MTBS3D Miraisens has developed a type of haptics device that mimics sensations. Interview from @WEST_Conf. #WESTConf #VR
MTBS3D The @MushroomBallVR Kickstarter is LIVE! It was very popular @GetImmersed & have planned support for #OculusRift #VR
MTBS3D RT @Laura_Canada: Fantastic coverage of @voidvr via @MTBS3D
MTBS3D Kharis O'Connor's talk on Guiding Principles For Immersive User Interfaces. @IsHumanCo @rmtwrkr #VR #Immersed2015
MTBS3D .@Crytek Releases Robinson: The Journey Trailer
MTBS3D Crash a car and learn something with @_fin_design!

MTBS-TV: Interview With Sensio at CES 2015

Neil Schneider interviews Richard Laberge, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder of Sensio Technologies guessed it...stereoscopic 3D content on 3D HDTVs!  Richard talks about their 3D GO service and how to get content on your favorite 3D televisions.
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MTBS-TV: Interview With Faceshift at CES 2015

Neil Schneider interviews Faceshift about their new consumer-grade face tracking technology.  Very cool stuff!
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MTBS-TV: Intel at CES 2015

Neil Schneider interviews Anil Nanduri from Intel about their latest RealSense camera applications. It was a tough shoot because of the crowds and exhibit design, but the games and applications were a lot of fun!
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