MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Thanks @tomshardware & @pumcypuhoy on the article about @BasemarkLtd joining the ITA! #VR #Basemark #ITA
MTBS3D RT @BasemarkLtd: Press Release: @BasemarkLtd Joins The Immersive Technology Alliance (@official_ita3d) -
MTBS3D Check out 'What's Under The Hood' #VR panel from #CES2016 moderated by @alexbdavies!
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: .@alexbdavies did a great interview on @tomshardware with @AMD's Director of VR & ITA's #VRCouncil Chair! #AMD #VR http…
MTBS3D Great interview by @alexbdavies with Daryl Sartain!

MTBS-TV: DXG Talks 3D Camcorders at CES 2011

DXG 3D Camcorder

3D camcorders were all the rage at CES 2011, and the trend continues.  Today, we have an interview with Paul Goldberg, VP of Sales and Marketing for DXG!
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Auto-stereoscopic 3D Tech For $5

MTBS' Cybereality Explains Glasses-Free 3D

While tech giants like MasterImage 3D, LG Electronics, Sony, Toshiba and more are finding ways to bring glasses free 3D to consumers, our own Cybereality has devised a method for gamers to do this at home...for $5!
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MTBS-TV: Sony 3D Cameras & Head Mounted Display!

Amy Koppman (Sony) with 3D Bloggie Camera

Today we are doubling up the CES 2011 videos with two interviews from our visit to Sony's CES 2011 exhibit!
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