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Five-hour play sessions with an Oculus Rift are giving me “grid eyes”

They said in health class that I should stop or I’d go blind—maybe they were right!

By Lee Hutchinson

It didn’t take much for me to justify $350 for an Oculus Rift DK2—after all, I told myself, the consumer version of the virtual reality headset won’t be out for a year or so, and I’ve spent far more on video cards that I’ve kept for less time before upgrading.

Don’t think about the credit card. Just hit the purchase button.

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Auto technicians try Oculus Rift virtual reality

By Nathan Bomey

The world's largest auto supplier is using virtual reality technology to help train service technicians.

In a nationwide tour, Robert Bosch is training 8,000 to 10,000 service technicians on direct-injection and braking technology through the Oculus Rift virtual reality device.

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Virtual Reality? Microsoft Has Something Bigger Planned

Why go virtual when you can go augmented?

By Pramath

So I’m one of those people who firmly believe that this new wave of virtual reality is a fad, and the gimmick will die down soon (hey guys, remember the 3D gaming wave from a few years ago?). Having said that, it exists right now, with Oculus Rift leading the way, and Sony getting in on the action with its Morpheus headset, planned for the PlayStation 4.

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