MTBS3D RT @_jasonjerald: Who is going to be the next #birdly? @siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities Contest deadline May 26.
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 this means I haven't heard everything from SVVR15 yet, didn't think the Vive was there! Reminds me, time fo…
MTBS3D .@nevillespiteri Hahahaha! That's funny. Looking forward to you getting involved with @official_ita3d, too! 😀
MTBS3D Happy #MemorialDay to our American followers! I have some friends & family that have served/are serving in the US Military & support them!
MTBS3D @Chaoss86 FOV was OK maybe 100 deg. Screen door is noticeable, but not more than #CrescentBay. Need more time w/ Vive for firm judgement.
MTBS3D Interview at @SVVR2015 w/Josh Farkas of @CubicleNinjas Chief Architects of Immersed Access! #immersedaccess #SVVR #VR
MTBS3D RT @karlkrantz: The @FOVEinc VR eye-tracking headset will change everything you know about #VR. Learn more: #FOVE
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Thanks @SVVR2015, @jonpeddie @MissQuickstep @denise_quesnel @MTBS3D David Traub & everyone who joined us for our Futuri…
MTBS3D Amazing two days @SVVR2015! Thanks Nana, @karlkrantz and @CymaticBruce on a job well done! Now go take a vacation! :) #SVVR2015
MTBS3D RT @SVVR2015: Thank you to the incredible VR community who made SVVR 2015 an amazing success!
MTBS3D RT @JoshuaFarkas: A huge thank you to @karlkrantz @CymaticBruce and Nana for making SVVR 2015 another unforgettable event!
MTBS3D .@denise_quesnel @Vrideo @SVVR2015 @AMD @MissQuickstep @NextGalaxyCorp Thank you, Denise! You were a great panelist! :)
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Immersed Access unveiled today at @SVVR2015! Registrants get 25%off. #immersedaccess #SVVR2015 h…
MTBS3D 2PM @SVVR2015, Dave Holz of @LeapMotion presenting The Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs. #VR #SVVR2015 #VRExpo
MTBS3D Coming up LIVE STREAM @SVVR2015 #VR Without Borders, Tony Parisi @auradeluxe #SVVR2015 #VRExpo #virtualreality
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