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Would You Actually Devote An Entire Room To VR?

By Jason Evangelho

After finally experiencing several exhilarating demos and games using the HTC Vive, I am sold on room scale VR. Valve’s Lighthouse technology, which grants the ability to physically walk around in and navigate a game space has forever changed how I want to interact with video games.

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How close are you to stepping into virtual reality? Your guide to all the different VR headsets coming very soon

By Chad Sapieha

Virtual reality headsets may not be in many consumers’ hands quite yet, but with PlayStation VR bundle pre-orders starting this week – adding to the existing pre-order frenzy over Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hardware – the competition for VR marketshare is well and truly underway.

The question I’m most interested in, however, is how many people (beyond those curiously loud VR evangelists I hear barking through social media) will be willing to dig deep enough into their pockets to become part of this new technology’s initial wave?

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Virtual reality will make people more connected to humanity, not less, VR exec predicts

By Madeline Vuong

Virtual reality is the new tech craze, but some fear the future it offers. Opponents conjure up a bleak world where people will waste away in headsets living virtual lives because they prefer the virtual world to the real one. They argue that VR marks the beginning of losing touch with our humanity.

Sankar (Jay) Jayaram, the CEO of Voke, a virtual reality company that focuses on immersive live-streams of sports and music events, disagrees. He says that virtual reality will make people more engaged with the real world and more connected to their humanity, not less.

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