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MTBS3D Check out 'What's Under The Hood' #VR panel from #CES2016 moderated by @alexbdavies!
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MTBS3D Great interview by @alexbdavies with Daryl Sartain!

Part 2 of MTBS' AMD Interview at CES 2016

AMD Logo
Today we've got part two of our interview with AMD at CES 2016.  Robert Hallock, Technical Marketing Manager for AMD, showcases a new Razer peripheral that makes is possible to connect an external GPU to your notebook computer to bring it up to desktop levels.  This has great potential for virtual reality and gamers that are not yet prepared to buy a portable computer promoted as VR Ready.  We're wondering if this could represent a potential cost savings as well for superior graphics power.
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Entire Processing Industry on ONE Panel!

VR Fest ITA What's Under the Hood Panel at CES 2016
This panel turned out amazingly well!  Special thanks to Alex Davies from Tom's Hardware for doing such a wonderful job moderating this.  As pictured above, industry leaders featured include:

  • Moderator: Alex Davies, Tom’s Hardware
  • Ryan McCall, Director of Sales & Business Development, Futuremark
  • Frank Soqui, General Manager Enthusiast Desktop Group, Intel Corporation
  • Daryl Sartain, Director of VR, AMD
  • Tero Sarkkinen, CEO, Basemark
  • Neil Trevett, VP Mobile Content, Nvidia

That's history right there!  Enjoy.
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Vireio Perception DX11 Benchmark Sample

For those wondering what Vireio Perception's fate is, we have an update!  The above is a benchmarking sample of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor running with the lowest in-game quality settings followed by the highest.  The test equipment in this case is an AMD FX 8350 CPU mixed with an AMD R9 390 series GPU.

With the most basic visual quality, the game performs at 60FPS, and drops off to 44FPS in true stereoscopic 3D mode.  With the highest graphics quality settings, the game again performs at 60FPS, and drops to 33FPS in stereoscopic 3D mode.  This doesn't take into account techniques like asynchronous timewarp to compensate for missing frames in VR.
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