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Anti-3D Foolishness Going Around

Just wanted to point out the anti-3D foolishness circulating the web!

A pseudo-study by The Wrap is showing a graph of the revenue takes of recent 3D movies to try and demonstrate a trend of dropping ticket sales.  What they failed to mention is that the number of 3D screens in each film is very different, and there is serious competition now for movie makers to get their hands on 3D exhibition space for 3D films.

We can't speak to "How to Train Your Dragon".  Our data shows that it was played in 2,150 capable 3D theaters out of 4,060 locations.  We know they had to share 3D screens with Alice in Wonderland, so our data is foggy at best.  We will try to tighten this up.

Pseudo-Analysis by The Wrap

In the above graph, Toy Story 3 is shown to only collect 60% of its revenue from 3D movie screenings.  Toy Story 3 was shown on 7,058 screens: 3,200 3D, 3,858 2D.  3,200 screens may sound like an impressive number, but they only account for 2,463 sites out of 4,028 (there is more than one screen per site).  A lot of places still don't have 3D screens.
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Letter to Pac-Man

Walter Day is the founder of Twin Galaxies.  Twin Galaxies is a professional video game record keeper, and they have done work with the likes of the Guinness Book of World Records.  If there is a professional gaming tournament, Walter and his team are usually the ones acting as the referee to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Letter to Pac-Man

Walter sent us a copy of a letter written to Pac-Man by  Ed Malloy, the Mayor of Fairfield, Iowa, in celebration of the yellow guy's 30th birthday!  While it's not quite 3D related (though there have been volumetric 3D versions of Pac-Man released), we thought you would get a kick out of it!
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S3DGA Featured in TG Daily!


Sometimes it pays to write your congressman!  TG Daily has been following stereoscopic 3D gaming pretty closely, and they ran a story the other day questioning whether or not the tech is a fad.  We are excited to see that what started as a friendly follow-up email became a positive story!  Thanks TG Daily for letting The S-3D Gaming Alliance's opinions be heard.
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