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"Meant to be Seen" ( Announces Incredible Innovation at Dimension-3 Expo in France!

President and CEO of "Meant to be Seen" Demonstrates NEW Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) Drivers to Excited Industry.
President and CEO of "Meant to be Seen" Demonstrates NEW Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) Drivers to Excited Industry.

Chalon Sur Saône, France - June 8, 2007, Dimension-3 Expo - In his keynote address, Neil Schneider revealed what is being touted as the greatest innovation in video game drivers to a theater full of stereoscopic 3D experts and consumers.

Stereoscopic 3D refers to the ability to demonstrate true volumetric 3D content through 2D media. Examples include explosions that pop out of the screen, and characters that seem to almost reach out and touch the player. S-3D technology is quickly becoming the equipment of choice for hardcore gamers.

"To their credit, NVIDIA has been the life blood of the stereoscopic 3D industry because they have been the sole provider of drivers for the majority of S-3D gaming hardware solutions. The challenge with the NVIDIA drivers has consistently been a limitation in gaming compatibility. For example, most S-3D gamers need to turn off the video game’s attractive post processing special effects and find special settings needed to get their favorite games to work - if at all. iZ3D, along with their monitor, will be releasing their own proprietary set of S-3D drivers that do away with all those challenges," Schneider explained.

To date, the NVIDIA drivers have been hampered by minimal post processing support, limited compatibility with multi-core CPUs, software that only works with Windows XP, and inconsistent results with different GPU solutions. In contrast, the iZ3D drivers offer the benefits of S-3D without the trade-offs of reduced gaming quality.

Mr. Schneider demonstrated projected screen-shots to a packed theater that featured fully functional games with exciting special effects never before seen in the S-3D community. He then introduced Oleg Tishutin, the Chief Scientist for iZ3D - a key inventor and developer of the iZ3D monitor and iZ3D driver.

"We practically had to kick Neil and Oleg out of the theater during their lengthy question period. No one anticipated such an explosive innovation in the industry," said Stéphan Faudeux, General Manager of Dimension-3 Expo.

In addition to the dramatic visual benefits, the drivers are also the first to support DirectX 8 and 9 graphics in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. They are also the first S-3D drivers to be equally compatible with both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI graphics card solutions. This alone will nearly double the market penetration for reliable stereoscopic 3D technology because up until now, it was only possible to play games in S-3D on NVIDIA graphics card solutions.

"While these drivers are proprietary, this is the best thing the industry could have hoped for. NVIDIA is an innovator, and now they have the justification to enhance their offering and take aggressive steps to make sure the other S-3D hardware solutions can remain competitive. Furthermore, MTBS will continue to certify video games according to NVIDIA requirements, and we will create an additional certification category for iZ3D drivers because the standards are very, very different," explained Mr. Schneider.

Dimension-3 Expo proved to be a great success with hundreds of professionals from all over the world. Exhibits and presenters discussed and demonstrated S-3D technologies for the home, business, movie-theater, and theme park.

"This is perhaps the first conference of this kind in Europe, and what started as a pilot project quickly appeared to be a veteran presence in the S-3D industry. The caliber of expertise was the highest possible, the turn-out was far more than anyone could have hoped for, and it was an honor to participate at such an event. It’s not every day that you walk into a theater packed with an audience wearing 3D glasses! With events like this, S-3D’s success is guaranteed for all industries," Schneider exclaimed.

While dramatic, the iZ3D drivers were just a small part of what made Neil Schneider’s keynote important for the industry. An online video of the event will be released in the coming days, and additional findings will be revealed about the S-3D industry and gamers.

Meant to be Seen ( is the first and only stereoscopic 3D certification and advocacy group. Membership is free, and member benefits include discounts on S-3D equipment, discussion forums, multiplayer game servers, and game certification results. MTBS is non-proprietary, and represents the interests of all S-3D solutions including glasses, monitors, projectors, and head mounted displays.


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