MTBS3D Miraisens has developed a type of haptics device that mimics sensations. Interview from @WEST_Conf. #WESTConf #VR
MTBS3D The @MushroomBallVR Kickstarter is LIVE! It was very popular @GetImmersed & have planned support for #OculusRift #VR
MTBS3D RT @Laura_Canada: Fantastic coverage of @voidvr via @MTBS3D
MTBS3D Kharis O'Connor's talk on Guiding Principles For Immersive User Interfaces. @IsHumanCo @rmtwrkr #VR #Immersed2015
MTBS3D .@Crytek Releases Robinson: The Journey Trailer
MTBS3D Crash a car and learn something with @_fin_design!

Is Lucidcam a New 3D Contender?

Everyone who knows MTBS knows we have strong roots in stereoscopic 3D content and gaming. A great frustration of ours is that convenient stereoscopic 3D photography came and went. In fact, we recently thought we lost our camera and feared it marked the end of an era because a replacement would have been too cost prohibitive. Fortunately, we found our 3D camera! Sorry, but we have no plans to run around CES with a cumbersome rig where we would be the center of attention instead of our interviewees!
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All About Planetariums!

The Planet-Terium!
This interview turned out to be a great way to finish off our coverage of SIGGRAPH 2015 (yeah, it took awhile - we know!).  Ed Lantz is the President and CEO of Vortex Immersion Media, and they are tops when it comes to building public immersive experiences and planetariums.  He was also the Co-Chair of the SIGGRAPH VR Village.  Take it away Ed!
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MushroomBallVR Kickstarter, New Haptics Tech!

Two stories to share today!

First, MushroomBallVR is a new platform game being put out by VitruviousVR and their Kickstarter is LIVE!  Their exhibit was very popular at Immersed 2015 and they already have planned support for the Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni.  Looks like a lot of fun!

Miraseins Logo
Next up, Miraisens is developing a force-feedback haptics technology that doesn't require a firm table as its base.  Instead, they use the magic of vibrations to fool your brain into thinking your hands are being pushed in a specific direction.  Their CEO explains it best during our interview at WEST 2015.
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