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Samsung's Project Beyond Enters the 360-Degree Ring!

So the word is out!  The Samsung Developer Conference has revealed that they have developed a 360-degree stereoscopic 3D camera system ("Project Beyond") complete with streaming functionality in full HD form.

According to Samsung, they have a series of these cameras running all over California and from their presentation stage as well.

360-degree 3D image capture seems to be the new territory everyone is fighing for to supplement HMD solutions on mobile and desktop.  No word on price or quality yet, but similar to technologies by Jaunt and NextVR, this is a crtiical step in helping make sure there is enough VR-Ready content to sustain and grow the industry long term.  Good stuff!
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South Park Going VR Tonight!

Butters With the Oculus Rift (DK13.5)All we can say is this better be frigg'n good!  South Park is having a special VR episode tonight on Comedey Central, right down to the worst rendering of the Oculus Rift we have ever seen.

What makes the show work is each episide is usually thought up, produced, and broadcast within a week.  This is how it stays current with the latest news events, and we are certain the writers have plenty of material to work with when it comes to VR!

So respect our "authoritah", and tune in!
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Get the FOVE Specs at MTBS First!

Sorry for not reporting too much news on MTBS lately.  We've been very busy putting the Immersed conference together.  Less than two weeks to go before the show takes place, so get yourself registered!

For those unfamiliar, FOVE (born from "fovea") is a new HMD that is being developed in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program. What makes this product unique is it's being designed from the ground up to have eye tracking by default. Eye tracking is important because it lets developers make characters seem like they can stare right back at you, or when dealing with super high resolution panels, "foveated rendering" means you only have to have high resolution pixel counts rendered directly where you are looking so computer power isn't wasted on space you can't see. This would effectively save a lot of processing time and enable VR rendering and super low latency which would be far more difficult otherwise.
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