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MTBS’ 2011 3D Buying Guide

By November 28, 2011March 24th, 2020Editorial

Welcome to MTBS’ 2011 3D Buying Guide!

MTBS'' holiday testers have been very busy!

MTBS’ holiday testers have been very busy!

The past year marked the introduction of a whole new series of products and class of technology including updated shutter glasses on PC, polarized 3D HDTVs, and glasses-free mobile devices.  Hosted by Neil Schneider, Founder of Meant to be Seen, these videos will help brand new 3D gamers buy their first display, and those more tenured to get a taste of what’s new.  While most of the products discussed have their MSRP prices listed, everything is subject to change, and you can probably find much better deals with the holiday and post-holiday bargains.  Keep an eye out (er…two eyes out, actually)!

Part I: The 3D Basics

This is best suited for people who have never sampled a 3D display before.  This segment explains how shutter glasses, polarized (AKA passive) displays, and glasses-free technologies work.  It also gives a concise rundown of the 3D shopping rules to follow when buying your first 3D display.

Part II: The 3D Living Room

Tuo-Te the Wonder Cat Helps Out (and scares Vader off!)

Tuo-Te the Wonder Cat Helps Out (and scares Vader off!)

If you are shopping for a 3D HDTV, WATCH THIS VIDEO!  It features tips on saving money, how to test a 3D HDTV at the store, and what hardware and software you will need to game with a PC or console (Sony or XBOX) in the living room.

This year, we also featured a review of Sony’s new 24″ PlayStation 3D HDTV and 3D glasses.  Is it all it’s cracked up to be?  Find out!

Part III: 3D PC Gaming

The PC market has gone through some major innovations in the last year with a more diverse market place and refreshed display hardware and glasses.  Whether or not you’re a tenured gamer, this video will tell you what you need to get for the ultimate PC gaming system.  In addition to describing the available software options, it also features reviews of the latest 3D glasses and display offerings by Nvidia and AMD partners.  There are also some money saving tips on products to avoid (and keep) depending on what you plan on buying.

Product discussion includes the Asus 27″ VG278 display, Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision 2 glasses, the Samsung 750 series 23″ 3D monitor (AMD), and the Zalman 24″ polarized display.

Part IV: 3D on Mobile Devices

3D has spread from the desktop, to the living room, and now to the palm of your hand!  This video gives a rundown and review of the available 3D mobile devices on the market and what they will be offering in the near future.  Products covered include the LG Thrill 4G (AKA Optimus 3D), the LG Optimus Pad (AKA T-Mobile G-Slate), and the Nintendo 3DS.

Please feel free to share your own recommendations and ideas below!

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