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MTBS3D We spoke w/@ImmerVision at @CES. They make 360 panamorph lenses for several leading 360 camera systems. #CES2017
MTBS3D We spoke w/@ImmerVision at @CES. They make 360 panamorph lenses for several leading 360 camera systems. #CES2017
MTBS3D We spoke to Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer for @SamsungCanada at @CES. #CES2017 #GearVR #Oculus #VR
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Battlefield 3 Patched With Stereoscopic 3D Support

Battlefield 3 Patched With Native 3D Support...sort of.

Battlefield 3 got patched today with stereoscopic 3D support featuring native support for AMD's HD3D and Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision implementations.  Based on preliminary testing, the game has mixed results that feature reversed images, post processing effects that only appear in one of two views, and depth only 3D settings.
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Christmas comes early for MTBS' Lab!

ASUS VG278 and Sony 3D Display (w/Simulview)

Christmas came early for the MTBS team!  Special thanks to Nvidia and Sony for sending their latest dispays for testing and review.  The Asus VG278 includes Nvidia's 3D Vision 2 Glasses which are touted as being brighter and higher quality than their predecessors.  The Sony 3D Display (CECH-ZEG1U)) features Simulviiew technology that allows two gamers to play simultaneously on the same screen with completely independent viewpoints.  This we have to see!
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sView 2011 Alpha Relleased

sView Alpha

Last week, we ran a review of the Samsung S23A750D 3D monitor, and explained that getting side by side pictures to work required extra effort than normal.  Kirill Gavrilov, author of the sView player, heard our call and added HD3D support to his program.  This freeware program features all kinds of stereoscopic 3D support for images and movies, and features works with most displays supported by Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision, AMD HD3D, and more.
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