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Sony Reveals E3 Plans

By Dave Thier

Sony just sent out invitations for its annual E3 Press Conference, and that rounds out a nicely packed presser schedule before the big show in Los Angeles. Sony’s holding their conference at 6 PM Pacific time, at their usual Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Sony has arguably won the past two E3s, coming out with a big bang and decimating Microsoft two years ago and sort of swaggering on through 2014, but I’ll be interested to see what the company does to keep up the momentum.

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Sony’s building a new first-party studio for Project Morpheus

By Johan Zietsman

It seems that Sony is working hard to build a brand new studio that will develop titles specifically for the console maker’s forthcoming VR platform, Project Morpheus. In order for the peripheral to succeed, it’s essential for Sony to deliver a regular stream of content that would serve to build towards a library of must-have titles that showcase the VR experience.

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Oculus Rift vs. Morpheus vs. Vive VR

There is no spoon.

By Zorine Te

Virtual reality gaming has gained momentum in the last few years, with the Oculus Rift, Sony's Project Morpheus, and Valve's HTC Vive each pitching forward their own take on the virtual space. As VR hardware draws closer to a consumer launch, which are you most interested in picking up? To help out, we list and compare the specifications and game library of the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, and HTC Vive.

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