AWESOME Sixense Lightsaber Demo!


Someone at MTBS clearly knows the ways of the force...

We have several great interviews from SIGGRAPH 2014, and the Global SIGGRAPH VR Meetup was a HUGE success.  Keep coming back!
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AMD Shows Morpheus on PC at SIGGRAPH 2014

Now this is a really cool interview!  Emmanuel Marquez, Senior Manager at AMD, talks about how they got Sony Morpheus to run on PC.  Is there potential for Morpheus to run on PC for everyone else???  Watch the interview and judge for yourself...
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Emotional Response Transmission at SIGGRAPH!

This image is uniquely appropriate today!Today we have a very interesting interview with Emilio Vavarella from SIGGRAPH's art gallery.  He talks about his invention that lets you transmit an emotional response (smiles, frowns, grimaces, etc.) from a computer to your face.  It's just art, but what he shares has siginficant ramifcations for the VR world.  See what you think!
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