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MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: On #Oculus for the 1st time, #PaulMcCartney by @jauntvr this weekend,ONLY at Immersed! #VR #AR http…
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MTBS3D Remember #Bleen? Prof. Michael Page from @OCAD joins Futurists panel at @GetImmersed! #Holography exhibit too! #VR
MTBS3D See him on #Oculus FIRST at @jauntvr booth this weekend ONLY at @GetImmersed! #PaulMcCartney #liveandletlive #VR #AR
MTBS3D On #Oculus for the first time, #PaulMcCartney by @jauntvr this weekend, ONLY at @GetImmersed! #VR #AR #OculusRift
MTBS3D “@vfxtrainer: @StarFire2258 from the tweets via @MTBS3D, seems like the place to be for #virtualreality #imintheWrongCountry” Thanks! :)
MTBS3D .@StarFire2258 @GetImmersed It's awesome! Lots of creative minds in Canada. We are going to have an amazing show!
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MTBS3D .@VRvalley @yezzer I didn't see the email, but Neil said it was ridiculous & basically answered nothing.

Is Creating Ads For 3D Technology Worth It?

Is Creating Ads For 3D Technology Worth It?

This guest article is written by James Stewart who is a director at Geneva Film Co. in Toronto. When not directing "flatties" he's knee deep in the next dimension of advertising.

To 3D or not to 3D? That is the question. Agencies and brands alike continue to second-guess this ever-growing technology as though it was the new Betamax of the digital age. Is it really worth the production complexity and added expense? Will a large enough audience stand in awe of your creation's visual splendor to make it worth your while? The answer is quickly becoming a resounding 'YES'.

Let's face it, 3D is no longer an experience reserved solely for the latest state of the art cinemas. Digital 3D is everywhere. Flat-screen TV's, laptops, tablets, even smartphones like HTC's Evo 3D and LG's 3D Thrill are taking the 3D experience out of the theatre and putting it in the palm of your hand. And, with the advent of autostereoscopic technology (read: glasses-free), gone are the clunky Orbison-like lenses allowing instead for beautiful, full-color, hyper-crisp 3D to be viewed with the naked eye.

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