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Oscar in 3D: Creative talent discusses impact of the third dimension

Oscar in 3D: Creative talent discusses impact of the third dimension

By Andreas Fuchs

“When you sit in the theatre, you are, like, inside the screen. This is what I feel, what I see. This is it.”

Backstage at the 84th annual Academy Awards, Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti defined the takeaway topic for this year’s FJI report from Hollywood. With five Oscars honoring the technical and creative accomplishments of Hugo, talk of the third dimension was abundant, from press room to podiums and panel discussions. Even Wolfgang Puck’s always delicious treats displayed particular depth this year.

The signature dessert presented the Golden Boy propped up on an all-chocolate stage, atop white chocolate-covered mousse stairs augmented by a klieg light. A slightly red and green tint hinted at a visual surprise—even before guests received a pair of anaglyph glasses.

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