MTBS3D EARLY BIRD TICKETS SOLD OUT for @IMMERSEDEUROPE! @im360 just added to the speakers list! #immersed #VR #AR #360video
MTBS3D RT @nDreamsVR: We've just added a bunch of screenshots to #TheAssemblyVR's board on @Pinterest - more here: http://…
MTBS3D "It's great to see this type of event in the heart of Europe." - Simon Benson #immersed #Sony #projectmorpheus #VR
MTBS3D Sony and Google's Project Tango at Immersed Europe! #immersed #Sony #Google #VR #AR #3D
MTBS3D Simon Benson of #Sony is @IMMERSEDEUROPE keynote! His team was instrumental in creating #ProjectMorpheus! #immersed
MTBS3D Check out our cyberpunk interview with John Ho, Program Manager at eMagin! #eMagin #Cyberpunk #VR #virtualreality
MTBS3D RT @Vireio: Vireio Perception has much improved ATW! #vireio #VR #AR
MTBS3D RT @VRFocus: .@IMMERSEDEUROPE Reveals Four New Speakers For Conference
MTBS3D Virtual and Augmented Reality takes Center Stage at Immersed Europe Conference! #immersed #VR #AR #Wearables
MTBS3D RT @CubicleNinjas: Is your business considering #virtualreality? It's time to raise the bar & dream big with #VR. ht…
MTBS3D RT @realovirtualcom: Nuevos ponentes para @IMMERSEDEUROPE: Epic Games, Sphericam e InMediaStudio, el 3 y 4 de septiembre en Murcia http://t…
MTBS3D RT @inmediastudio: Confirmado JL. Navarro, CEO de inMediaStudio, como ponente en @IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @inmediastudio: JL.Navarro, CEO, inMediaStudio will be talking about VR contents at @IMMERSEDEUROPE #VR #IMMERSEDEUROPE
MTBS3D RT @Hardwareupdate9: Immersed Europe VR, AR Conference Scheduled For Sept 3-4, Tom's Hardware ... - Tom's Hardware
MTBS3D RT @WingedMinds: ¡Ya nos hemos apuntado!
MTBS3D RT @soyflyerboy: ¡Ya tenemos nuestras entradas! @IMMERSEDEUROPE Nos ha selecionado para la mesa de #Kickstarter
MTBS3D RT @K_Samantha1: Who going to @IMMERSEDEUROPE?

Vireio Perception...With DirectX 11 Output

Far Cry 3 DirectX 11 on Vireio Perception
OK!  Before you get excited (ok, you can still get excited), this isn't a true stereoscopic 3D rendering and there is much work that is left to be done.  HOWEVER, this is definitive proof that the DirectX 11 (DirectX 10 as well) architecture is installed and working.

For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception are free and open source drivers that let you take existing games and play them in virtual reality when they weren't designed for that purpose.  They feature everything from direct game camera control to positional tracking.
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Immersed Europe Tickets Are on SALE!

Immersed Europe Logo

The Immersed Europe ticket sales page is LIVE.  Featuring a growing number of speakers and covering areas such as virtual and augmented reality, this is a reputable event featuring industry support from the likes of IGDA, TIGA, SIGGRAPH, Visual Effects Society, Tom's Hardware and more (and more to come).

Additional speakers and sponsors are welcome.  We are also pleased to report the official participation of the government of Murcia, Spain as well as the University of Murcia.

The original Immersed event in Toronto resulted in ample media coverage, government trade missions, new business relationships with blue chip companies, and opportunities for vendors they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. It’s Europe’s turn.

There are a limited number of early bird tickets available for 249 €, and when those are used up, there is another temporary code that takes 75 € off the price ("ImmerseMeEurope").  Our media and organizational partners will also be offering discount programs - watch for them!
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Vicarious Joins The Alliance

Vicarious VR Logo
“After a great experience speaking at ITA’s meeting during GDC, I decided our new company, Vicarious, should join the ITA for the high quality connections and information it provides members.” – Alex Chu, Co-Founder of Vicarious

Prior to starting his own company, Alex was the former Head of Design at Samsung Research in Dallas where Alex helped create Gear VR and designed Milk VR.  He also spoke at the ITA’s annual meeting during GDC.

Vicarious is a VR magazine platform that allows immersive storytelling through new and legacy media formats.  Their "design-forward" platform and tools put the spotlight on creator content, allowing them to freely express themselves in VR without worrying about the technical challenges of development.  Looking forward to seeing this in action.  Welcome to the alliance!
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