MTBS3D Check out our cyberpunk interview with John Ho, Program Manager at eMagin! #eMagin #Cyberpunk #VR #virtualreality
MTBS3D RT @Vireio: Vireio Perception has much improved ATW! #vireio #VR #AR
MTBS3D RT @VRFocus: .@IMMERSEDEUROPE Reveals Four New Speakers For Conference
MTBS3D Virtual and Augmented Reality takes Center Stage at Immersed Europe Conference! #immersed #VR #AR #Wearables
MTBS3D RT @CubicleNinjas: Is your business considering #virtualreality? It's time to raise the bar & dream big with #VR. ht…
MTBS3D RT @realovirtualcom: Nuevos ponentes para @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Epic Games, Sphericam e InMediaStudio, el 3 y 4 de septiembre en Murcia http://t…
MTBS3D RT @inmediastudio: Confirmado JL. Navarro, CEO de inMediaStudio, como ponente en @IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @inmediastudio: JL.Navarro, CEO, inMediaStudio will be talking about VR contents at @IMMERSEDEUROPE #VR #IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @Hardwareupdate9: Immersed Europe VR, AR Conference Scheduled For Sept 3-4, Tom's Hardware ... - Tom's Hardware
MTBS3D RT @WingedMinds: ¡Ya nos hemos apuntado!
MTBS3D RT @soyflyerboy: ¡Ya tenemos nuestras entradas! @IMMERSEDEUROPE Nos ha selecionado para la mesa de #Kickstarter
MTBS3D RT @K_Samantha1: Who going to @IMMERSEDEUROPE?
MTBS3D RT @siggraph: Exclusive Offer: Register for Immersed Europe at 100 Euros off using SIGGRAPH Code "SIGGRAPHimmersedseurope"
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MTBS3D RT @VRFocus: Immersed Europe tickets now on sale:

Space Channel, eMagin HMD Interview!

Last week, The Immersive Technology Alliance worked with the Space Channel's InnerSpace team to build a special segment about modern virtual reality. While they originally wanted to do the interview at ITA offices, we had a better idea. Let's really get people excited by showing as many immersive technology solutions as we could so viewers see how diverse this industry is going to become by doing this at AMD's Markham office. That's the primary home of their graphics technology which is a proud Canadian story.
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Vireio Perception Has Much Improved ATW!

Vireio Perception Logo

OK guys!  We're really excited to tell you that with thanks to Simon Brown, we think we've nailed asynchronous timewarp with Vireio Perception.  We've adding special timing adjustments in the Overall Settings menu to compensate for game by game timing changes.  0 does nothing, and 20 is overkill and introduces latency.  Try to work with a setting of 3 - 8 for optimal results.

More to come, of course!
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More Speakers Added to Immersed Europe

Immersed Europe Logo

Immersed Europe is coming together very nicely with a uniquely European flavor and many of the sharpest minds in one place! Some speakers just added include:

James Golding, Lead Programmer, Epic Games
James Golding joined Epic in 2002 where he worked on several Unreal Tournament and Gears of War titles. He is now one of the lead programmers on Unreal Engine 4, and his main focus is on game systems such as scripting, physics and animation. James is based in the UK, and is also actively involved with developer relations for Epic Games.

Jeffrey Martin, CEO, Sphericam
Jeffrey Martin, CEO of Sphericam. Just finishing a successful Kickstarer, their pro-sumer 360-degree camera is making waves as a viable way to make immersive videos on the go.
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