts and trying new things!
  • Our crack web design team Watson, Sharky, and Welder.
  • Our advisory board Nathan Steinke, Dave Polcino, Arkhady Shapkin, Ed Braitor, and Igor Masin for their continued input and ideas.
  • And…perhaps the biggest thank you of all…our valued members and S-3D advocates! (all 2,000+ of you!)

    Out of all the things we have done at MTBS in 2007, what I am most proud of is the new found enthusiasm and confidence there is in the S-3D industry among consumers and industry supporters. We do have a lot to be excited about, and I’m glad we have rediscovered that. While MTBS is just one of many elements in making this happen, I think your industry value and influence is clear, and 2008 will be about giving MTBS members the tools and resources needed to further grow our market and gain further benefits out of stereoscopic 3D.

    Post your comments and ideas for 2008 HERE!

    Thanks again for your hard work, and please accept my best wishes for the new year!

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