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U-Decide Initiative Offers Big Prizes for Online Gaming Survey Participants

Meant to be Seen, AMD, iZ3D, Blitz Games Studios, The Game Creators and Guild Software Join Forces on The U-DECIDE Initiative
Meant to be Seen, AMD, iZ3D, Blitz Games Studios, The Game Creators and Guild Software Join Forces on The U-DECIDE Initiative

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – November 4th, 2008 – Meant to Be Seen, the foremost authority group on stereoscopic 3D gaming has joined with AMD, iZ3D, Blitz Games Studios, The Game Creators and Guild Software to create the “U-DECIDE Initiative.” By visiting gamers can let their voice be heard and have a chance of winning one of 60 great prizes donated by U-DECIDE sponsors. The survey closes January 1, 2009.

“While we are already very excited about stereoscopic 3D gaming, we want to know what gamers think. AMD is pleased to be working with Meant to be Seen and its partners to make this initiative possible," said John Swinimer, Public Relations Manager for AMD

“The U-DECIDE Initiative” is a special online survey that is completed by both traditional 2D and modern stereoscopic 3D gamers, and is designed to determine what consumers think of 3D display technologies and why. This will be the basis of a formal report that the industry can use to match product goals with the desires of their customers.

Similar to the experience movie goers get in 3D theaters, gamers use S-3D technology at home for superior game immersion, visual beauty and game enjoyment. In video games, stereoscopic 3D hardware makes explosions fly out of the screen and adds a depth that makes the display look like a window rather than a flat projection. Sample hardware includes iZ3D 3D monitors, TDVision head mounted displays, and a growing selection of 3D HDTVs.

Once completed in the first week of January, there will be a drawing for nearly 60 prizes including ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 series GPUs, iZ3D 22” 3D gaming monitors, and console and PC games from Blitz Games Studios, The Game Creators, and Guild Software.

“Meant to be Seen is a gamers’ community first, and the most important opinion is that of our industry’s customers. Anyone who has 2D or 3D game playing experience is qualified to share their view and win prizes,” said Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

Preliminary survey results will be revealed at the 3D Entertainment Summit on December 1st, 2008 in Los Angeles.

Game developers are encouraged to earn complementary MTBS Certification to confirm S-3D compatibility with modern solutions. Developers who earn certification also benefit from free promotion on

Leading game developers on record for MTBS certification include Epic Games for Unreal Tournament 3, DarkBasic Professional by The Game Creators, and the Unigine game engine, the first modern game engine to natively support S-3D hardware solutions without a driver. More announcements are pending.

Meant to be Seen is made possible by unrestricted education grants from iZ3D LLC and TDVision Corp. Non-proprietary in nature, MTBS welcomes additional industry involvement to help grow the popularity and effective use of consumer stereoscopic 3D technologies.

About Meant to be Seen (MTBS)
Meant to be Seen is the foremost authority group on stereoscopic 3D gaming and consumer technologies. Featuring news, active forums, educational guides, reviews & certification of games and more, MTBS is the first stop for stereoscopic 3D excitement. For more information, visit

About AMD
Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to ignite the next generation of computing and graphics solutions at work, home and play. For more information, visit

About iZ3D LLC
iZ3D™ LLC is a leading innovator of 3D stereoscopic viewing display solutions. In addition to the design and marketing of 3D LCD displays, the company enables 3D content creation, and promotes the accelerated proliferation of 3D for entertainment and professional applications. Please visit or call (858)646-3015 for more information.

About BlitzGamesStudios
Award-winning Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa, UK and was founded in 1990 by twin brothers Andrew and Philip Oliver. The company is now one of the largest independent video games developers in the world, with divisions creating casual games, mature games and serious games as well as the high-profile licensed family games for which the company has historically been well-known. For more information, visit

About The Game Creators
The Game Creators are dedicated 100% to delivering the best range of affordable and cutting-edge game development tools. They have been building products for over 8 years, and the companies they have partnered with all have one specific aim - to enable gamers to create whatever game they want on their PC. For more information, visit

About Guild Software
Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Guild Software was founded in 1998 by a group of longtime friends with a shared interest in game development. Since inception, the company has exclusively pursued large-scale multiplayer environments, developing a completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch culminating in the successful retail launch of Vendetta Online(tm) in 2004. A small but focused company with a multiplatform background and an independent outlook, Guild Software continues to actively expand their main title and work towards their Vendetta Online 2.0 goals: the next generation in unbounded, evolving worlds. For more information, see

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