Nintendo 3DS Review

By April 4, 2011Editorial


By all accounts, the Nintendo 3DS is a big step forward for handheld gaming.  The addition of an auto-stereoscopic 3D screen has propelled this console to the next level.  Combined with a front-facing camera and a 3D camera, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and the analog circle pad, you end up with something that eclipses the original DS feature-set.  With additional horsepower under the hood, the games look a lot nicer too!

Nintendo 3DS

The system is not without its faults: the small viewing angle and meagre battery life in particular.  However, I think the 3DS’ benefits far outweigh its short-comings.  If you are a fan of the Nintendo DS, then a purchase of this latest iteration is a no-brainer.  If you are a fan of stereo 3d, then this is the handheld you have been waiting for.  Although the 3D effect is not as impressive as you get with big-screen 3D HDTVs, it still looks great for what it is and will surely impress all your friends.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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