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Oculus Rift hits Canada's largest consumer electronics show

The highly anticipated device is 'breaking out of the nerdy basements' at TAVES

Back in the early '90s, virtual reality, or VR, promised to revolutionize gaming and many other experiences. But the clunky goggles, gloves and jerky lag time between the user's movements and the visuals were underwhelming if not vomit-inducing.

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Augmented Reality Educational Robot Ozobot Launching in November

By Jason Bouwmeester

In the growing digital age, some of us find that our children are spending an increased amount of time in front of a screen between TV, gaming consoles, tablets, and more. Electronics company Evollve is looking to make at least some of that screen time more educational with the introduction of Ozobot – a small robot that “moves kids from augmented reality back to physical play.”

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What are the creative opportunities for brands in virtual reality?

With more brands experimenting with VR, industry experts discuss the creative opportunities for the emerging technology.

By Sarah Shearman

Virtual reality was once an invention of science fiction, but with some recent major investments in the space, it looks like the technology is inching towards the mainstream.

Last week, Google invested $542 million in Magic Leap, a virtual-reality startup that wants to transform how augmented reality affects shopping, gaming and education. This follows Facebook’s surprise $2 billion purchase of virtual-reality headset manufacturer Oculus in February.

With Google and Facebook investing significant sums in virtual reality, it is likely they will be bring their biggest benefactors – brands – along for the ride. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said himself he sees Oculus as a "new communication platform."

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