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The Vireio Perception drivers are still a work in progress.  If this technique isn’t working as expected, here are the leading causes and solutions:

  • The images are reversed.  Reverse them with the F6 key.
  • The convergence is WAY off.  This often happens because basic settings info hasn’t been included with the game profile.  Try playing with the convergence settings until the separation behaves more predictably.

The above issues are temporary because as the drivers develop, profiles will be recorded with the required information to work from.

Thanks for reading MTBS’ first VR settings guide.  We hope that these techniques will make it easier for you to find comfortable settings with your games and drivers.  We went through a deep learning curve in finding a solution that is easy to follow and use, and this guide will likely get updated with time as more software and hardware products get released, and we received feedback and ideas from fellow VR and 3D gamers.

Special thanks to John Hicks for programming the Schneider-Hicks Optical Calibration Tool (S.H.O.C.T.) in the Vireio Perception drivers.  It’s the mark of a good (miraculous) programmer that he was able to implement the software ideas without actually owning a Head Mounted Display or 3D solution of his own!

Thanks again!  We look forward to your comments.

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