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MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference this week & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
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Nintendo 3DS Review, NEXT3D

Nintendo 3DS

MTBS is pleased to reveal our in-depth review of the Nintendo 3DS!  Special thanks to Andres Hernandez for putting this together.  In addition to the standard hardware review, this article features stereoscopic 3D videos, pictures, and tests not included elsewhere.
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DDD Releases TriDef 4.5 Drivers!

DDD TriDef 4.5 Logo

DDD has released version 4.5 of their TriDef Experience stereoscopic 3D drivers.  Core changes include:
  • Existing game profile improvements.
  • New game profiles (e.g. DragonAge II, Bulletstorm, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, etc.).
  • Hotkey toggle for Virtual 3D Mode (alternative 2D+depth functionality)
  • Cosmetic improvements for ease of use.
Updated stereoscopic 3D drivers are supposed to happen in threes, so we will have to wait and see what iZ3D has cooking.  They are currently promising two separate beta drivers.  One that features new game profiles, and a separate new architecture that is supposed to work with LCD shutter glasses beyond the confines of AMD HD3D.  Time will tell!
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Ramifications of Nvidia's GeForce 270.51 Drivers

Nvidia has (finally) released their GeForce 270.51 drivers.  This is actually a big deal because in addition to offering several new game profiles, they have implemented a "windowed mode" as well.

Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Drivers

Up until now, Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision shutter glasses couldn't show 3D in a window unless the user had one of those super-expensive Quadro graphics cards (for professional use).  This was a major handicap for Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision users wanting to watch 3D videos on websites like YouTube3D.
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