Hypercast Interviewed on MTBS!

Hypercast VR
Meant to be Seen is pleased to welcome Christian Frausig back to the interview chair. Christian is the Director of Hypercast, makers of Hypercast VR and proud members of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  The interview was equally influenced by Richard Tongeman, Hypercast's "VR Magician", so readers are truly getting a joint perspective here.
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Giroptic 360cam on Kickstarter!

Giroptic 360camThis is definitely one of the more exciting things we've seen recently. The Giroptic 360cam is a new 360 degree panoramamic camera that is designed to bring a lot of value in a little package.

Featuring 2048X1024 resolution in each of its three camera lenses for video mode (double for photos), the camera lets you capture stills, videos, and streaming videos that can be viewed on all kinds of displays including VR HMD solutions that have head tracking. It promises full 360 degree coverage with up to 300 degree vertical range so you can also look up and down while watching your footage with VR devices.
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Patched Reality Joins Up!

Patched Reality Logo

"This is a key moment in the evolution of AR and VR, with so many of the necessary technologies now converging. We are very excited to join the ITA to have the opportunity to collaborate with the other member organizations to share knowledge as we work together to tackle the many remaining challenges ahead for our industry." - Patrick O'Shaughnessey, Founder of Patched Reality

The Immersive Technology Alliance is very much here to meet the needs of the augmented reality (AR) industry as well as virtual reality (VR).
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