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MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: On #Oculus for the 1st time, #PaulMcCartney by @jauntvr this weekend,ONLY at Immersed! #VR #AR http…
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MTBS3D Remember #Bleen? Prof. Michael Page from @OCAD joins Futurists panel at @GetImmersed! #Holography exhibit too! #VR
MTBS3D See him on #Oculus FIRST at @jauntvr booth this weekend ONLY at @GetImmersed! #PaulMcCartney #liveandletlive #VR #AR
MTBS3D On #Oculus for the first time, #PaulMcCartney by @jauntvr this weekend, ONLY at @GetImmersed! #VR #AR #OculusRift
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3D Gaming Leaders Gather at OCE’s Discovery 11

3D Gaming’s Future Weighed & Shaped at Conference, Big Blue Bubble Joins S3DGA

Toronto, Ontario (May 5th, 2011) – Featuring top representation from Sony, AMD, Nvidia, Dynamic Digital Depth, Autodesk, Big Blue Bubble and more, The S-3D Gaming Alliance is pleased to announce the 3D gaming panel and presentations taking place at the upcoming Discovery 11 conference.  Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on May 18th and 19th, OCE’s Discovery was named as Canada’s Best Trade Show and  is the country’s  leading innovation-to-commercialization conference.  Hosted by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Discovery 11 brings together key players from industry, academia, government, the investment community as well as entrepreneurs and students to pursue collaboration opportunities.

“I'm looking forward to speaking at Discovery 11.  This is such a unique opportunity to get an overview of the current state of 3D technology and discuss the future of 3D with other industry experts," said Damir Slogar, CEO of Big Blue Bubble

U-Decide 2011

According to the 2011 U-Decide Initiative, 80% of gamers that don’t yet own 3D equipment are willing to play video games while wearing 3D glasses, and 92% are willing to do so with a glasses-free solution.  In addition to being neck and neck with 3D Blu-Ray movies, 3D gaming has a clear advantage for technology enablers looking to reach the early adopters.  According to DisplaySearch, 3D is expected to account for 50% of HDTV revenues by 2014 because it will be a standard feature in future sets.

“While everyone wants 3D gaming to take off, there are several opinions on how this will be accomplished.  With nearly all the industry players and competitors at the same table, this should be very informative for press and industry alike,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The S-3D Gaming Alliance, and moderator for the upcoming OCE Discovery 3D gaming panel.

In recognition of the growing importance of stereoscopic 3D gaming on mobile platforms like the Nintendo 3DS, 3D tablets, and 3D smart phones, S3DGA is also pleased to announce their latest member: Big Blue Bubble.

“S3DGA truly understands unique challenges of stereoscopic 3D gaming and by creating and defining standards helps both manufacturers and developers to deliver top quality 3D content to consumers. We are happy to be part of it”, Slogar said.

Big Blue Bubble is one of Canada's leading game developers, and has a direct interest in stereoscopic 3D gaming on console as well as mobile platforms. BBB has garnered numerous industry awards and accolades, but the true testament of their accomplishments can be seen through the success of their games - 60 titles distributed in over 100 countries.

There will also be an introductory presentation for iGO3D, an Ontario government funded initiative to research the most effective techniques in stereoscopic 3D game development.  Attached organizations include the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, York University, the University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, the Ontario College of Arts and Design University (OCADU) and George Brown College. Industry partners include The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), Electronic Arts Canada, Bedlam Games, Big Blue Bubble, Digital Extremes, Interactive Ontario and Junction VFX.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance is the official voice and standards body for stereoscopic 3D gaming.  As a non-profit organization, S3DGA provides for standards discussions, consumer promotion, education, and awareness. Its membership is comprised of organizations and individuals with an interest in developing S-3D hardware and software solutions. Visit for more information about the alliance and its upcoming meetings.

To learn more about OCE Discovery, please visit

OCE Discovery Contact:

Denny Allen,
Denny Allen Media Relations
Tel. 416 992 6621
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance Contact:
Carol Warren
Crew Communications
Tel. 714-890-4500