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"Meant To Be Seen" (MTBS) Announces First Advisory Board Member!

Toronto, Ontario, April 2nd, 2007 - "Meant to be Seen" (MTBS) is proud to announce that Dave Polcino, President of "Digital Complete" ( is the organization?s first advisory board member. MTBS is the first and only stereoscopic 3D advocacy and certification group.
Stereoscopic 3D Certification & Advocacy Group Welcomes Dave Polcino, President of "Digital Complete" and "The Creative Guild"

Toronto, Ontario, April 2nd, 2007 - "Meant to be Seen" (MTBS) is proud to announce that Dave Polcino, President of "Digital Complete" ( is the organization?s first advisory board member. MTBS is the first and only stereoscopic 3D advocacy and certification group. Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) solutions feature visible depth through two-dimensional media and offer an intense immersion and thrill to video games that is hard to achieve otherwise.

"As an independent game developer, I need every advantage I can get. S-3D adds such a dramatic realism to games, and is so easy to implement - it?s catching on like wildfire. If you develop games for a living, it really pays to recognize innovations like this quickly - I?m glad I have," exclaimed Dave Polcino, President of "Digital Complete".

Polcino?s career began as a lead game developer for a series of Broderbund titles. He later designed and taught multimedia, animation, and game development classes at Platt College and the University of California San Diego Multimedia Extension.

Since 1990, Polcino?s independent game development company, "Digital Complete", has written games for leading names including Mattel, Kraft, Tyco RC, Matchbox, and many others. Even outside the gaming industry, Dave Polcino?s name carries weight. He also did animatics for Fox Television?s "Family Guy", and was the Animatics Supervisor on "Mission Hill" which has aired on the Cartoon Network and The WB.

"I am SO into this. MTBS is doing a lot of good for game developers of all sizes, and I am working closely with Neil to get the word out to the industry. Through cross promotional banner campaigns, certification logos, and every effort possible, we will make sure that S-3D flourishes, and gamers get the thrilling experience they deserve," commented Polcino. banner ads and links are already prominently displayed on and Dave?s latest venture

"The Creative Guild is a special place for independent digital artists and game developers to buy and sell their work, their development tools, and of course, share their ideas at an industry level. It has really taken off, and by the time we are done, every independent programmer will know what MTBS is, and actively work to be Stereoscopic 3D compliant," explained Polcino.

"We have an exciting summer coming up. All the major S-3D manufacturers are releasing new products. S-3D monitors, high resolution Head Mounted Displays (HMD), special eye-wear - you name it. MTBS was formed so videogame developers can be ready. They will be able to tell customers which games will work out of the box, and what special settings are needed to work in stereoscopic 3D," said Neil Schneider, President and CEO of "Meant to be Seen".

Independently run and non-proprietary, MTBS represents the interests of end consumers and providers of stereoscopic 3D solutions including LCD shutter glasses, Polarized Monitors, Auto-Stereoscopic Monitors, Head Mounted Displays (HMD), Stereoscopic Projection Systems, and future technologies in the field.

To aid game purchasers in making informed buying decisions, MTBS puts video games through a rigorous testing process and certifies them with a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum achievement level. Games that can?t run reasonably well are not rated at all.

"Before you buy, ask your favorite developer if their new release is MTBS certified. If they don?t know, have them contact us, and we?ll get their games tested. If we can?t get them to work, we will privately advise them what patches and fixes are needed to get them to an eye blowing S-3D level," Schneider continued.

MTBS membership is free, and benefits include access to current certification standings, technical support forums, low ping game servers, and an exclusive Ventrilo server for members only. Ventrilo lets players voice chat with each other during game play or in private through a headset or web camera.

"I first heard of MTBS at the Game Developers Conference. I read the MTBS Stereoscopic 3D Programming Guide and was very impressed by it. It?s hard to find credible non-proprietary programming resources for S-3D, and this is a golden tool for developers wanting to keep pace with technology. The best part is it?s a free download for MTBS members," Polcino explained.

iZ3D LLC, the makers of the upcoming 22" Stereoscopic 3D monitor due for release in May, is the first S-3D hardware manufacturer to sponsor MTBS with an unrestricted education grant.
To learn more about iZ3D, please visit

New advisory board members are also being interviewed for participation opportunities, and interested parties can apply through the "Meant to be Seen" website.

To learn more about MTBS, please visit or contact:

Mr. Neil Schneider, President and CEO
Meant to be Seen
Tel. (416)240-1679
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To learn more about iZ3d, please visit or contact:

Carol Warren
Antarra Communications
(714) 891-3660
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