MTBS3D Join Neil & his 1st Officer in his Messy Basement reviewing #StarTrekBridgeCrew from @UbisoftCanada! #VR #StarTrek
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: I predict Gran Turismo Sport will be a killer app for PSVR. The racing is very good and the content is deep @PlayStation
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Cool! I was able to get an RSVP for PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport this morning. @PlayStation #E32107 @MTBS3D #VR http…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Forza 7 looks really good, especially on a really big screen and fancy motion rig! @ForzaMotorsport @MTBS3D #E32017 https…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: MotoGP17 and F12017 look good, but no VR support on launch @SquareEnix @MTBS3D #E32017
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: New TS-XW Racer with Sparco rim running Project Cars 2 in VR! @TMThrustmaster @MTBS3D #E32017 #VR
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Awesome Motion Platform V3 driving rig and F1GT seats from Next Level Racing! @nextlvlracing @MTBS3D #E32107
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Project Cars 2 in #VR with motion rig - yesterday the demo setup had huge triples in addition to the Oculus @BandaiNamcoU
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Bethesda VR showing Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Doom with PC and PSVR @bethesda @MTBS3D #E32017 #VR
MTBS3D How many #VR lawsuits are there currently in the courts? #Oculus #Zenimax #UploadVR #Samsung #TechnoView

Zalman Makes an Appearance at CES 2012!

Zalman Logo

This was one of our coolest finds at CES 2012!  We hadn't heard anything on the 3D front for Zalman for some time, and we were pleasantly surprised when we sampled their exhibit.
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MTBS' CES Coverage Continues With Panasonic!

Panasonic's CES 2012 Exhibit

Yes, we still have more to share from CES 2012!  This time around, Kris Roberts talks to Greg Lee, Product Training Manager for Panasonic.  Greg talks about their latest round of stereoscopic 3D HDTVs, projectors, and cameras.
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Sensics Shows Off New HMD at CES 2012

Jason Kaplan, VP Business Development, Sensics

...And now for something completely different!  Kris Roberts got a great interview with Jason Kaplan, VP of Business Development for Sensics.
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