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Dumping the Kids

Drawing Fun at the Oceaneers Club

Drawing Fun at the Oceaneers Club

I don’t know if many of our readers can relate to this, but what do you do if you have a young child and you really just want to get away from it all? Cruising isn’t any fun if you can’t get to do things on your own once in awhile.

Andy's Room

Andy’s Room

If you have kids that are over three years old, you’re in luck! The Oceaneers club is a day/night camp that you can drop your kids off whenever it’s convenient. They have everything from art classes to group video games and theme rooms. The best part is the service is free, so it won’t add to your cruise bill every time you want to have some adult time to yourself. With everything going on, your kids will probably want to get away from you more than you want to get away from them!

If you have a young toddler or infant, they offer experienced babysitting services in the “It’s a Small World” nursery. They are fully supplied with cribs, diapers, and baby formula. At just $6 an hour, it’s a good deal!

It was kind of funny because DJ had a line of crying babies ahead of him, but he was A-OK with the whole thing. I really don’t think he missed us after we dropped him off each time.


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