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Open Gaming Alliance VR SIG Panel at GDC 2016

This panel turned out great! We covered everything from input control and VR experiences to specialized VR content designed for women.

From left to right, panelists include:

  • Wanda Meloni, Executive Director, The Open Gaming Alliance
  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, The Immersive Technology Alliance
  • Kim Pallister, Director of the VR Center of Excellence, Intel
  • Guilliaume Gouraud, VP of Business Development and the StarVR Project, Starbreeze Studios
  • Remi Arnaud, Chief Software Archtect, Starbreeze Studios

The audio was problematic, so we did what we could to clean it up and boost the volume in different areas. I'm hoping what we have is audible enough. The session was very popular!
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AWE Fort York VR Event Tomorrow Night!

AWE Fort York Experience
We are very excited to report that the Fort York Historic Site will be opening a Virtual Reality Exhibit to the general public for the first time this season. In conjunction with the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter, AWE CEO (and ITA member) Srinivas Krishna is holding a special event tomorrow night to mark the occasion.
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Basemark Talks VR at GDC 2016

Basemark Logo
Back from GDC, and the march of interviews begins!  Today we have our interview with Tero Sarkkinen, Co-Founder of Basemark.  Their new VRScore toolset is a neutral package that tests hardware performance for its ability to drive virtual reality hardware.  Very interesting!
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