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By July 30, 2007March 24th, 2020Press Room

“Meant to be Seen” celebrates breaking a thousand registered members by updating their logo, starting a website redesign, and releasing valuable footage from Dimension-3 Expo!

“Meant to be Seen” celebrates breaking a thousand registered members by updating their logo, starting a website redesign, and releasing valuable footage from Dimension-3 Expo!

Toronto, Ontario , July 30, 2007 – In less than four and a half months, has demonstrated demand for stereoscopic 3D gaming by earning well over a thousand registered members from all over the world.

Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) refers to media that displays images with true volumetric depth through the assistance of special screens, monitors, projectors, and glasses. With characters and explosions popping out of home screens, this technology gives an exciting thrill to video games, and is quickly becoming the equipment of choice for hardcore gamers.

MTBS is the first and only stereoscopic 3D certification and advocacy group. Non-proprietary and independently run, MTBS represents both stereoscopic 3D technology solutions and consumers by encouraging S-3D programming standards in the game development industry, and establishing a valuable online community of passionate hardcore gamers.

“While MTBS is a catalyst, it’s our members that drive S-3D forward. Thanks to the valued input and talent volunteered by our subscribers, we have a sharp new logo, over four thousand unique visitors a month, and a continually growing membership,” said Mr. Neil Schneider, President & CEO of “Meant to be Seen”.

To further celebrate this event, Neil Schneider’s Dimension-3 Expo keynote has been made available as a free download from This 55 minute presentation, originally taped in France, includes never before seen research on the S-3D industry, controversial insights on S-3D’s biggest challenges and solutions, and a special demonstration of iZ3D’s stereoscopic 3D drivers – software that is being touted as the greatest industry innovation in years.

According to Schneider’s estimates, on a per hundred gamer basis, S-3D players spend as much as $40,000 more on computer hardware than traditional hardcore gamers to keep up with technology demands each year.

“When gamers buy 2D screens, they are like everyone else. When they buy 3D solutions, they suddenly spend more on their computer every year because they want that 3D thrill in their video games. It’s amazing how one inexpensive fraction of computer hardware has such a profound impact on their overall spending patterns!”

Mr. Schneider methodically blasted myths about the costs of home S-3D solutions, and took the video game industry to task on their lack of readiness for the impending S-3D boom being brought on by the big Hollywood movie studios and theater houses (e.g. Dolby Labs, RealD, IMAX3D, Dreamworks Animation, James Cameron, George Lucas, etc.).

“If I was a game developer, I’d be feeling very concerned about not being ready. The good news is they have nothing to worry about if they take very simple, easy, cost free steps.”

Shorter, edited versions of the presentation will also be made available on YouTube, and MTBS will be taking further measures to bring thrill seeking gamers and game developers onboard.

“While it is our goal to move this technology forward, is a place for all gamers. We have all kinds of discussion forums, game servers, voice chat services, downloads, and more. In fact, we are going to be launching a game tournament soon with exciting prizes. Every member plays a part, and we want them to enjoy their stay,” Schneider explained.

Game developers, video game enthusiasts, and all interested parties are encouraged to register for free at


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