MTBS3D @scenevr Thanks! Yeah, that would be great. I'll pass on your message to Neil! :)
MTBS3D @scenevr That's cool. We're probably going to go this year, too. Depends on scheduling, and of course $$$. :)
MTBS3D RT “@scenevr: @MTBS3D hey team!” Hi, are you at GDC?
MTBS3D Specs include low latency 120 Hz refresh, 1920 x 1080 RGB OLED display, 5.7-inch screen, 9 LED trackers for 360 view. #Morpheus #GDC2015 #VR
MTBS3D Sony announces #ProjectMorpheus headset to debut in the first half of 2016. #Morpheus #Sony #Virtualreality #VR #GDC2015
MTBS3D Not #GDC related. This is just cool. RIP #Ricksbeard! Before & after slider! #WalkingDead
MTBS3D .@official_ita3d mtg signup is waitlisted!Tomorrow 9am, serving refreshments!Thx @thekhronosgroup & @ImmersiONVRelia!
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: At #YYZ waiting for our flight to #SFO. See you tomorrow at 9:00 am for our Annual Meeting at SFGreenSpace! #GDC2015 ht…
MTBS3D MTBS is at #YYZ waiting for our flight to #SFO for #GDC2015! See you there!
MTBS3D Unreal Engine 4 is now available for free! #UnrealEngine4 #EpicGames #TimSweeney
MTBS3D RT @NextVR_app: Interview on @MTBS3D: David Cole, NextVR Co-founder, Talks Light Field Cameras For #VR #VR
MTBS3D Interview w/ @NextVR_app on their new light field camera rig for #VR! #virtualreality #NextVR
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Only 10 tickets left for Annual Meeting at #GDC2015! Sponsored by @thekhronosgroup and @ImmersiONVRelia. Tickets at htt…
MTBS3D Valve and HTC are working together on an HMD called VIVE. #HTC #HTCVive #Valve #vive #virtualreality #VR
MTBS3D "He and I made a habit each morning of watching #StarTrek together."RIP #MrSpock #LeonardNimoy
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: This just in! @AMD's Chief Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy is joining the panel at our Annual Meeting at #GDC2015! http:…
MTBS3D .@TO_siggraph presents 2014 Computer Animation Festival! Get tickets:

ODG AR Glasses Demo & Interview at CES 2015

Neil Schneider tries out ODG's augmented reality glasses.  Check out the full interview!
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Epson Interview, MTBS Fixed

Now we're talking!  Epson has been chasing the augmented reality space with their Moverio BT-200 glasses.  We catch up with them to talk about their latest applications - including a flying drone!

We have more updates to do, but the URL structure has been changed on MTBS.  They are no longer those super long sentences that made things difficult to link to.  We also had to fix our registration system, so if you had trouble joining up the other day - give it another go.  Let us know if you run into further problems with the site.  Thanks for your patience!
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FOVE Interviewed, Rothenberg Ventures News

Congratulations to ITA members FOVE and DeepStream VR for securing investment from Rothenberg Ventures and their River program.  You can enjoy MTBS' CES 2015 interview with FOVE today!

Other investments approved by Rothenberg Ventures include Emblematic Group,, Psious, Reload Studios, Emgergent VR, sdk Digital Lab, Innerspace, Solarix, Thot Wise, and Discover.
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