MTBS3D Miraisens has developed a type of haptics device that mimics sensations. Interview from @WEST_Conf. #WESTConf #VR
MTBS3D The @MushroomBallVR Kickstarter is LIVE! It was very popular @GetImmersed & have planned support for #OculusRift #VR
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Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island is ONLINE!

Easily one of the biggest hits at GDC 2015, Back to Dinosaur Island was Crytek's way of showing they have the chops for virtual reality.  Oculus Rift DK2 users will be pleased to know that the demo has been made available for free on Steam.  The only caveat is the specs list Oculus' 0.7 SDK which is a few versions out of date and may hinder compatibility for some users.  Give it a try!
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Be Godzilla! ROARRRRR!!!

OK!  These guys cheated in a big way, so don't try this at home, kids!  A hybrid of an Oculus Rift DK2 mixed with external professional grade motion capture technology (Vicon infrared cameras) made it possible to be Godzilla in this really cool looking VR demo.  BAH!  Forget the's cool!
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NextVR Raises $30.5 and Victory is Sweet

NextVR Co-Founders David Cole (left) and DJ Roller (Right)
NextVR specializes in virtual reality camera rigs and broadcast services, and they were recently awarded $30.5 million in Class A funding from the likes of Time Warner Investments, Comcast Ventures, Peter Guber, RSE Ventures, The Madison Square Garden Company, and Dick Clark Productions.

Few realize that it's partly because of NextVR that The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance and eventually the Immersive Technology Alliance got launched. Many moons ago, NextVR was Next3D, and they specialized in stereoscopic 3D distribution codecs and streaming services. One of their inventions was a method for making it possible to record stereoscopic 3D content on a standard BluRay, and making it possible for that 3D content to be played back on a 3D HDTV without having to use an actual 3D BluRay player. This wasn't a side by side cheat; it was a unique format. From what I remember, it wasn't perfect or as good as what modern stereoscopic 3D images would later offer, but it had potential as a way to easily roll out content to retail before the format wars could be settled.
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