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MTBS3D We interviewed Jeff Miller about the new @VuzeCamera Vuze Plus 360-3D camera and underwater gear at @CES. #CES2018
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eSight Opens Some Eyes at CES 2018

eSight Glasses at CES 2018One of the big trends at CES 2018 were glasses that make it possible for the legally blind to see again.  Today we have our interview with eSight.  Check it out and see what you think!
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Qualcomm Talks VR at CES 2018

Mobile HTC Vive Focus at Qualcomm CES 2018 ExhibitQualcomm is at the heart of most of the leading brands that are making high-end mobile virtual reality devices.  Jeff Roorda, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Qualcomm Technologies, gives an inside look at what they do in the virtual reality ecosystem and some products we have to look forward to.  Check out the interview and see what you think!
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The Gloves Come Off at Bebop Sensors!

Bebop Sensors' Gloves at CES 2018
Today we've got our interview with Beebop Sensors.  This was a cool find on the showroom floor because they developed an affordable technique to accurately capture the movement of your fingers and hand in a virtual reality environment.  Check out the interview and see what you think!
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