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Things Are Getting Serious!

By August 23, 2007March 24th, 2020Editorial

Check this article out:

Mitsubishi Evolves 3D DLP Technology

I’m starting to get really excited by all this because within the next year, we are going to have both viable and proven S-3D solutions for the computer desk, the living room, and the movie theatre.

Not just solutions, but a healthy competition of solutions! Just last week, our forums have been discussing Samsung’s 3D HDTV solution, and now Mitsubishi is officially in the game. For the desktop game player, iZ3D will be releasing their solution soon, and there are other products in the market expected to pop up very shortly.

The message I get from this article is companies are taking the complexity of S-3D, and turning it into something everyone can understand. With the industry’s earlier, less successful attempt, S-3D required an education of what S-3D is, an above average understanding of computer hardware, and a lot of patience for finding the right settings.

What is happening here is the 3D HDTV companies appear to be going after the more mature markets with content that is easy to display like S-3D rendered movies and sporting events. I like the sporting event idea! A movie has only one to three viewers at the TV, but if you get the Super Bowl in S-3D, you could have ten people at your house seeing S-3D for the first time!

This is great news for the industry, because once everyone is talking about their favorite S-3D movie or sporting event that they saw at home, it’s going to put even MORE pressure on the game developers to release MTBS certified, S-3D compatible video games.

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