Vireio Perception 4.0 Alpha 1 is OUT!

Meant to be Seen is proud to share Vireio Perception 4.0 Alpha 1! For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception lets you take existing games and play them in virtual reality when they weren't designed for that purpose. This complete rewrite of Vireio Perception was primarily made possible by Denis Reischl with support from Grant Bagwell, Simon Brown, Samuel Austin, and Neil Schneider.

This is a preliminary release and only works with Fallout 4 and the DirectX 11 API. The game support will dramatically grow as we reactivate features like DirectX 9 and make the Aquilinus profile creation software available. The software will become easier to use, too.

Vireio Perception 4.0 Out Later This Week!

Neil's Messy Basement LogoVireio Perception Logo
Vireio Perception will be out by Friday this week, and we are all extremely excited.  Special thanks to Denis Reischl, Grant Bagwell, Simon Brown, and Samuel Austin for getting us to this stage.  Denis rewrote all the architecture, and the game is afoot!

This amazing episode of Neil's Messy Basement is all about Vireio Perception 4.0.  If all goes to plan, the drivers will be in everyone's hands by Friday - maybe sooner.

We don't want to spoil the surprises (and there are several), so prepare for a seated VR learning experience.  Anyone who knows anything about virtual reality and virtual reality drivers will be stunned.  Remember, the Vireio Perception drivers are completely free and put together by volunteers.  It doesn't get more amazing than this.

Vireio Perception DX11 Benchmark Sample

For those wondering what Vireio Perception's fate is, we have an update!  The above is a benchmarking sample of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor running with the lowest in-game quality settings followed by the highest.  The test equipment in this case is an AMD FX 8350 CPU mixed with an AMD R9 390 series GPU.

With the most basic visual quality, the game performs at 60FPS, and drops off to 44FPS in true stereoscopic 3D mode.  With the highest graphics quality settings, the game again performs at 60FPS, and drops to 33FPS in stereoscopic 3D mode.  This doesn't take into account techniques like asynchronous timewarp to compensate for missing frames in VR.

DX11 Support on the Way!

If anyone had their doubts about DirectX 11 being added to Vireio Perception, this should assuage your fears.  There is much more to do, of course, but this isn't actually the biggest innovation being added to Vireio Perception.  We are confident this feature will turn the whole VR driver community on its head...again.

There is still a bit of a wait, but only because of the amazing things in development.  Can we hype this any more?  Possibly.  Thanks for your patience!