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MTBS3D MTBS Founder, Neil Schneider, is doing a Reddit AMA today at 1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST)! #VR #AR #immersed #oculus #3D
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MTBS3D RT @StephanTanguay: Immersed ( VR Confrence ) is coming soon! NOVEMBER 23-24 2014 ! Glad to be a speaker.
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MTBS3D RT @3DImages: The 3D Image Stereoscopic News #3D is out! Stories via @NickDager @MTBS3D @HDTVTest
MTBS3D RT @CourtSprunger: ImmersiON-VRelia to unveil immersive space experience at NASA's 75th Anniversary Open House #ames
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Over Twenty Speakers and Counting!

Immersed Logo
Would you believe we have over 20 speakers on record so far?  Everyone from John Gaeta, one of the Academy Award winning geniuses behind The Matrix and "Bullet Time", to Habib Zargarpour, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios.  The media, investment community, and industry will all be at Immersed November 23-24 in Toronto, Ontario.  We are doing this to give professionals the access they need to top-level expertise to bolster their skills, and would-be entrepreneurs the tools they need to turn their ideas into viable businesses.

Immersive tech refers to virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.  Whether attendees are interested in video games or Hollywood cinema; Immersed is working to fill their needs.  There will also be a free public exhibition on the Sunday afternoon.  People need to try this stuff for themselves!

The $200 "gettingimmersed" promotion code will be expiring soon, so hurry up!  Also be sure to reserve your discounted hotel suite as those promotions will expire soon too (provided they haven't already run out of space!).  We also have a special exhibit discount program for early startups that have little to no seed capital and are entering the market for the first time.  Details found on the Immersed site!  ITA members get this discounted even further, and basic level membership is free for qualified content makers.

More to be announced soon!
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Blast Off to Space With ImmersiON-VRelia!

ImmersiON-VRelia GO
So this is interesting.  ImmersiON-VRelia will be showcasing their new GO HMD add-on for smartphones at NASA's 75th Anniversary Open House.  In particular, they will display NASA datasets on the ImmersiON-VRelia GO pre-production unit, which uses a smartphone as the processing backbone.  We don't actually know what a dataset is (we'll find out!), but the exhibit promises to let attendees explore outer space in a fully immersive, Virtual Reality 3D environment.

What is particularly interesting about this announcement is that unlike other mobile VR platforms, the ImmersiON-VRelia GO is offering up to 120-degree field of view as well as custom-focus for each eye.  This per-eye focus was a big hit with their professional grade HMD that is also in active development.

Check out the full press release here.
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Cubicle Ninjas Rocks, and Here's Why!

ITA member Cubicle Ninjas has just released Guided Meditation, a VR demo designed to relax you.  Sample meditative environments include Birchnut Forest, Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, and Yokosuka Garden.

There is something to be said for putting on a set of headphones, strapping on that Rift, and being able to shut out the world to relax for awhile.  Great stuff!

Cubicle Ninjas is a professional marketing agency with 30+ employees on staff.  VR is a critical part of their current strategy, and there is a story here.
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