SpherePlay at CES 2016

SpherePlay Lgo
We are proud to say that SpherePlay got their early start on MTBS.  Today we have our interview with their CEO and Co-Founder Christian Eve-LévesqueChristian Eve-Lévesque.  Very interesting!
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Getting Set For Vision Summit 2016

Vision Summit 2016 logo

Many of the big players in the virtual reality world are getting together at the Vision Summit in Hollywood, California next week. As media partners, the Immersive Technology Alliance is stoked because not only will this be keynoted by the likes of Valve, Google, Unity, Sony, Oculus, NASA, and more - we have the honor of closing out the show with a stellar session and panel!
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Reload Studios Talks World War Toons at CES 2016

World War Toons is an upcoming VR game by Reload Studios.  MTBS' Kris Roberts interview their Community Manager William Lewis about the game and its special considerations for VR.  Very interesting!
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