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MTBS3D RT @IFCSummit: .@thekhronosgroup President @neilt3d talks open standards and client-to-cloud at #IFCSummit. #CloudComputing
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MTBS Photo Exchange Launched!

Hello everyone!

MTBS has launched a new feature to the website. In our DOWNLOADS section, you will find at the top of the page the MTBS Photo Exchange. From here, our members can upload their favorite stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) screen shots and photos for sharing with other members. We recommend either "side by side" or "anaglyph" formats. The photos do not have to be in S-3D to be of interest.

It’s a great place to demonstrate games in S-3D to fellow members or to put up something about yourself. This is a precursor to something even bigger, but there is plenty of work left on that.

Have fun!
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Back From 3D Biz-Ex, New iZ3D Driver!

Hello everyone!

I?m back from 3D Biz-Ex, and what can I was AWESOME!

Just about everyone in the industry was there, and I had the privilege of meeting the top people at RealD, Dolby Laboratories, DDD, Mitsubishi, Sensio, TD Vision Corp, and many, many more.

MTBS has earned a lot of positive respect, and it is all due to your hard work, so please keep it up.

In addition to having a string of interviews lined up, stay tuned at MTBS for big announcements along the way. For example, iZ3D has released a beta of their 1.05 driver, and you can get it in our downloads section.

We will be putting the speaker presentations online when they are available, and I think that when you see them, you will agree that our industry has a very exciting future ahead!
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Saying Hi From 3D Biz-Ex!

Hello everyone!

I?m still at 3D Biz-Ex, and so far it?s been great. They have been recording the presentations, and I?m looking forward to being able to share clips on MTBS as soon as they are available.

I?m getting some interviews scheduled with the movers and shakers I met at the conference, and I think you will be pleased with what the industry has to say!

The 3D Biz-Ex exhibit hall opens to the public today too. Maybe I?ll meet some of you during my rounds?
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