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MTBS Interviews David Levitt at Vision Summit 2016

Pantomime Corporation
Today we have a treat for everyone!  During Vision Summit 2016, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Davit Levitt, CEO and Co-Founder of Pantomime Corporation.  Dr. Levitt was one of the early researchers and pioneers at VPL Research.  Who is VPL Research, you ask?  That's Jaron Lanier's company - the same that first coined the words "Virtual Reality".  David talks about VR's early history and his latest work which binds the modern VR era with the interaction of personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers.  We'll let David explain.
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NextVR and FOX Strike Partnership

NextVR Logo

Big news from ITA member NextVR!  While it's been building up for a couple years now, NextVR has struck a five year partnership with FOX to deliver sporting events in virtual reality.  For those unfamiliar, NextVR develops specialized camera rigs and broadcasting channels to make it possible to enjoy 360-3D / VR content remotely as though you are there in person.  More than this, they've developed the means to do this live so people can enjoy the experiences from anywhere in the world as it happes.  Provided the experience looks good, this tech makes it possible for a nearly unlimited number of users to enjoy the experiences as though they are there in person.

NextVR's next gig from FOX is the DAYTONA 500 taking place this coming Sunday afternoon at 1:00PM EST.  NextVR has built their own content portal, and Samsung Gear VR users are encouraged to download the NextVR app from

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Rockchip Interview at CES 2016

Rockchip Logo
Rockchip showed off a new wireless HMD at CES 2016.  We aren't sure if it was a language barrier, but they seemed to be talking about Gear VR compatibility.  See what you think.

We have some great Vision Summit 2016 interviews which we will get online shortly!
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