NVIDIA, Blitz Games Studios, iZ3D at GDC!

Looks like the Game Developers’ Conference is going to be an S-3D Ring Circus (as opposed to a three ring circus - get it?)

First, NVIDIA is hosting a sponsored event to educate game developers about how to best program their titles for stereoscopic 3D on the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Solution.

This session will present an overview of Stereoscopic graphic technology, and cover the common pitfalls and solutions a developer needs to be aware of to ensure that their content will create a compelling 3D experience. Topics to be covered include: achieving out of screen effects, displaying 3D video content, and how to design a 3D friendly user interface. Looks like NVIDIA nabbed a 3D projector because they promise live demonstrations as well. Samuel Gateau, NVIDIA Engineer and member of the Developer Technology group will be the presenter.

Blitz Games Studios is having their own summary presentation for stereoscopic 3D with a strong focus on console S-3D gaming. Presented by Andrew Oliver, Chief Technology Officer, and Aaron Allport, R&D Manager for Blitz Games Studios, visitors should walk away with:
  • An overview of the technology and the 3D displays available.
  • Difficulties facing 3D game development – technical constraints and design considerations.
  • Overcoming misconceptions of 3D technology and baggage of old 3D.
  • The upsides of a 3D gaming experience.
  • Tips & tricks to enable regular games PS3 and X360 to play in Stereoscopic 3D.
  • Stereoscopic 3D gaming is a reality and offers incredible potential for a wide range of games.

    At their exhibit, iZ3D will convert what few 2D non-believers are left by showing a game in 2D, in red/blue anaglyph, and finally on their modern 22" stereoscopic 3D monitor solution. MTBS has reason to believe that there will be additional stories shared at GDC from the iZ3D team.
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  • Viewmaster History, M3GA Update!

    Special thanks to Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research for another great MTBS contribution.

    If you have been reading MTBS’ interviews, we are sure you will notice that many industry leaders bring up the Viewmaster as their first introduction to stereoscopic 3D or true 3D technology. Unfortunately, in December of 2008, Fisher-Price has stopped manufacturing them. Jon was kind enough to give us a Viewmaster history lesson- very interesting!

    MTBS’ 3D Game Analyzer (M3GA) has been updated again. Thanks to Yuriy Niksych (Yuriythebest) for another M3GA update. He fixed some minor bugs and added text wrap to the computer specifications section. We have been getting some feedback that the color scheme could be more comfortable. Please share your color scheme recommendations in our discussion forums.

    We are grateful to our members for sharing their feedback about MTBS’ 3D Game Analyzer. Please keep up the good work!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! May you find 3D glasses in your box of Lucky Charms! ;=)
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    FMX/09, M3GA, Vote on Engadget!

    MTBS is proud to announce that we will be doing a special presentation at FMX/09 - Europe’s equivalent to SIGGRAPH. Taking place in Stuttgart, Germany, we will be discussing modern S-3D solutions, sharing some unpublicized results from the U-DECIDE Initiative, and talking about the industry’s future.

    Additional S-3D related speakers include Robert Neuman, Stereoscopic Supervisor for Disney, David James, Production Designer at Dreamworks, Brian Van’t Hul, Coraline VFX Supervisor, and many more. MTBS has a lot of European members, and we hope to see you there!

    "iZ3D has taken a look at M3GA, and we’re really liking the idea. I think this will help out new 3D users, as well as stereoscopic driver makers like ourselves." - Aaron Rapp, Marketing Manager for iZ3D Inc.

    Looks like MTBS’ 3D Game Analyzer (M3GA) is getting well received. Please share your scores in our forums and submit any feedback and ideas you have as you use the program. We have big plans for this, and the first step is to calibrate our scoring with member feedback. For now, M3GA has had some updates including a sharper name (thanks Ragedemon!), some scoring corrections, and clearer text.

    MTBS’ 3D Game Analyzer is designed to be non-proprietary. It works with all driver solutions including iZ3D, NVIDIA, DDD (in generic form), and more. Just select M3GA from the main menu to access it directly.

    Speaking of iZ3D, their 3D monitor is up for a 2008 Engadget Award! Share your votes and help put stereoscopic 3D gaming on the map. Next year, I wouldn’t be surprised with NVIDIA and iZ3D both make the list.
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