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Sony PlayStation is Keynoting Immersed 2015!

By now, it has been widely circulated that the Sony HMD called Project Morpheus has been officially renamed to PlayStation.VR, and in addition to several titles around the bend, they already highlighted Final Fantasy XIV as one of their VR supported titles.

Dr. Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation Magic Lab
The Immersive Technology Alliance is very excited to tell you that Dr. Richard Marks, Director of the PlayStation Magic Lab at Sony Computer Entertainment will be one of the keynotes at Immersed 2015 taking place at the Ontario Science Centre this coming October 4-6.  More than this, he WILL be bringing a PlayStation VR unit along so the delegates can give it a try.

While we are looking forward to a robust public exhibition, the PlayStation.VR will only be accessible during the main conference days running October 5-6 because of Richard's busy schedule (which is about to get busier!).  This could very well be the the HMD's first public appearance in Ontario!

Learn more at and register quickly as space is limited.  Other speakers include AMD, HTC, IM360, Starbreeze Studios, Nokia Technologies Inc., InMediaStudio, and countless more.
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Immersed Europe ROCKED! Immersed 2015 is Next.

What a show! Having just returned from Immersed Europe in Murcia, Spain, we are overwhelmed with pride. We are proud of our industry, we are proud of our industry's technology, and we are very proud that this event happened. The world's best joined forces to show that Europe has every ounce of ability that its North American counterpart has with technologies like virtual and augmented reality, and they did it in style.

On the basis of an idea that was shared after Immersed 2014, the world's best flew in from all over the world to learn and share with one another on European soil. Be it an entrepreneur, a professional, journalist, or enthusiast - it didn't matter. With confidence in themselves and their product lines, the staunchest of competitors seemed to be the closest of friends working together to help build an industry by filling each other's knowledge gaps. Even days after the event, meetings, relationships, and new friendships were forming all because of the Immersed Europe catalyst. It was magic that we look forward to seeing year after year and event after event.

AMD, Sony, Epic Games, nDreams, Crytek, Starbreeze Studios, InMediaStudios, Droiders, Chornobyl360, and ImmersiON-Vrelia were just some of the nearly 30 memorable speakers that took to the stage and proved just how strong this industry is and will become. Walking through the exhibit hall during the public exhibition, there was a warmth here, and it wasn't limited to Murcia's blistering sun! Instead, it was a vocal pride that everyone came together to make this event possible.
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Immersed Europe Broadcast Schedule

Immersed Europe
We are very excited to report that parts of Immersed Europe are going to be live-streamed in 360° VR form with thanks to IM360.  At this time, the highlights that will be broadcast include:

  • The Opening Remarks
  • The Latest Innovations in Immersive Tech
  • The Vireio Perception Panel
  • The Futurists Panel
  • The Understanding Technology of Immersive Video Panel
  • The exhibit hall

The schedule time of these sessions are detailed on the Immersed Europe page.  Remember that everything is quoted in local Spain time (UTC +2, CET).
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