MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Check out the video & interview w/ @holystring! @ImmersiONVRelia @umnoticias #ImmersedEurope #VirtualReality http://t.c…
MTBS3D RT @realovirtualcom: Dos de los desarrolladores de @Vireio Perception explicando su funcionamiento en @IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @realovirtualcom: Ahora @ImmersiONVRelia comienza recordando el clásico ViewMaster en @IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: .@holystring & Danny of @ImmersiONVRelia! Thank you guys for all your help and hard work! @paco_danone, too! :) http://…
MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Neil & Dominic from @RockstarGames & the #Oculus #Reddit having a chat during the #VR expo tonight at @umnoticias! http…
MTBS3D RT @Vireio: Simon Brown & @baggyg, 2 of the 3 Vireio developers on the stage at @IMMERSEDEUROPE! #immersedeurope #VirtualReality http://t.c…
MTBS3D RT @baggyg: Just tried #HTC #vive. Completely other level. Even blew a #VR veteran like like me away. Now the long wait til Dec #Immersed
MTBS3D RT @baggyg: Speaker List and Schedule #Immersed Europe 2015
MTBS3D RT @baggyg: Walking Dead experience on #StarVR. 210deg FOV. Fresnel lenses. Tracked 1-2-1 shotgun #Immersed
MTBS3D @baggyg You guys were great! We're glad you were able to come!
MTBS3D RT @baggyg: #HTCVive: first time I have felt true presence in #VR. This is going to change the World #Immersed
MTBS3D @baggyg That is really too funny!
MTBS3D RT“@Droiders: .... 😨 ...... Vívelo a partir de las 19h el viernes en @immersedeurope” This was awesome!
MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Simon Benson of Sony giving our keynote this morning, talking about #ProjectMorpheus! #immersedeurope #VirtualReality h…
MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and partners! It's going to be a great show! #immersedeurope #VirtualReality http…
MTBS3D RT @IMMERSEDEUROPE: All of our exhibitors are here at @umnoticias & setting up for tomorrow! Hope to see you here! #immersedeurope #VR http…
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