GRUSH Your Teeth!

OK.  This has nothing to do with VR or immersive technology.  Absolutely nothing.  However, it's still very cool and innovative.

Ethan Schur was formerly Chief Marketing Officer for TDVision Corp. which made codecs for 3D distribution and...believe it or not...had ambitions in the VR HMD space several years ago.  He has rediscovered his entrepreneurial roots, and is now the COO for a new product called Grush.

Grush is a children's toothbrush with a built in motion tracker.  When combined with mobile app games, it tells parents and their cavity fighting kids how good a job they are doing by showing what they are brushing and missing in a fun way.  They are working to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo, and we wish them well!

Back to the VR beat, Kris Roberts has part I of MTBS' Oculus VR GDC coverage today.
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Level Up Happens This Friday!

It's that time again!  Each year, nearly all the universities in Ontario which have a game development program get together under one roof to showcase their students' latest work.  It's a great opportunity for young minds to meet with future industry employers and, more importantly, to have a blast!

Some of the big name sponsors this year include Ubisoft. Autodesk, Microsoft, Razer, AMD, Unity, and countless more.  Speaking of big name sponsors, AMD is contributing twelve video game prize packs; so that alone is going to make this event lots of fun!

Learn more at the Level Up! Gaming Showcase website.  While The University of Ontario Institute of Technology will definitely be there wth some immersive technology to show, other schools featured include Sheridan, OCAD University, University of Toronto, and more.
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Tobii Technology Only Has Eyes For You at GDC!

If you don't have a 3D display, choose "no glasses" and "left image only" in the YouTube 3D viewing options.

The above is just a demo of Tobii Technology.  We also have a full interview with Carl Korobkin, their VP of Business Development.  For those unfamiliar, Tobii Technology makes eye tracking peripherals which are starting to make waves in the video game space.  Lots of fun!
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