Technical Illusions, The ITA on Develop-Online

Technical Illusions is up at bat from GDC 2014.  Brian Bruning, their VP of Business Development, talks about their latest castAR glasses revision, plans for the future, and opens up about The Immersive Technology Alliance.

We'd like to send out a special thanks to Develop-Online.Net who have been running a series of articles focused on Virtual Reality.  Today, they ran an interview about The Immersive Technology Alliance.  We've been receiving feedback that it's been perceived by some that the alliance is rushing a short-term standard when the text says otherwise.  A standard is just one part of a much bigger picture, and things have just begun.  The first and most important step is for the industry to talk amongst themselves - and we're getting there.
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MTBS Interviews Sulon Technologies

There is still more to go from GDC 2014!

Today, we have our interview with Sulon Technologies, makers of the upcoming "Cortex" HMD.  A mix of augmented and virtual reality, this proof of concept prototype is the precursor to a product they are looking to release by the end of 2014.
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Mirza Gets All Leap Motion at Level Up!

Today we have our interview with Mirza Beig.  Check out his game Retroid mixed with the Leap Motion.

Mirza's innovation isn't just about the Leap Motion.  He has developed a novel mechanic that is directly connected to the music being played.  Lots of fun!
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