The Fantasy 3D Review - Conclusion


I realize that this is an odd review to write for a 3D gaming site, but the fact is we are all getting a little older, some of us have kids, and it’s good to break away from the computers for awhile and disappear. We would have disappeared longer if we could!

Disney Send-off PartyDisney has a reputation for being more expensive than the other cruise lines, but they have a good thing going. We did a cursory search of competitive cruise lines when we got back, and Disney rooms tend to be bigger, their entertainment is branded with familiar characters that kids know, and you really have peace of mind that people of all ages will have a good time on the cruise. I would go so far as to say that instead of being an add-on service to appease kids, the Fantasy is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of children so that the adults can enjoy their vacation even more.

Trip complete!Cruising offers the convenience of having all the food and entertainment you will ever need just steps away, every day offers a change of scenery and port, and it’s a fun way to explore the world! The Fantasy meets these needs with the added magic of Disney.