When VR News is Dangerous

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When MTBS got the headline "How virtual reality can bring news to life", we immediately thought this was going to be a creative use of a 3D 360 degree camera rig for VR news broadcasting. This is not the case. Instead, journalist and film-maker Nonny de la Pena has been using virtual reality recreations to help tell her news stories. As described in her BBC segment, she interviews people on the scene and recreates what happened in a virtual environment. In her opinion, VR becomes a great tool to give the viewers a stronger sense of presence, empathy and a deeper understanding of events.
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ITA and its Members at SIGGRAPH!


"Along with fifteen other virtual-reality related events at SIGGRAPH, the conference will be one of the biggest happenings of the year for virtual reality. The Immersive Technology Alliance has been crucial in helping to bring this effort together. Collaboration and support such as that provided by The ITA will be crucial for the success of this industry." - Jason Jerald, Principal Consultant at Nextgen Interactions and key organizer of SIGGRAPH's immersive technology sessions.

The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA) is one of the official sponsors for the SIGGRAPH Global VR Meetup. Featuring presentations by The ITA, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality, Sixense, and Nextgen Interactions, this will be a great session for press and creative artists. There will also be demonstrations of unreleased technologies and experiences by Sixense, Cloudhead Games, Nextgen Interactions, Dimension Technologies, Vanguard Valkyrie, ImmersiON-VRelia, Launchpad VR and more. Sample products include new gesture technologies, VR games, premium head mounted displays, innovative glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display prototypes, and more. Limited space available; register for free at Eventbrite ASAP!
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How EasyJet is Using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality usually refers to enhancing the world around us; a digital enhancement to what we already see.  The BT-200 AR glasses are Epson's latest foray into this business, and they continue to have great success in the training and enterprise markets.

One of their current successes is EasyJet.  Regular airplane maintenance is critical for all airlines, but each model of plane can have its own nuances and special needs.  It's a big problem if the available engineers and mechanics aren't specialized in that particular model.  Don't worry; the planes get their proper maintenance - but it takes extra time for the engineers to find the reported issues and grasp the scale of the issue (e.g. how big is a dent?), so familiarity is key.

The AR solution is to use Epson's embedded camera for spot-reports / checks, and the mechanic / engineer can easily find the core issues thanks to an overlay or easy to view video while making repairs and doing maintenance checks.

Very interesting!  This model can easily be replicated for all kinds of complex training that requires time sensitivity.
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