Epic Games Day at MTBS!

As promised, it's Epic Games Day at MTBS!  Today we interview Nick Whiting (Lead Programmer) and Nick Donaldson (Senior Designer) at Epic.  These guys live and breath VR, and they are the minds behind the infamous Hobbit demo at GDC 2015.

We cover EVERYTHING: hardware, demos, where VR is headed, etc.  It was a good interview, and there is lots more to come!
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AMD Tells All at GDC 2015

We'll get our interview up with the Epic Games VR team tomorrow.  In the meantime, what better way to start off our GDC coverage than a no-holds-barred interview with Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist for AMD?  It's about time someone acknowledged what kind of GPU power is needed to make all these fancy VR demos work!
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Women in Gaming Party VR Style at GDC

Had fun last night at The Women in Games International GDC Party. Sponsored by Oculus, the party had Crescent Bay demos running Lost, the cinematic experience they were showcasing at Sundance.

It would spoil the fun if we revealed the storyline, but it was one of those walking experiences where you wish you could step off that rubber mat beyond the confines of the room. Lots of potential there.

Back to preparing for the ITA meeting. Several amazing announcements at GDC so far including Liquid VR by AMD, a much improved Sony Morpheus with release date, Valve of course, etc. etc.

Catch up again soon!
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