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Microsoft regains its edge with hologram headset

By Arjun Kharpal

The future depicted in Hollywood movies may have finally arrived. 

Microsoft unveiled an augmented reality headset at an event at its Redmond, WA headquarters on Wednesday that projects holograms onto the real world, in a move that analysts said has given the U.S. technology giant its competitive edge. 

A video demonstration of the HoloLens shows people playing Minecraft in their living room or talking to a friend through Skype with the holographic image appearing in front of them.

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Mozilla wants to put Firefox in your virtual reality headset

By Kia Kokalitcheva

Mozilla wants your virtual headset to access the web, and so the company announced it will start adding VR capabilities directly into its “Firefox Nightly” developer release channel.

As Mozilla engineering director Vlad Vukicevic said in a blog post:

Previously, users and content creators had to download a separate build of Firefox. This one-off build usually lagged behind ongoing development. From now on, VR capabilities will be developed alongside other continuous Firefox improvements.

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Headset creator Oculus set for Bristol virtual reality event

A COMPANY leading the development of virtual reality headsets will be part of the line-up at a new conference in Bristol.

SouthWest VR Conference, organised by Stokes Croft-based studio Opposable Games, will spotlight how virtual reality is shaking up the entertainment industry and transforming the way we interact with film, games, TV and animation.

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