The Fantasy 3D Review

By April 10, 2012March 24th, 2020Editorial

The Movie Theater

We regret not having the time to take in the Broadway-styled shows on the Fantasy. We were just too tired the first night, and we really wanted to try out Dolby’s 3D movie theater!

Dolby's 3D Theater

Dolby’s 3D Theater

We don’t know what their full repertoire will ultimately be, but The Fantasy had a schedule of first-run Disney flicks including John Carter, The Muppets, Cars 2, Tangled, Toy Story 3 and more. We wanted to get the best of both worlds, so we watched Tangled in 3D on the second evening, and The Muppets on the third. We really had a ball!

There is nothing like sitting in a brand new movie theater with clean cushy seats: there was no gum under the chairs, no annoying people sitting in front of you, and a big screen to boot – it was just wonderful! The 3D was directly competitive to anything you can get in a local theater, and if the right movies are available, it’s an easy way to get the family to agree on something to do.

Dolby 3D Theater

Dolby 3D Theater

I was a bit disappointed that you had to pay to get food from the concessions stand. I mean, if you can get a filet mignon for dinner with crème brulee for dessert, surely a bag of popcorn with a coke isn’t too much to ask! No biggie as we had room service to look forward to!

Now maybe it was the nature of the cruise or the people who were on the cruise, but there was a friendly ambience with going to the movie theater. For example, while watching The Muppets, some of the audience members couldn’t resist quietly singing some of the classic songs in the movie. That wouldn’t work in our local theater, but on a cruise it was just fine. Besides, you’d better be nice because you could be eating dinner with your fellow movie goers!


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