DX11 Support on the Way!

If anyone had their doubts about DirectX 11 being added to Vireio Perception, this should assuage your fears.  There is much more to do, of course, but this isn't actually the biggest innovation being added to Vireio Perception.  We are confident this feature will turn the whole VR driver community on its head...again.

There is still a bit of a wait, but only because of the amazing things in development.  Can we hype this any more?  Possibly.  Thanks for your patience!

Vireio Perception 3.0.0 Alpha 2 is OUT!

Vireio Perception Logo
With the previous alpha release of Vireio Perception, we introduced asynchronous timewarp and reinvigorated DirectX 9 support.  We say reinvigorated because it was touch and go there for awhile!

Miracle worker Simon Brown (Dr. Beef) discovered that individual games have certain timing idiosyncrasies that was adding jutter to the experience and creating a left eye / right eye desyncronization.  To compensate for this, we have added a game by game timing adjustment that can be found in the "Overall Settings" menu.  A setting of 0 has not waiting period and is most likely going to exhibit the described problems.  A setting of 20 will be smooth, but introduce latency.  A setting between 3-8 should work well depending on your machine.

Provided your computer can deliver a frame rate in the high 30s, you should be able to achieve a judder-free experience.  Please report your findings!

The VR Boost scanner for Bioshock 2 has also been fixed.  More to come!

Vireio Perception 3.0.0 Alpha Released

Vireio 3.0.0 Alpha
Yes, we know it took longer than expected, but Vireio Perception is always worth waiting for!  We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Vireio Perception 3.0.0 Alpha.

Vireio Perception users would be horrified if they ever learned how close we came to having to scrap the whole project.  As a consequence of moving with the times, the Oculus Rift 0.6.X SDK removed much of the architecture needed for Vireio to effectively support DirectX 9 games.  We seriously thought we were done for.  It's with thanks to a lucky find and some sharp programming that Simon Brown was able to reinvigorate our future prospects by using DirectX 9Ex which was introduced with Windows Vista.  Yes, without Vista, Vireio could very well have been done for!

Vireio Perception 2.1.6 is OUT!

The Vireio Perception team has done it again!

New VR Comfort Mode (Homefront)

Here are the key enhancements:
  • Improved Memory Scanner - Now uses multithread approach for quicker scanning.
  • Games will not start in Vr mode if the Vireio Perception Dialog is not open. Easier for playing normally without having to uninstall Symlinks / DLLs
  • Comfort Mode Added - As originally sugested by Cloudhead Games
  • Saints Row 2 Support
  • Saints Row 3 Support
  • Homefront Support
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Support
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Support - Please note if you have a choice we strongly recommend using the above version NOT the Directors Cut. The original is far better from a VR support standpoint.
  • Improved scanner compatibility in a few existing games (Outlast / Crysis / Far Cry 3 / etc)
  • Ability to Supress Vireio Hotkeys
  • PDF of Hotkeys reinstated to VP folder
  • VR Mouse - New implementation and look (Double Click NUMPAD 0 to toggle)
  • New Disconnected Screen View Implementation - Previous version had issue with cropping. New one should look better and fuller.
  • Sped up the Menu system - Should be now much more responsive