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Immersed Program Revealed!

New Deal Studios at work!We were told it couldn't be done; that it would be too difficult to get the industry's best to fly in to Toronto and really demonstrate that the immersive industry has legs to build on.  Today, we are revealing the interim program for Immersed, the industry-building conference for technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

New Deal Studios, Secret Location, Next Galaxy (CEEK, CEEKARS), Jaunt, AMD, Nvidia, The Khronos Group, Gaeta, Zargarpour - the list goes on and on and on.  The investment community, media, and industry will all be there.  Anyone and everyone who is serious about this space and is working to grow an industry will be there.
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The Most Interesting Man in the World Indeed!

Most Interesting Man in the World
This is EASILY the most interesting story we've seen in awhile.  Mashable reports that the Dos Equis icon The Most Interesting Man in the World played by actor Jonathan Goldsmith is the lead role in a new Oculus Rift VR "experience".  Developed by the VR mavins at Dos Equis, it will be on display at the bar for festival attendees in the Southwest this week.  The three-minute ad turns you into an attendee of a chi-chi party in which you, the viewer, are seated in a well-appointed living room waiting for our favorite guest of honor to show.

Similar to real life, a few women flirt with you, a leopard enters the room, and guessed it...the most interesting man in the world starts to talk to you.  YOU!  It turns out that YOU are the guest of honor.

The MTBS team is a HUGE fan of the Dos Equis campaigns.  We don't always drink beer, but when we's virtual! ;-)
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Virtualize Conference Details

Virtualize Conference
Jon Peddie Research, one of the foremost analyst groups in the world, is hosting the Virtualize conference on October 30th.  Leading companies attached include AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Dell, and more.

This event has little to do with Virtual Reality, but the technologies discussed will likely impact VR in the not too distant future; especially how VR content could be distributed through the cloud one day (provided they can get that #(*&(#% latency down!) and how AAA game developers coordinate their development efforts.  Check out the speaker list!

MTBS was at JPR's SIGGRAPH 2014 event, and it was very, very interesting.  This is on a much bigger scale, of course!
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