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HTC Will Sell in China

HTC is on their game in recognizing that the world is far bigger than the good'ol US of A (and Canada, of course!).  According to Economic Daily News, HTC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China-based Shungwang Technology to market and sell the the HTC Vive in the Chinese market.

HTC will continue their responsibilities of product development while Shunwang will handle channel build-up, marketing as well as the setting of operation platform to promote the Vive.  Founded in July 2005, Shunwang specializes in Internet cafe platforms and other Internet value-added services in China.

Very cool!
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Nvidia Launches Gameworks VR

Big news from the Nvidia camp today! They have released their Gameworks VR SDK and service platform. Detailed in the above video, Gameworks VR is primarily a collection of tools and techniques that maximize their GPU performance in VR. Samples of this include:

  • Proper SLI support for virtual reality (one GPU per eye)
  • Multires shading which is about limiting render power to the pixels that are actually seen by the eye versus the whole screen space.
  • Context rendering which appears to be Nvidia's branding for asynchronous timewarp at the driver level.
  • Direct Mode support is the recognition that the HMD is a unique display device versus an unnatural extension of the computer desktop.

Yay! Out of all the updates, we are most excited about their multires shading technique because this will create a much needed performance boost that doesn't require brand new hardware to build from.
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Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island is ONLINE!

Easily one of the biggest hits at GDC 2015, Back to Dinosaur Island was Crytek's way of showing they have the chops for virtual reality.  Oculus Rift DK2 users will be pleased to know that the demo has been made available for free on Steam.  The only caveat is the specs list Oculus' 0.7 SDK which is a few versions out of date and may hinder compatibility for some users.  Give it a try!
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