Trinity Magnum Launches Kickstarter!

Looks like we have the makings of another VR controller getting ready to develop and hit the market. Unlike its predecessors which are more purposefully generic, the Trinity Magnum seems to be well suited as the peripheral of choice for FPS games. It will of course work with other content options; it just seems to be more well suited as a gun-like peripheral.
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Augmented Reality Appearing in Cars!

AR Windshield
While modern augmented reality is usually associated with Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses, Google Glass, and smartphone cameras; there are other applications in the works that don't require extra specs or handheld equipment.

PC Magazine recently ran an article highlighting new heads-up display features being made available on a range of cars, and managed to get their hands on a new system being developed by Continental.  In addition to presenting the standard fare of speed and fuel, they discovered unique benefits for getting GPS information this way versus the standard method of having a unit sitting on your dashboard or suction cupped to your windhshield.

See what you think!
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Check Out the Max Planck Institute VR Lab!

Now this is both cool AND useful.  We've seen this before where the user wears an HMD like the Oculus Rift, they have a computer in a backpack, and they walk around the room with the help of tracking infrared cameras.
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