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“Meant To Be Seen” (MTBS) Celebrates One Year Birthday By Starting a War!

By March 5, 2008Press Room

World’s Foremost Stereoscopic 3D Authority Group and Online Community Reveals Plans to Earn 100,000+ Members Through Massively Multiplayer Online Game!

World’s Foremost Stereoscopic 3D Authority Group and Online Community Reveals Plans to Earn 100,000+ Members Through Massively Multiplayer Online Game!

Toronto, Ontario, March 5th, 2008 – In less than a year, “Meant to be Seen” (MTBS) has become the foremost authority group on stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) technology for consumers, and is the number one website and resource for both industry and end-users in this field.

Similar to the 3D experience movie goers get in wildly successful showings of Beowulf 3D, U23D, and Hannah Montana in 3D, a similar movement is happening in the consumer gaming space. Samples include iZ3D 22” S-3D monitors, TDVision high definition HMDs, 3D HDTV solutions, and more.

“When I started, there were maybe fifty people talking about the technology online. Soon we will be breaking 3,000 registered members, 10,000 unique visitors a month, and 6,000 spam free posts on our forums – all this from gamer to gamer word of mouth alone. For a year, this is an incredible success, and we are setting the bar much higher for year two,” said Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

According to MTBS, gamers who use S-3D technology are very passionate about it because it adds an incredible amount of immersion and enjoyment that few other gaming options can do. Examples like explosions flying out of the screen or a depth that makes the screen look like a window rather than a flat projection.

“Our members help us because when we are successful, the industry is successful, and gaming consumers will get the stereoscopic 3D experience they pay top dollar for. So, what tools could we give our members to help grow our influence?”

Today, MTBS has started to unveil plans to convert 3,000 registered members into 100,000 registered members.

“We needed something that people could tell their friends about, something that would appeal to traditional 2D gamers on a mass scale and would be addictive enough for them to come back regularly for – we found it. I am proud to announce our first Massively Multiplayer Online Game: MTBS Nations at War (NAW)!”

Written by Igor Masin, one of MTBS’ most passionate members, NAW pits members against each other on a continually evolving online map. With each player founding a city in real-time, the goal is to capture and maintain the highest rank. The only way to do that is to sustain and grow armies, research new technologies, and attack and defend against other players. The game also features allegiances, resource sharing, and game related private messaging.

“When Igor first approached me about the idea, I needed some convincing. But after I tried out early versions of the game, and our beta testers kept coming back with feedback about how addictive NAW is, I was sold. The best part is anyone can play through Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers without special plug-ins or software. You can even play on portable devices like Blackberries and cell phones,” Schneider explained.

“I met Neil through MTBS, and he listens to us gamers. He really listens and acts on what we want. I spent months writing it from scratch in my personal time just for MTBS. I really believe in MTBS and S-3D gaming, and if NAW helps, I’m happy,” said Igor Masin, author of NAW.

iZ3D LLC, makers of the popular 22” Stereoscopic 3D monitor and software drivers, has sponsored MTBS since the beginning, and credits much of their success to MTBS.

“People think of MTBS as a website. Yes, it is a popular site. However, they have also brokered important deals to have native stereoscopic 3D support implemented in brand new game engines, they set the standards for modern game development in S-3D, and when everyone else is spilling rumors, MTBS gets connected with the actual companies and gets the truth. MTBS is very relevant for us and our industry,” said David Chechelasvhi, VP of Marketing for iZ3D LLC (

“MTBS provides the stereoscopic 3D industry with the proper tools for customer relationships and developer participation, and that’s why MTBS is growing at a fast pace. Working with MTBS gives us opportunities others miss, and we all share the passion for what we do. No amount of money can manufacture passion,” said MTBS sponsor Manuel Gutierrez, CEO of TDVision Corp, the makers of the first high definition Head Mounted Display for consumers, and a breakthrough 2D/3D video codec called “TDVCodec”.

All interested S-3D consumers (e.g. gamers, 3D movie goers), game developers, and gaming media are encouraged to learn more about MTBS and what stereoscopic 3D has to offer by visiting, or contact:

Carol Warren, Principal
Antarra Communications
Tel. 714-891-3660
Cel. 714-865-6735
Toll Free 866-268-2772

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