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Certification Categories

M3GA is completely dynamic and adjusts according to the S-3D game quality results members submit.  M3GA certification results are then further adjusted according to how many submissions are done for each title, and the differences - if any - between gaming experiences.

This document explains the general requirements for each certification level.



native logonative logo

The game and/or game engine supports MTBS industry acknowledged hardware solutions natively.  Examples of this including passing an exact left and right image to the display, or the game developer passing the exact left and right image to the driver, which is then sent to the display.  Game engines that are "optimized" for stereoscopic 3D gaming, but are still based on the driver translating the 3D experience are not considered native (e.g. Unreal Engine).

DDD is not listed in this category because they do not make display hardware, and don't currently have a native support option.  This is a manually entered M3GA result as there are only a handful of titles that support this, and status needs to be properly confirmed.


DDD PlatinumiZ3D PlatinumNVIDIA Platinum

Platinum is the highest grade possible for a driver based solution.  The game can be played with maximum "eye candy" settings and there are no discernable artifacts or anomalies when played in a combined depth and pop-out experience as described in MTBS' Stereoscopic 3D Settings Guide.

Some driver developers force certain eye candy settings off, despite what is adjusted in the game.  This would not qualify for a Platinum grade.


DDD Gold Logo  iZ3D Gold LogoNVIDIA Gold Logo
The game can be played with a combined depth and pop-out experience and there are no visual anomalies.  However, the game does require one or more "eye candy" settings to be turned off (e.g. bloom, HDR lighting, field of view, glow, etc.).  Drivers that forcably turn game settings off would fall in this category as well.  For example, shadows that are turned on in the game, but don't actually appear in stereoscopic 3D mode.


DDD Silver Logo iZ3D Silver LogoNVIDIA Silver Logo
While the game can be played with a combined depth and pop-out experience, some non-critical visual anomalies remain.  The game may or may not require one or more "eye candy" settings to be turned off (e.g. bloom, HDR lighting, field of view, glow, etc.).


DDD Bronze LogoiZ3D Bronze LogoNVIDIA Bronze Logo
This is the lowest certification grade possible.  The game can only be played in a "depth only" situation because it will otherwise be plagued by critical anomalies and visual errors.  The game may or may not require one or more "eye candy" settings to be turned off (e.g. bloom, HDR lighting, field of view, glow, etc.) as well.

When games fail to meet minimum criteria or have critical grade anomalies that can't be removed under any circumstances, they are deemed "UNCERTIFIED".  Many games can earn this ranking, and still be deemed playable by gamers.