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MTBS’ 3D Buyers Guide For First Time Shoppers!

By November 25, 2010March 24th, 2020Editorial

By Neil Schneider

Neil Schneider (left), Tuo-Te, Andrew Swartz (Right)

It’s about time MTBS had a buyers guide for gamers and consumers interested in taking the plunge into stereoscopic 3D gaming for the first time.  Check these videos out, and share your comments!

The first video explains what 3D is, how consumer S-3D technology works, and gives some rules to follow when doing your shopping.

The second video is for the 3D HDTV shoppers out there.  Protect yourself!  Learn which features are an absolute must, how to save some money, and what you need to game in 3D on console and PC.  Finally, if you can’t decide whether to go with LCD/LED television or Plasma, this video clears the myths and sheds light on the differences.

The third video is for the PC gamers out there looking for a desktop 3D solution.  While PC has a lot of S-3D gaming advantages, it’s still a bit wild west in finding the right solution for YOU.  This guide gives a rundown of what’s out there, clears the myths, and points out the pitfalls to avoid so you will be happy with your purchase.

Happy shopping everyone, and share your remarks below!

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