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I Finally Saw Beowulf! Happy Thanksgiving!

The shoemaker?s son finally got some shoes! I saw Beowulf!

You can read my review in the MTBS Blog section (click NEWS from the main menu, then click MTBS BLOG at the top).

Also, Happy American Thanksgiving to all our members! If you have some time, perhaps we can celebrate the holiday with some mayhem in Fear Combat (it?s free!). Make sure you download the Ventrilo voice chat client from our downloads section, and post in the MTBS forum shoutbox at the top left corner if you are interested. Sharky has become very good at the game, and someone HAS to cut him down to size.

Enjoy your weekend!
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Glassses Not Needed to See Beowulf 3D Success!

While the shoemaker?s son went without shoes this weekend by not being able to get into any showings, don?t shed any tears. Beowulf was a smashing success this weekend thanks to 28.1 million dollars in its first weekend.

Some interesting statistics for you:
  • Beowulf earned DOUBLE the revenue of its closest rival, ?Bee Movie? at 14 million in its third week.
  • Only 20% of the film prints were for 3D movie theaters or 742 theater locations total (a location can have multiple screens).
  • 40% of the movies total weekend revenue was from 3D movie theaters.
  • $8,000,000 (28.4%) of the revenue was earned by RealD, with 638 participating locations. (CONFIRMED)
  • $3,500,000 (12.45%) of the revenue was earned by IMAX 3D with 84 participating locations. (CONFIRMED)
  • $500,000 (1.7%) of the revenue was earned by Dolby 3D (22 locations) and NuVision (2 locations) (unofficial)
  • 3D movie theaters charged about $2 more per ticket than traditional showings.

    These statistics were partially gathered HERE and HERE and through reliable channels.

    EDIT: Please be aware that there is an important flaw in these articles. Theaters can have multiple screens, so while Real D is credited with 638 theaters, Beowulf was actually shown on 900 Real D screens. Also, the financial statistics are not accurately reflecting Dolby 3D?s contribution. They had 22 active locations with 24 screens. Their contribution shown here was arrived at through reverse calculation.

    We will inquire with our contacts to get official quotes with correct info on revenue generation. In the meantime, read our exclusive interviews with Real D and Dolby in the MTBS Blog section.
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  • Woah! Beowulf Sold Out! Interview Update!

    Hi Guys!

    Looks like Beowulf is doing well in 3D. My wife and I tried to go to a 10:40PM showing last night...SOLD OUT! The shoemaker?s son has no shoes this weekend for sure.

    I got some feedback that the Real D interview was a bit long for a single reading. That?s the problem when you edit your own work, you don?t have the heart to cut it down to bite sizes! The interview now has divided headers so you can read it in increments.

    Finally, the Ventrilo voice chat server has been fixed! You can get in again without a password. Have fun!
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