MTBS3D Featured blog on @gamasutra, A #3D view of how we got here.
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Companies attending and speaking at #IFCSummit include @AMDPC @IntelSoftware @Lenovo @htcvive @AccelByteInc @unity3d @ultra_
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Immersive technology continues to be an important backbone for future computing and #IFCSummit looks forward to welcoming Vi…
MTBS3D RT @IntelSoftware: Register for The @IFCSummit today to meet content creators, innovators, and educators! Get exclusive access to education…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Melissa Brown, Senior Director of Developer Relations for @ultra_io will be speaking on our upcoming #Crypto and #Blockchain
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Ernestine Fu is a Venture Partner at @alsoplouie and will be joining the #IFCSummit investment panel. #venturecapital #cloud
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: New ticket option available for independent studios, small businesses and start-up companies. It’s a full access ticket sell…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: #IFCSummit is thrilled to welcome Jen MacLean, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Small and Mid-Sized Studios in the…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: #IFCSummit ticket sales end October 31, 2019 at 5:00PM PST or when tickets are sold out. If possible, new block may become a…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Christopher Croteau, Executive in Residence at @intel Capital is speaking at #IFCSummit. He has 25+ years of experience in t…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@AccelByteInc builds and operates large scale online game publishing platforms via cloud technologies. Kevin Robertson, the…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@CintooCloud converts data in the #Cloud. Dominique Pouliquen, CEO of Cintoo, will discuss their unique problem-solving cli…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Nick Thomas is the Vice-President of Commercial Partnerships for @playhatchglobal and is speaking at #IFCSummit. #playhatch
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: #VR/#AR industry spokesperson and thought leader,@tipatat Chennavasin of the Venture Reality Fund is speaking at #IFCSummit.…
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@Dell’s Director of Virtualization and Commercial #VR and #AR is speaking at #IFCSummit.
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@tifcagroup’s International Future Computing Summit ushers in #clientocloudrevolution. #IFCSummit #PC #cloud #XR #VR #AR #A
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: Dr. Ali Khayrallah, Engineering Director for @ericsson speaking at #IFCSummit. #clientocloudrevolution #cloudcomputing #futu
MTBS3D RT @tifcagroup: TIFCA releases new #ClienttoCloud Vision Document and a $200 off code for @IFCSummit tickets. #TIFCA #IFCSummit #cloud #cli
MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@tifcagroup releases new #ClienttoCloud Vision Document and a $200 off code for #IFCSummit tickets. #TIFCA #cloud #clientot

MTBS' Birthday Bonanza - How to Win Part I

How To Win

There are several ways to win, and the more you participate, the greater your chances!  This is just a brief summary of things to do.  Read the detailed instructions for best results!

I.    The first thing you have to do is register on and make sure your information is complete and accurate (phone, address, email).  Without this information, we can’t mail your prizes, and we need to ensure there are no duplicate submissions.  This information will not be shared with or sold to third parties.

II.    Post in this forum thread – and only post ONCE!  This counts as your first contest entry, and qualifies you for a single draw.

To get an edge for winning prizes, you can score big draw bonuses by doing the following:

Help Grow the Community

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know that you did.  We’ll add three points to your draw.

Make Accurate Submissions to GameGrade3D

GameGrade 3D is MTBS’ community driven library of stereoscopic 3D game compatibility with DDD, Nvidia, and native stereoscopic 3D solutions (e.g. AMD’s HD3D) on PC.  Each new submission will give you one extra draw in MTBS’ Sweepstakes.  Pre-existing submissions don’t qualify.

All submissions require screenshot attachments and personal comments, so be sure to read the GG3D manual.  The exceptions are entries for AMD HD3D games.  Inaccurate submissions due to not following the GG3D process will be discounted from your qualified submission list.  If you have doubts or have questions about making GG3D entries, post in the GameGrade3D forums for help.  Once you know what you are doing, it only takes a few moments to make a submission.