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What Does S-3D Have In Common With Galileo?

By August 19, 2007Editorial

We credit Christopher Columbus for proving that the world is round, but the real action happened when Galileo looked through his telescope.

Nicolaus Copernicus first postulated that the sun is the center of the universe, but he didn’t have the tools to prove it. It was only when Galileo Galilei made a technical innovation of grinding better telescope lenses that he was able to prove without a doubt that the earth revolves around the sun, and not the other way around.

Unfortunately, in the early to mid 1600’s, knowledge was a dangerous thing. I will never forget the play I read about Galileo (“Galileo Galilei”), where the senior Catholic Church clergymen would refuse to look in the telescope because to do so would forever change their beliefs and smash the political fabric that society was based on. At the end of the book, as right and as factual that Galileo was, he had no choice but to recant when he was threatened by a brief introduction to his awaiting torture chamber. He agreed to rewrite his theories, and to have his manuscripts approved by the church before being released.

What the church didn’t know was he had secretly written a second version of his manuscripts, and had arranged to smuggle them out for the world to see. I can’t help but wonder if the Catholic Church would have continued to maintain an equally strong influence on society had it embraced and prepared for this information.

I think we are beginning to see a parallel movement in the stereoscopic 3D gaming industry. Like Galileo’s telescope, the industry is releasing S-3D technologies that work well, and let gamers see the awing details that have been missed out on all these years. In a matter of weeks, multiple suppliers are going to have competitive at home products on the market that are going to show us the eye blowing 3D the industry has been waiting for.

How will game developers respond to this new insight? Will they adopt the technology and improve their influence in the gaming industry, or will they introduce S-3D gamers to their torture chambers in hopes that the next era will magically disappear?

While a minority of forum moderators have been quick to draw out their modern day torture tools of deletions and bannings, I know firsthand that at a senior level, game developers are gradually looking through the telescope and are becoming receptive. They see what we see, and unlike the clergymen who felt threatened by this new knowledge, game developers are beginning to see that this new era will enhance their influence on gaming society, and not threaten it.

The illusion that 2D is the end all and be all of gaming is beginning to shatter, and thanks to your efforts, a new S-3D gaming era is beginning. Keep up the good work!

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