MTBS3D Interesting use of the #OculusRift! Scientist Sees Tool To Help The Visually Impaired. #Ophthalmology #glaucoma #VR
MTBS3D Jump is Google's ecosystem for #VR content creation and distribution. #Jump #GoogleCardboard
MTBS3D ITA @official_ita3d Introduces New Membership Class, Immersed Access & New Alliance w/ Canadian 3D Society! #VR #AR
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Check out the trailer for the @siggraph 2015 Computer Animation Festival! #SIGGRAPH2015 http://t…
MTBS3D RT @cfcmedialab: From #BetaKitIPO to #ideaBOOST launch pad Canadian startups are #winning this week. #Startups
MTBS3D RT @BlackShellGames: Sumo! Revise! needs your support on Greenlight! #gamedev #indiedev #gamersunite ^
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @The_Lionheart @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 @podvrcast why hello thar :o The good old days in a forum with limitless possibilities :P dr…
MTBS3D RT @_jasonjerald: Who is going to be the next #birdly? @siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities Contest deadline May 26.
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 this means I haven't heard everything from SVVR15 yet, didn't think the Vive was there! Reminds me, time fo…
MTBS3D .@nevillespiteri Hahahaha! That's funny. Looking forward to you getting involved with @official_ita3d, too! 😀
MTBS3D Happy #MemorialDay to our American followers! I have some friends & family that have served/are serving in the US Military & support them!
MTBS3D @Chaoss86 FOV was OK maybe 100 deg. Screen door is noticeable, but not more than #CrescentBay. Need more time w/ Vive for firm judgement.
MTBS3D Interview at @SVVR2015 w/Josh Farkas of @CubicleNinjas Chief Architects of Immersed Access! #immersedaccess #SVVR #VR

Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $200 -- How Much Would You Pay?

Executive Nate Mitchell stresses that Oculus Rift needs to be "affordable."

By Eddie Makuch

When Oculus VR announced this week that its Oculus Rift headset would launch in early 2016, the company didn't say what it would cost. That's still the case, but now Oculus VR vice president Nate Mitchell has spoken out to describe Oculus Rift as "high-end," noting that it will be priced at more than $200.

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This insane virtual reality theme park lets you fight dragons and fly spaceships

By Dave Smith

The Void wants to be the theme park of the 21st century.

Using a blend of virtual reality technologies, motion simulators, and real-world environmental effects, The Void promises a departure from the passive theme park experience in which you'll fight dragons, explore dark dungeons, fly planes, and so much more.

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Facebook is forcing virtual reality fans to make a really tough decision

By Steven Tweedie

Facebook finally revealed that you'll be able to buy its long-awaited virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, early next year, and that's left gaming enthusiasts with a big decision to make.

While there's no doubt that the Oculus Rift is leading the charge to bring virtual reality mainstream, it's also seen some delays following Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus early last year. Virtual reality fans were largely more than happy to wait as Oculus adjusted its strategy to take advantage of the new resources that joining Facebook offered, but while Oculus was keeping quiet in the lab another compelling competitor in the virtual reality space emerged: Valve.

Read the whole story here.
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