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MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Article about ITA member @Vrvana and their Kickstarter! #Kickstarter #VR #Vrvana
MTBS3D RT @Vireio: Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again! #VR #vireio #mtbs #OculusRift
MTBS3D Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again. MTBS welcomes new Vireio developer, Nikita Lozhkin! #VR #vireio...
MTBS3D Vireio Perception is getting upgraded again. MTBS welcomes new @Vireio developer, Nikita Lozhkin! #VR #vireio #oculus
MTBS3D Interview with David Coombes, Developer Programs Manager at @nvidia! #OculusConnect #gtx980 #Maxwell #oculus #VR
MTBS3D RT @CloudheadGames: Hey everybody! we just posted a new @kickstarter update!
MTBS3D RT @tomshardware: Oculus Connect: The Future, And AMD Vs. NVIDIA -
MTBS3D MTBS has a great interview from #OculusConnect with our friend, Palmer Luckey! #VR #Oculus #PalmerLuckey
MTBS3D More Samsung Gear VR Software Screencaps. #Oculus #OculusConnect #GearVR
MTBS3D Samsung Gear VR Software Screencaps. #Oculus #OculusConnect #GearVR

AirVR: iOS Virtual Reality Device on Kickstarter Works With iPhone 6, iPad Mini (+Video)

By Zachary Stiebler

AirVR is a new virtual reality headset that leverages iOS Retina hardware.

The project, from Toronto-based Metatecture, is billed as putting virtual reality within people’s reach.

“Introducing the AirVR and AirVR+, the first wireless VR headsets for iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6+. AirVR is the most affordable way to experience the world of Virtual Reality for yourself. With your iPad Mini or iPhone 6+ and AirVR, you have everything needed to experience immersive VR anywhere,” the company said on it's Kickstarter page.

Read the whole story here.

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1080p Oculus Rift Alternative VR Headset "Totem" Has Bold Plans, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

"The only thing that's limiting you in virtual reality is your creativity."

By Eddie Makuch

Vrvana, the Montreal-based company formerly known as True Player Gear, today launched a crowdfunding campaign for its previously announced virtual reality device, Totem (working title). The company has bold plans for the headset--already in its fifth iteration--CEO Bertrand Nepveu told me in a recent interview. But to get the project off the ground and compete against Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, Vrvana first needs to raise CAD $350,000 ($317,000) on Kickstarter.

Read the whole story here.

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Oculus CEO: Virtual Reality Headsets Will Eventually Shrink To A 'Set Of Sunglasses'

By Steven Tweedie

Virtual reality is well on its way, and leading the charge is Oculus.Oculus is the team behind the highly-anticipated Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which Facebook acquired for $2 billion earlier this year.

Experiencing virtual reality through the Rift can be difficult to describe, but it's vastly different than seeing a 3D movie.

Read read the whole story here.
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