The Fantasy 3D Review

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Adult Section

O'Gill's Pub

O’Gill’s Pub

Onboard the Disney Fantasy, there is an adult section where children are forbidden from entering. Names become nouns, and you can get yourself “Mickeys”, “Goofies”, and “Plutos”. If you have more than three “Donalds”, they escort you back to your room. Just kidding, of course (about the Donalds)!

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La!

The highlights are Ooh La La, the immaculately designed night club, and Skyline, a bar where the walls literally change according to the time of day and showcases different parts of Europe. There was also a cool pub called O’Gills which made it easy to forget you are on a ship, and they allowed you to bring your kids until 9:00PM. If you are on the pool deck, there are adult sections too, complete with private sunning areas and a bar.

Maid Service

Towel Swans

Towel Swans

There is a funny story here. It’s traditional when taking a cruise that each night, they turn down the bed and fold the towels in the shape of animals or something cute. For example, one night you will get a pair of swans in the shape of a heart, and another you will get a turtle, etc.

Monkey Shines!

Monkey Shines!

One night, they left a friendly reminder card on our dresser to the effect that if anything is missing from the room, we will be charged. At the same time, there was a hanging monkey on top of our bed that almost looked as though it was hanging from a noose. It was as though Disney was saying “Better return the stuff, or you’ll end up like this guy!”

We immediately contacted room service to make sure everything was in good order, and were relieved that the cards and monkey were standard for all the rooms that evening. Everyone had a good laugh, though I would suggest picking a different monkey / reminder card mix for future cruises.

Monkeying around - this monkey was staged by MTBS!

Monkeying around – this monkey was staged by MTBS!

Monkey shines aside, the cleaning service was immaculate. The staff are always on standby just down the hall, and they really worked to impress.

If you have never travelled on a cruise before, make a point to bring extra cash for tipping the staff at the end of the trip. You should reserve a few dollars per day for each employee including the server, head server, and maid service multiplied by the number of people staying in the room.

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