Vireio Perception 2.04 Alpha 2

Skyrim with Positional Tracking

Here is the latest Vireio Perception update revealed late last night.  Most of these updates are to help users to diagnose the core issues causing their problems.  Great stuff!

Vireio Perception Has Positional Tracking Now!

Now we have to be absolutely clear that native VR games are always going to have an advantage over games made possible by VR drivers. We have to be absolutely clear about that. Still...there is always room to impress, yes?

For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception is free and open source middleware software that makes it possible to play existing games in VR without special coding by the game developer. We have special VR Boost functionality that also grabs hold of deep architecture from the software, and pushes games beyond the scope of their design. VR Boost adds super high levels of field of view and low latency head tracking, for example.

Vireio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha Released

Headtracked HUD Mode
This is just an alpha build, and it's obviously a work in progress.  Here are the highlights of Vireio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha:
  • RunTime 0.4.2 DK2 Support (Tracking).  For now, this is still orientational tracking, NOT positional.  The rendering is still being done outside the SDK, though the chromatic aberration fix is working.
  • Fixed a bug where games were injecting twice and causing issues.
  • New Dynamic Theater Mode (AKA Screen View Mode) allows the user to use headtracking to view the edges of the screen. Helpful for large menus.  There are some known distortion issues.
  • New Dynamic HUD/GUI Mode is similar to the abovem, but only moves in-game HUDs / Menus.  This is useful for seeing HUD elements around the screen without having to resize them.  For now, this only works where games use the Vireio "squished menu" technique (Bioshock / Borderlands / etc) for HUD resizing.

How to Contribute to Vireio Perception!

Back to the Future
For those out there wondering, Vireio Perception's development is continuing, and we are welcoming more developers to the team with some exciting ideas we'd like to implement. Our current priority is getting proper Oculus Rift DK2 support integrated. However, we are facing some challenges that we would like to solve to expedite DK2 support and other new features in Vireio Perception.