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Hello everyone!

For those of you who own a Samsung or Mitsubishi 3D HDTV based on DLP technology, Wbloos uploaded a special patch that will let you use the existing NVIDIA stereo drivers with your 3D HDTV (e.g. Samsung & Mitsubishi DLP sets). You can get it in the MTBS FILE EXCHANGE category found in the DOWNLOADS section (main menu).

Give it a try, and post your results HERE!
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New iZ3D Beta Driver! Experimental Anomaly Database!

Hello everyone!

iZ3D has a new beta driver out. You can get it in our DOWNLOADS section. The manual is expected to be released by the middle of next week, but here are some highlights:

1. Accurate in-game cross-hair in S-3D mode. Yes, you can play your favorite games with whatever separation and convergence settings you want, and you will always hit what you are aiming at. Seeing is believing!

2. Lots of bug fixes and game compatibility improvements. Anyone up for a game of Crysis? (DX9)

3. The driver has a completely new architecture. The interface has been changed and stereoscopic adjustments you make in the game are numerically measured and shown on the screen for easy calibration.

Finally, we would like to try a social experiment with you. One of the challenges with beta testing a driver is capturing visual information in an organized manner. As drivers are released revision after revision, it would be good to see measurable improvements each time.

In the MTBS Photo and Video Gallery, we have launched an iZ3D Beta Driver anomaly database. When playing your favorite games, find anomalies that you can capture by pressing PRNTSCRN, and upload and record them here. iZ3D will be reviewing that gallery regularly to efficiently update the drivers.

It?s important to accurately fill in all the appropriate fields. After each driver release, the gallery will be cleared and start fresh to avoid driver version confusion.

This process is completely experimental. It has never been tried before, and we really don?t know how it will turn out. If it works, I?d like the MTBS membership to extend this cooperative service to other participating driver manufacturers to better S-3D compatibility across the board.

The gallery is best reached by clicking on the gallery logo at the top of the MTBS Forum page and scrolling toward the bottom of the gallery. It is important you are logged in to MTBS and the gallery to benefit from the service. The gallery username and password is the same used in our forums.
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TDVision Systems Inc. in the News, Major Forum Upgrades, Kicking *** in Fear Combat!

Hello everyone!

Lots of new additions to talk about today.

First, TDVision Systems Inc. was featured in a couple of articles. Read about them here and see what you think. They are really making a good name for themselves in the HMD market:

Spectrum Online
The Examiner

Yes, we know the articles got the FOV wrong! ;=)

Now, some MTBS upgrades!

Our forums have once again had a face lift thanks to Sharky?s hard work.

1. There is a Ventrilo monitor box at the top right hand side. Ventrilo is a voice chat service that you can use to talk to fellow members through a headset or webcam. It?s very popular for multiplayer games, and it?s a great way to get to know each other. Download the client software for free HERE and pop in! Sharky and I have already been playing some Fear Combat with some members, and it?s a lot of fun!

2. To compliment the Ventrilo monitor, there is a text shoutbox at the top left of the forum. Just log in to the MTBS forums, and you will be able to write public messages on the fly. This tool is great for scheduling a quick game with other members on your favorite servers. Messages stay online for 24 hours at a time.

3. MTBS is indeed international, and we have added multilingual support for the forums. We currently serve Italian, German, French, and Russian language discussion forums. If there are additional languages you would like to see, let us know and we can add them.

4. Please use the "AcidTechEx" MTBS forum board style in your profile. The "SubSilver" option is still buggy, and we expect to have it fixed by tomorrow.

It?s been a great addition so far as I?ve met Freke and LukePC online, and I?ve been cutting Sharky and Freke to pieces with my Fear Combat rocket launcher! Join the fun, the game is a free download!

Please keep posting your website ideas so we can continually improve the site.
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