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GDC 2012 Part II

By March 12, 2012March 24th, 2020Editorial

Jonathan Haswell – CEO
Nico Rondet – Cheif Instructor

Simeraceway Demo

Simeraceway Demo

I love driving and racing.  When I come up to San Francisco for GDC I almost always drive up from San Diego on Route-1 along the coast and relish every minute of it.  Spending weekends driving around the cones at Qualcomm stadium in Autocross competitions is a blast and something I would encourage anyone to get involved with (check out to find events in your region).

When it comes to video games, I really appreciate good driving games and particularly great simulations.  The years I spent working on the cars, cameras and controller stuff for the Midnight Club games were some of the best times of my career, and playing with cars for a living is hard to beat.

I had heard about Simeraceway a week or so before GDC and was excited to learn that they were going to be at the conference.  You can download the game for free and take it for a spin yourself (  If you enjoy serious, accurate and competitive motorsports, I think you will like it too!

Nico Rondet, Chief Instructor, Simeraceway

Nico Rondet, Chief Instructor, Simeraceway

As far as stereoscopic 3D goes, the game has not been developed with specific support but does run on my system with default Nvidia 3D Vision driver support really very well.  When I talked to Jonathan and Nico, I tried to encourage them to take a good look at their product in stereo and support it natively.  Out of the box it is pretty satisfactory, and with a little love…it could be awesome in 3D!

In addition to the game itself, which supports all the standard force feedback and articulated controllers and seats, they also have an innovative steering wheel specifically designed for the game. 

The SRW-S1 is a handheld wheel that uses motion control sensors and has all the inputs and controls at your fingertips (and there are a LOT of buttons and dials).  Honestly I was a little dubious about the idea of combining a really accurate and realistic racing simulation with a hand held motion controlled wheel, but it works.  I only drove it for a couple laps at their booth, but it was immediately obvious that the solution was both accurate and responsive.  It’s clearly better than using a standard two stick controller, and way more portable than a full seat and wheel rig!

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