VR, AI And Margaritas: My Insights On The Coolest Tech This Week

By Peter Diamandis

I love it when an entrepreneur creates something insanely great then makes it affordable and available to all of us.

There are three very cool examples of technology on my radar:

A new approach to Virtual Reality Headgear
“JARVIS” version 0.9 your home A.I. robot
A redo of an old consumer product that raised $6M in 12 days on Kickstarter

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Facebook now officially owns Oculus Rift, but 'nothing will change'

The two say they're 'reimagining the way people communicate'

By Hugh Langley

It's official: Facebook is now the proud owner of virtual reality's biggest champion, Oculus VR.

It was announced back in March that the social network would be snapping up the creator of the Oculus Rift headset.

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Virtual Reality: What Are the Coming Concerns?

By Natalie Shoemaker

Virtual reality (VR) will be the future of gaming, and it already has some people concerned. There’s a generational gap forming between older and younger folks over what this new medium will do to our minds: Will we become ghosts in the machine or murderous psychopaths after playing too many death matches in Call of Duty? There are further questions involving concerns about sex and murder simulators, and potential risk for addiction to the virtual world. But these questions have already been asked in the past about rock and roll music, comic books, movies, video games, and virtual reality systems of the ’90s.

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