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Stereoscopic 3D Benchmarking: DDD, iZ3D, Nvidia

By November 11, 2010March 24th, 2020Editorial

Crysis Warhead

While Crytek has been promoting Crysis 2 as supporting 3D without a drop in frames per second, it’s going to be a pseudo 2D+depth solution that doesn’t render a second camera view.

Crysis Warhead combined with DDD, iZ3D, and Nvidia stereoscopic 3D drivers does it the old fashioned way – complete left/right rendering.  This makes Warhead a great performance measuring tool.  We ran an external benchmarking utility because it let us go through a fixed testing series in batch form.

The only setting we turned off was shadows because it causes major problems on all three driver solutions.

Crysis Warhead, 1280X720, FPS Crysis Warhead, 1920X1080, FPS

At 1280X720, the GTX285 didn’t really have any clear performance winners.  iZ3D had a one or two frame advantage here and there, but that was all.  The 6870 had a similar result, though DDD held the lead this time around.

On the GTX285, while DDD and iZ3D had a minor performance advantage over Nvidia’s drivers at lower resolutions, this edge diminished at 1920X1080 as the antialiasing settings increased.

DDD seemed to have some trouble with antialiasing compared to iZ3D on Crysis Warhead with the 6870.  The moment antialiasing was activated, its performance dropped like a rock with each settings increase.

Crysis Warhead, 1280X720, Efficiency Crysis Warhead, 1920X1080, Efficiency

Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision drivers have average but consistent stereoscopic 3D efficiency with Crysis Warhead.  While they are easily outperformed in 1280X720 on the GTX285, their efficiency is unmatched at 1920X1080.  In contrast, DDD and iZ3D do well at the beginning of the race, but putter out at high resolution on the GTX285.

What is interesting is that while DDD and iZ3D performed better on the 6870, their efficiency grades both dropped at 2X AA.  They faced a modest drop of efficiency at 4X AA, and become nearly useless at 8X AA.

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