MTBS3D RT @Vireio: Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again! #VR #vireio #mtbs #OculusRift
MTBS3D Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again. MTBS welcomes new Vireio developer, Nikita Lozhkin! #VR #vireio...
MTBS3D Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again. MTBS welcomes new @Vireio developer, Nikita Lozhkin! #VR #vireio #oculus
MTBS3D Interview with David Coombes, Developer Programs Manager at @nvidia! #OculusConnect #gtx980 #Maxwell #oculus #VR
MTBS3D RT @CloudheadGames: Hey everybody! we just posted a new @kickstarter update!
MTBS3D RT @tomshardware: Oculus Connect: The Future, And AMD Vs. NVIDIA -
MTBS3D MTBS has a great interview from #OculusConnect with our friend, Palmer Luckey! #VR #Oculus #PalmerLuckey
MTBS3D More Samsung Gear VR Software Screencaps. #Oculus #OculusConnect #GearVR
MTBS3D Samsung Gear VR Software Screencaps. #Oculus #OculusConnect #GearVR
MTBS3D RT @JoshuaFarkas: Palmer celebrates his birthday, after eating a chocolate DK2!
MTBS3D RT @SebKuntz: Btw I tested Samsung's Gear VR and it really works. Indeed mobility is a big plus. Lack of position tracking and 3d interacti…


MTBS had a blast at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. Realizing the potential of VR, TIFF organized a special panel featuring the likes of James Stewart (Geneva Film Company), Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR), Jade Raymond (Ubisoft), Ariel Garten (InteraXon), and Felix Lajeunesse (Felix and Paul Studios).
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Vireio Perception Has Gone Positional!

Sometimes a YouTube video says more than a million shaking head mounted displays, yes?  Check out the latest Vireio Perception news, and download the build for yourself!
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Get Mooned the MTBS Way

This doesn't happen every day.  We managed to get a 3D picture of the September "super moon".  We got it late in the evening, but boy - it's very bright, isn't it?

If you get lost between the moon and New York City (too old a reference?), VR fans will be taking a new interest in The Voice from NBC.  They are developing a four minute VR experience of the Voice studio and happenings.  They really want you sitting next to the likes of Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.  To REALLY beef up the audience interest, they need to get Palmer Luckey on the mic and really show off those pipes!  No?  We can dream...
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