Sony confirms that Project Morpheus will feature PS Vita support

By Jason Moth

We’ve heard about the possible integration of the PS Vita with Project Morpheus earlier this year. Sony’s Simon Benson hinted back in May that the handheld gaming console will play a key role in the future of the virtual reality headset. Recently another member of the company confirmed that the PS Vita is already being used internally by the team. Ian Bickerstaff, Technical Director at SCEE Immersive Technology Group revealed that the console will work with Project Morpheus in a similar way to tablets and smartphones. The company already presented last week some of the apps that will help with the social aspect of this integration.

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VR is "bad news" says ex-Valve programmer who worked on the tech

Advertising incoming.

By James Cullinane 

A programmer contracted by Valve on two separate occasions to work on its augmented reality and virtual reality projects has described the latter technology as "bad news".

Fabien Giesen made the remark over Twitter, and explained his opinion further on GitHub.

With AR, there’s a variety of information display/visualization applications, all of which are at the very least interesting and could turn out to be tremendously empowering in various ways," said Giesen. "The endpoint of VR, on the other hand – all engineering practicalities of first aiming for a seemingly easier goal aside – seems to be fundamentally anti-social, completing the sad trajectory of entertainment moving further and further away from shared social experiences.

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Oculus first developer conference focuses on best virtual reality experiences

By Saroj Kar

The year 2014 is a pivotal year for Oculus VR. After its acquisition by Facebook and the release of Oculus Rift “Development Kit 2” version, the company now announced Oculus Connect, an event about virtual reality to be held on the 19th and 20th of September in Los Angeles.

The event will be dedicated primarily to developers who will be able to discover all the latest news, plans for the future and talk directly with Oculus engineers on how to make the most of the device. Oculus VR says that the event will bring together engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.

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