MTBS3D RT @CubicleNinjas: Need a vacation? We'll be demoing virtual reality relaxation with Guided Meditation ( at @GetImme
MTBS3D RT @GabrielleMade: Getting more and more excited for @GetImmersed conference tomorrow! Hoping there are many VR experiences to try! #Immers
MTBS3D RT @CanopyVR: Here we come, @GetImmersed!
MTBS3D RT @pathadnagy: Flying up for @GetImmersed Excited to see the latest developments in VR.
MTBS3D RT @VideoStitch: On the way to Torronto to @GetImmersed !
MTBS3D RT @ianmachunter: Headed to Toronto for @GetImmersed come visit the @jauntvr booth for a sneak peak at our #CinematicVR @KaijuFuryVR @The
MTBS3D RT @BennettLoudon: Dimension Technologies in Rochester NY plans to launch glasses-free 3-D @DandC @RITIGM1 @MTBS3D #…
MTBS3D DTI's Tom Curtain @tcadguy & Neil interviewed in the Rochester @DandC on glasses free #3D!
MTBS3D Ready to @GetImmersed this weekend in @TorontoComms! Try out cool new tech! Great prizes! #immersed #VR #AR #awesome
MTBS3D RT @industrycanada: This 3D #virtualreality tech is tackling phobias #VR conf & expo this wknd in T.O. @GetImmersed
MTBS3D RT @jauntvr: Want to see the Paul McCartney #VR experience on an #oculusrift? First opportunity will be at @GetImmersed:
MTBS3D RT @VRReviewer: @GetImmersed Immersed Conference taking place this weekend in Toronto
MTBS3D Thanks @VRReviewer for 20Q w/Neil! #truthdoesntlie He's done a lot for the #VR community. #respectmyauthoritah #mtbs
MTBS3D "Rebecca Minkoff Debuts Immersive Retail Experience" Now this is a #VR story that really speaks to me! Love her stuff.
MTBS3D @jauntvr We're very excited to experience this on the #OculusRift this weekend at @GetImmersed!
MTBS3D .@RollingStone This weekend @jauntvr is showing this for the 1st time on the #OculusRift at #VR show @GetImmersed !
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