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TDVision Systems Inc. Sponsors MTBS!

Hello everyone,

I have a MAJOR announcement to share with you all today.

To date, iZ3D, the makers of the leading 22" S-3D monitor for gamers, has been the founding sponsor that has and continues to make all this possible. For our efforts to continually grow and succeed, we need additional stereoscopic 3D hardware manufacturers to join forces and build industry leverage where there was none before. Leverage to benefit S-3D customers through video game compatibility, consumer education, and product enjoyment.

TDVision Systems Inc. has answered that challenge, and has agreed to help sponsor our MTBS BLOG component. TDVision Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and S-3D video cameras. Like iZ3D, they are a firm with a positive vision, and they are willing to make a financial investment for the better of the industry, their customers, and their company.

We have added a TDVision Systems Inc. category in our discussion forums, and their staff will be available to answer your questions. A special interview with their CEO, Mr. Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, has been made available in the MTBS BLOG section as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come, and special thanks go to our existing and new MTBS sponsors, and of course, the MTBS members who make all this possible.

Ethan Schur (left), Director of Product Marketing for TDVision Systems Inc.,
and Neil Schneider, President & CEO of MTBS (right) at 3D Biz-Ex.

Guess who else I have pictures with????? More to come...

Our forum avatar system has also been fixed. You can now attach a small picture to your profile without problems. Thanks Sharky!
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SSL Security Implemented!

Hello everyone!

We got some valuable feedback from members that they would like to take more security measures to prevent instances of identity theft when registering. We completely appreciate this, and we want our members to feel safe and secure here.

Therefore, we have implemented 256 bit SSL security on our registration and log-in pages. For those unfamiliar, this is the same encryption technology that makes credit card transactions safe on the Internet. While unplanned, this implementation required us to take the site down earlier this week, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
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New Blog, Forum Updates!

Hello everyone!

Some good interviews are coming down the pipe, and I thought I’d lighten the mood with a new blog. Animal lovers and clean freaks should enjoy this one.

MTBS forum members can now choose the look that works best for them in their profile options. Keep the website feedback coming because we are listening to you.
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