MTBS3D Ana Ribeiro talked to Neil about her new 80's style @pixelripped #VirtualReality game at @OfficialGDC. #GDC 2018…
MTBS3D MTBS interviewed @3rdeyestudiosfi at @OfficialGDC about their new game Downward Spiral Horus Station. #GDC2018 #VR
MTBS3D We interviewed @Survios at @OfficialGDC about their new #VR boxing title, Creed Rise to Glory. #GDC2018
MTBS3D .@tifcagroup was launched last month. This is the introductory presentation for future computing, TIFCA, and things…
MTBS3D RT @tifcagroup: .@OGamingAlliance and @official_ita3d merge to form The International Future Computing Alliance. #GDC2018 #tifca https://t.…
MTBS3D We interviewed @Scale1Portal at @CES and they talked about their new location based arcade system that features ro…
MTBS3D .@nomadeec demonstrated their latest telemedicine software on the Microsoft Hololens at @CES. It’s designed to make…
MTBS3D We interviewed Jeff Miller about the new @VuzeCamera Vuze Plus 360-3D camera and underwater gear at @CES. #CES2018
MTBS3D .@3dRudder is a foot controller peripheral that is primarily intended for #VR gamers looking for alternative locomo…

Introduction to Future Computing

The International Future Computing Association was launched last month, and this is the introductory presentation for future computing, TIFCA, and things to come.  It is a wild mix of cat memes, a new way of looking at the market, and some great industry developments.  Hope you like it!

There were other presentations too, and we'll get them online as soon as we can.
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Qualcomm Shows Snapdragon 845 VR at GDC 2018

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 HMDWhether it's an Oculus Go or an HTC Vive Focus, they are in some way or form influenced by Qualcomm's series of Snapdragon processor chips.  Today, Qualcomm talks about their new Snapdragon 845 series and new VR specification.  Remember that the Qualcomm VR ecosystem is and can be a bit different from the other VR brands that use their chipsets.

Check out our interview with Hiren Bhinde, Director of Product Management for Qualcomm from GDC 2018!
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Gamebook Interviewed at GDC 2018

Gamebook logoSomething a little different today.  Gamebook makes software that makes it possible to easily create choose your own adventure type content on Alexa and mobile platforms, and this is expected to be really big business in the not too distant future.

We caught up with Gamebook at GDC 2018.  Check out the interview and see what you think!
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