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Stereoscopic 3D Benchmarking: DDD, iZ3D, Nvidia

By November 11, 2010March 24th, 2020Editorial

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 has also been promoted as Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision certified, but the game and benchmark also works with the DDD and iZ3D stereoscopic 3D drivers.  All settings were maxed out, but we left PhysX off because that’s a proprietary feature unique to Nvidia.

Metro2033, 1280X720, FPS Metro2033, FPS, 1920X1080

Metro 2033 demonstrates a very modest performance advantage on the GTX285 with Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision drivers.  iZ3D is a close second, and DDD is third.

For some reason, to get the DDD drivers to run with Metro 2033 with the GTX285, we had to have the Nvidia 3D Vision drivers installed in the background.  Otherwise, it had a slideshow performance.  This caveat was unique to Metro 2033 and isn’t a trend.

Metro2033, 1280X720, Efficiency Metro2033, 1920X1080, Efficiency

Metro 2033 has a minor efficiency advantage with Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision drivers on the GTX285.  iZ3D’s efficiency rating did very well on the 6870 – even surpassing that of Nvidia’s at 1280X720 resolution.  DDD did ok, but given their need for the Nvidia 3D Vision drivers to be resident, there is probably room for more optimization.

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