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Bleen Responded!

The simplest of working Bleen prototypes would represent a huge breaktrough in science.  Far more than the petty $250,000 they are seeking through Indiegogo.  These Bleen guys need to cut down on the video production budget and hire sharper business people - something is off with that financial goal.  Clearly, they don't seem to grasp the financial opportunity they are missing.

The other day, MTBS ran a story that the Bleen product line as promoted goes against the laws of science as we know it (and as true holographic experts know it).  They have already raised over $40,000 through equity-free crowdfunding, and MTBS wanted to see a substantial proof of concept before this campaign is allowed to continue with confidence.
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Vireio Perception 2.1 RC1 Released

Vireio Perception 2.1.0 RC1
OK! We have a lot cooking for everyone today, and this is a two part story. First, the latest version of Vireio Perception is out! Why is this version so important, you ask?

Over the past few months, we've seen Vireio Perception improved with features we had thought impossible. Positional tracking for all supported games, for example. VR Boost which makes it possible to use the game's architecture to behave more like a real VR game; forcing larger than life field of view, or using the game's cameras directly instead of manipulating the game's matrix after the fact. These are very big innovations for a virtual reality driver.

Here's the thing. Much of this technology requires manipulation of a game's memory registers, and things change as games get patched and updated, or in many cases, changed from computer to computer or operating system to operating system. To make matters worse, finding the right memory registers is a painstaking process that can easily take hours per game.
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Is Bleen Being Clean With Their Facts?

Last week, we received a phone call about a new gadget called "Bleen" which was raising money on Indiegogo for a sum goal of $250,000 or higher. At the time, they had already raised $32,000 in cash.

Bleen is a projection pod that promises to display hovering interactive holograms in true to life form; very much like Princess Leia calling for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now THAT is exciting.
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