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President's Message

Thank you for joining “Meant to be Seen”.  Founded in March of 2007, it's hard to believe that we are well over five years old!  We are the first and only stereoscopic 3D certification (S-3D) and advocacy group in the world designed to appeal to end consumers.

While we cover S-3D cinema, we are very focused on stereoscopic 3D gaming.  By participating with this website, you are helping push the success of S-3D software and technologies, and will improve the stereoscopic 3D gaming experience for millions of gamers – including you.

Neil Schneider with Panasonic 150" 3D HDTV
My introduction to S-3D gaming happened several years ago when I bought a pair of LCD shutter glasses on eBay. For less than $50, I could play games in true stereoscopic 3D.  Video game characters, munitions, and text literally exploded outside my screen!  I was immediately sold.

I was very surprised to learn that stereoscopic technology had been around for several years, and wasn't a recent breakthrough.  I was even more surprised to learn that the gaming industry had yet to officially adopt this innovation, and this has slowed progress in the field – so much so that several promising technologies had very limited success.

The problem is countless games were needlessly handicapped by incompatibility with these exciting technologies, and while the stereoscopic hardware industry strived to keep up with advances in video game development, the gap continued to widen between the S-3D hardware solutions and their gaming counterparts.

Without a consistent link between S-3D manufacturers, game developers, and consumers, everyone loses.  The game manufacturers miss out on providing a truly thrilling experience, the gamers potentially lose their S-3D investment, and the phenomenal stereoscopic innovations are ultimately thrown out with the bathwater.

I launched MTBS to solve this problem, and I am very pleased with how things have progressed.  In no small part attributed to the efforts of our membership and industry partners, stereoscopic 3D gaming has taken off and has a promising future.  It is thanks to the demand demonstrated here that we were able to eventually found a separate non-profit organization called The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA).

While I personally have no voting rights in the organization, it is an honor to serve as its Executive Director, and am responsible for its day to day operation.  While S3DGA serves as the industry’s official S-3D gaming body, MTBS is its consumer arm. is your place!  It’s a place to learn about S-3D gaming, a place to talk about the latest trends and developments, and a place to share ideas for our industry’s future.  Thank you for your continued efforts.


Neil Schneider, President & CEO
Meant to be Seen

MTBS Masthead


Meant to be Seen's Masthead

Management / Staff Writers
3D Specialists
  • Neil Schneider, President & CEO, Editor, Lead Writer
  • Pam Swartz, Content Development Manager, Camera Person
  • Andres Hernandez, Community Manager
  • Kris Roberts, Field Writer

If you are interested in having a product reviewed, or have an exciting press release to share, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so proper arrangements can be made.

Marketing Opportunities

1. Can I advertise on

YES! Of course you can. We have advertising options to meet nearly all budget requirements. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

2. How is MTBS different from other websites?

While stereoscopic 3D gaming is only appearing in the media's consciousness now, MTBS has been working in this industry since March of 2007. In addition to reaching consumers and industry alike, has been cited by tier one media like Wired, Joystiq,, and more.

Research, and more.Over the course of years, our credibility has grown high enough to feature guest editorials by top executives from Electronic Arts, Blitz Games Studios, Jon Peddie

3. What is MTBS' reach?

What started as a handful of readers has grown to millions of page views and tens of thousands of unique visitors a month according to AWSTATS.

MTBS' Unique Visitors (single month)

The discussion forums alone have over 40,000 posts, and are the most well read in the industry. The discussion forums are an excellent resource for repeat visits and participation. In addition to reaching consumers, MTBS is regularly read and followed by the industry and stereoscopic 3D professionals.

4. Can MTBS ad campaigns be tracked?

Yes. We have professional grade banner ad software which details impressions and click through results.

5. Why was MTBS recently upgraded? What was done, and why?


We think our monthly traffic is impressive because while we are nearly 100% promoted by word of mouth alone, it has doubled year over year over year. Unfortunately, MTBS' original web design prevented us from being properly crawled by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This design flaw kept MTBS hidden from the world.

To solve this, we have done the following:

• Our content management system is now something search engines can see.
• MTBS content is now indexed and can be easily found by members.
• The overall look was improved to be more user-friendly.

In a matter of weeks, all our pages have been properly indexed by Google and other search engines. Website Grader, a well respected SEO tester, now rates us at a full 98% compared to our earlier 65% score. It's a continuing process, and further enhancements and features are in the works.

6. Can and be trusted? Are there alternatives?

Alexa and Compete are services that work by having end users install a special "task bar" program. Based on how many of these "task bars" are visiting a given site, they estimate how much traffic a website is receiving. We have found no relationship between and results compared to our server statistics – and they should not be considered reliable marketing tools at all.

With the exception of direct server stats, Google Pagerank is considered the most reliable third party "importance" measurement tool. A mix of indexing and inbound linkage from credible sites; each step higher is a mark of logarithmic growth. Since MTBS' website upgrade, our Google Pagerank climbed from 4/10 to 5/10. We expect this to grow further still.

7. What is MTBS' relationship to The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA)?

S3DGA Logo

MTBS was founded and continues to operate as a consumer driven advocacy group for stereoscopic 3D gaming. Our intention was to build a large enough audience to demonstrate demand for S-3D gaming. Manufacturers and game developers could then take an active interest in S-3D gaming with confidence. This was very successful, and the next step was to create an industry body to represent the interests of manufacturers, game developers, and technology enablers in this field.

S3DGA was founded as a separate non-profit and non-proprietary organization, and MTBS serves as its consumer arm. While MTBS maintains its independence, official messages of interest from S3DGA are 100% determined by its board of directors and membership where appropriate.  MTBS has no voting rights in this organization and is not a member of its board of directors.

8. Does advertising on MTBS reflect support of S3DGA?

Not at all. MTBS is an independent organization. Advertising on MTBS does not reflect or suggest involvement with The S-3D Gaming Alliance.

9. Who owns Meant to be Seen?

MTBS was founded and is 100% owned and operated by Neil Schneider Productions Inc.