Virtual Reality Developers Conference Announced!

Virtual Reality Developers Conference
This is a very exciting development; perhaps a true admission that virtual reality and augmented reality are very much here to stay with long-term education potential. The same folks who make Game Developers Conference are launching the new Virtual Reality Developers Conference. It will run a couple days prior on March 14-15, and will give attendees follow-up access to the main GDC conference on March 16-18.

Unlike GDC, this new conference will expand its mandate to include immersive entertainment such as immersive cinema and CG experiences.

Good stuff!
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Oculus is Serious About Hedgehogs

Oculus is all about the hugs these days as they are promoting "Henry", the story of a prickly hedgehog that only wants to achieve a warm embrace but keeps hurting those in the process.

Put together by the Oculus Story Studio, it was spearheaded by Ramiro Lopez Dau who was also an animator on such Pixar films as Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University.

We haven't seen it yet, it's probably well done, and we're sure it's a lot of fun to watch and experience. However, these corporate videos are way too much. Guys, it's a (*#&$ hedgehog, not Shindler's List! Tone it down a little. :-)
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Early Bird SOLD OUT, IM360 Speaking!

Immersed Europe Logo
Just a heads-up that the Immersed Europe Early Bird discount tickets are SOLD OUT!  Reach out the the Immersed Europe media and organizational partners for additional savings options.

We are also excited to reveal our latest speaker addition!
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