First Reports Back From Level Up!

There is still a lot more from GDC + we have some new stuff from the recently held Level Up! Student Games Showcase.

We start the Level Up! coverage by interviewing Dr. Andrew Hogue from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Steven Engels from the University of Toronto.  Lots of fun!

NOTE: Andrew and Steve weren't the only organizers.  It was a pretty big team, and other notable names include Emma Westecott from OCADU and Kolden Simmons from Phoenix Mobility.
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Qualcomm's Vuforia, More Oculus VR at GDC

This was actually one of the cooler things we saw at GDC this year. Vuforia is Qualcomm's platform to make augmented reality work on smartphones and tablets.  The demo below pretty much tells you everything you need to know...
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GRUSH Your Teeth!

OK.  This has nothing to do with VR or immersive technology.  Absolutely nothing.  However, it's still very cool and innovative.

Ethan Schur was formerly Chief Marketing Officer for TDVision Corp. which made codecs for 3D distribution and...believe it or not...had ambitions in the VR HMD space several years ago.  He has rediscovered his entrepreneurial roots, and is now the COO for a new product called Grush.

Grush is a children's toothbrush with a built in motion tracker.  When combined with mobile app games, it tells parents and their cavity fighting kids how good a job they are doing by showing what they are brushing and missing in a fun way.  They are working to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo, and we wish them well!

Back to the VR beat, Kris Roberts has part I of MTBS' Oculus VR GDC coverage today.
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