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Interview with Chris Chinnock, President & CEO of Insight Media (3D Biz-Ex)

By August 24, 2007Editorial

Hello everyone!

As you know, MTBS is a media sponsor for the upcoming 3D Biz-Ex in San Francisco this coming September. Below is an interview we did with Chris Chinnock, President & CEO of Insight Media. All MTBS members qualify for a 20% discount on registration, and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

What is Insight Media?

Insight Media is a market research, publishing and consulting firm focused on the display industry. Instead of focusing on the numbers end of market research, we favor the analytical and strategic side of the business. Our products and services include daily and monthly news and analysis, in-depth annual report, conferences, education webinars and seminars, and private consulting services.

Is it true that nearly everyone working for you has an engineering background? Why?

Yes, true. In fact, our team is composed of world-class display experts, most with advanced engineering degrees and lots of technical, business and market experience. This team allows us to bring a very high level and seasoned perspective to all of our products and services – and is a key reason why clients like to tap our team for specific assignments.

Tell us about some of the newsletters and popular conferences you have done. Who do you tend to work with?

Our customers are mainly in the display industry, but we also help others in various vertical markets who need to tap experts in displays. We are particularly proud of our Display Daily news service as this offers a summary of very current news, but with some added analysis, perspective and commentary for this team of experts. Our goal is to inform and provide insight in two minutes a day – a great way to stay hooked into the display and related markets.

We also offer two monthly subscription newsletters that cover the entire display ecosystem each month. One focuses on larger sized displays and applications while the other focuses on mobile displays and products. These offer a valuable round up of the industry each month covering technology, products, market data, business news and more.

When did you start getting interested in stereoscopic 3D (S-3D)?

We have covered stereoscopic display in our newsletter for years. Our newsletters go back to 1998, and I was writing about this area before that.

S-3D has been around for awhile. Why are you interested in it now?

About a year ago, we decided to do a comprehensive report on 3D technology and markets as we sensed momentum was building up and excitement in the space accelerating. That proved to be a good decision as we have seen a lot of interest in the report from various industry participants.

What is it called and what were your key findings?

The report is called, “3D Technology and Markets: A Study of All Aspects of Electronic 3D Systems, Applications and Markets”.

The nearly 400-page report gave us new awareness of the breadth and depth of the 3D industry, but also awareness of its fragmented and immature nature.

We identified nearly 40 market segments where 3D is used, but each application is small with the products and culture of each market different from others. In fact, there is little awareness of this broad tapestry of applications and little cross fertilization between these groups. Key findings include forecasts in many of these market segments with various levels of acceptance and expansion. But the bottom line is 3D is hot right now and advancements are coming very quickly in many sectors. Even five months after completing the report, we are more bullish about the prospects for the industry.

If there is indeed a postiive industry-wide shift toward Stereoscopic 3D, what are the key markers that are demonstrating that?

S-3D has been in wide use in many professional markets for years and will continue to be used here at increasing rates.

The really exciting part is what is happening on the consumer side. Here, the big dog in 3D right now is digital cinema. 2D digital cinemas are being converted as fast as the hardware can be made – rolling out to 700-800 theaters by the end of this year. This is creating awareness in the public of 3D and is creating a very favorable impression about the image quality.

The next big wave is going to be 3D TV. A year ago we thought this would take years to develop, but now, we see it taking off much faster. This year, Samsung and Mitsubishi will offer a wide line of stereoscopically-enable DLP-based rear projection TVs to consumers. This will create an impressive installed base.

The next piece is content and here we are also seeing big strides from companies like DDD and Sensio to convert 2D content to 3D. And what happens when Hollywood wants to take its 3D movies and offer them on HD DVD or Blue-ray? You will see this happen soon too, I suspect.

3D gaming in the home is already happening, but new monitors and the DLP TVs will make it easier for gamers to go 3D. And that?s not all! Cell phones, electronic picture frames,and digital cameras are all eyeing adding 3D capabilities. We plan to offer a new special reprt on 3D in the home soon as this is really starting to move and we want to help make people aware of this opportunity.

3D Biz-Ex is your first conference of this kind. Why are you doing it?

Our goal is to create THE 3D event that brings together the whole ecosystem in 3D. This means hardware, software and component suppliers in 3D acquisition, conversion and display, plus system integrators and buyers of 3D equipment in all of the vertical markets. Today, 3D is sold in each vertical market, but there is no place to see the full spectrum of 3D. This is the event we want to create to grow the industry. The event is also geared to focus not only on technology, but on the business of 3D. We need to know how to grow the industry and what better way than to get all the participants talking and learning from each other. We have organized the event with a symposium part and an exhibition/networking part. Next year, we plan to greatly expand the exhibition part. This year?s symposium will feature sessions on 3D Public Displays, 3D Gaming, 3D Cinema, Novel 3D Technology, 3D TV and 3D Visualization.

Do you think your conference is more relevent now than it would have been five years ago? Why?

Yes, much more so today. The real expansion of cinema and all the potential consumer applications takes the industry to a whole new level.

Why do you think this conference and conferences like it are important?

There is little opportunity for cross fertilization among all levels of the broad 3D industry and there are no conferences devoted to discussing the business issues. Business leaders will make the investments that will grow the industry, so it is vitally important that they understand the opportunities and make the investments.

Can you name some of the speakers and what they are going to be talking about?

The best place to learn about this is at the 3D Biz-Ex website, which has a full agenda with speakers and abstracts. We will be adding a few more too, so stay tuned. And there will be a special event you won?t want to miss too. More on that very soon.

Who should make a point to attend this conference?

Technologists, sales and marketing personnel, senior executives, investors, and just as importantly, anyone interested in learning about and purchasing a 3D system or product. Clearly, seeing 3D is what it is all about, so we will open up the exhibition area to all interested parties to attend for free on Wednesday, September 19th. We want to make it easy to see 3D.

S-3D has been around for some time, and despite being an exciting technology, it?s had its share of pitfalls. What do you think of the industry?s future today, and what makes you think that way?

We are growing more bullish each month as we hear about new technology, new commitments, new products, trials, etc. There are still many hurdles and this is an early stage industry, but things are on the move, which makes it very exciting too!

If there is a theme or a message that attendees should walk away with once your conference is done, what should it be?

We want you to leave with a solid understanding of the breadth of the 3D industry, the status of development, the rate of change in the industry, the issues which confront it and the opportunities it is creating. If attendees get that, we have accomplished our mission.

You can learn more about this conference by visiting the 3D Biz-Ex website, and claim your registration discount in the Member Benefits section of

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