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TDVision Systems, Inc. Leader in Design and Development of 3D Technology, Displays Stereoscopic TDVSDK at the 2008 Game Developers Conference

By February 20, 2008March 24th, 2020Press Room

Game developers experience true 3D at the Intel Lounge, 2008 Game Developers Conference. (PRNewsFoto/TDVision Systems, Inc.)

Game developers experience true 3D at the Intel Lounge, 2008 Game Developers Conference. (PRNewsFoto/TDVision Systems, Inc.)

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ — TDVision Systems, Inc., the leader in design and development of 3D digital infrastructures and visualization systems, showcases several stereoscopic enabled games optimized for multi-core Intel Processors at the 2008 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA at the Intel Gaming Lounge.

As a member of the Intel Software Partner Program, TDVision is displaying the TDVSDK, a set of tools to enable DirectX and OpenGL game engines to present games in a natural manner emulating the way the human brain perceives 3D data. At the Game Developers Conference visitors experienced the TDVisor and were immersed in a virtual 72-inch diagonal screen.

“The thrill to dollar ratio for 2D technologies is now facing diminished returns. Stereoscopic 3D will add an exciting new class of PC game immersion, sales, and gamer to gamer enthusiasm,” said Neil Schneider, CEO of Meant to be Seen (, the world’s foremost authority group on stereoscopic 3D for consumers, and the home of the largest online S-3D community in the world. “Look at movies. Compared to 2D cinema, 3D movie sales easily earn 2:1 and 3:1 revenue. This is where the PC gaming industry is headed,” he continued.

“We are getting a great response here at the GDC. We have rock star programmers and hardcore players getting their game on in true 3D and loving it. With the power of Intel Core Duo technology we can put the player inside the game,” said Ethan Schur, Director of Marketing for TDVision.

TDVision is the only technology simultaneously compatible with 2D infrastructures and also is fully compatible with existing MPEG decoders. It is established and tested in mission critical military applications and electronics.

TDVision became part of the Intel Software Partner Program and created the TDVAlliance, a collaboration of hi-tech companies working to create an infrastructure that will be the catalyst for TDVision’s multi-purpose 3D technology. Integrated Micro Displays Limited, Himax Display, 3D-ETC and The DiMonte Group all participate as TDVAlliance members.

TDVision Systems, Inc. is the owner of several 3D-related patents for proprietary system architectures, which will propel breakthroughs in providing true 3D through new digital technologies. These technologies enable the acquisition, emulation and processing of a 3D image from a video stream or computer-generated image. This architecture also allows the use of current existing infrastructures, and with the addition of TDVision’s hardware, enables true 3D in High Definition.

TDVision Systems, Inc.

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