MTBS3D ITA @official_ita3d Introduces New Membership Class, Immersed Access & New Alliance w/ Canadian 3D Society! #VR #AR
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Check out the trailer for the @siggraph 2015 Computer Animation Festival! #SIGGRAPH2015 http://t…
MTBS3D RT @cfcmedialab: From #BetaKitIPO to #ideaBOOST launch pad Canadian startups are #winning this week. #Startups
MTBS3D RT @BlackShellGames: Sumo! Revise! needs your support on Greenlight! #gamedev #indiedev #gamersunite ^
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @The_Lionheart @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 @podvrcast why hello thar :o The good old days in a forum with limitless possibilities :P dr…
MTBS3D RT @_jasonjerald: Who is going to be the next #birdly? @siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities Contest deadline May 26.
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 this means I haven't heard everything from SVVR15 yet, didn't think the Vive was there! Reminds me, time fo…
MTBS3D .@nevillespiteri Hahahaha! That's funny. Looking forward to you getting involved with @official_ita3d, too! 😀
MTBS3D Happy #MemorialDay to our American followers! I have some friends & family that have served/are serving in the US Military & support them!
MTBS3D @Chaoss86 FOV was OK maybe 100 deg. Screen door is noticeable, but not more than #CrescentBay. Need more time w/ Vive for firm judgement.
MTBS3D Interview at @SVVR2015 w/Josh Farkas of @CubicleNinjas Chief Architects of Immersed Access! #immersedaccess #SVVR #VR
MTBS3D RT @karlkrantz: The @FOVEinc VR eye-tracking headset will change everything you know about #VR. Learn more: #FOVE
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Thanks @SVVR2015, @jonpeddie @MissQuickstep @denise_quesnel @MTBS3D David Traub & everyone who joined us for our Futuri…
MTBS3D Amazing two days @SVVR2015! Thanks Nana, @karlkrantz and @CymaticBruce on a job well done! Now go take a vacation! :) #SVVR2015

Improving Vireio Perception AMD Support

AMD Logo
Now don't freak out or anything, but we have some very good news.  Vireio Perception is intended to work on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards - and it does.  However, we have learned that many games seem to behave radically different depending on whether you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU.  We've been taking it for granted that just because it ran on a green team card and the shaders are right, we should be good to go.  We were wrong!
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This Was a LOT of Fun!

A few weeks ago, MTBS got a chance to take a trip to Spain and enjoy the sites.  More importantly, Spain is a developing hub in the world of immersive technology, and while we couldn't do a lot of interviews, we nailed this one!

Atlantis Virtual Reality specializes in exhibition virtual and augmented reality, and they had a lot of cool stuff to show!  ImmersiON-VRelia was onhand to do the Spanish to English translation for us.  Enjoy the interview!
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Descendent Studios Joins The ITA

Descendent Studios Logo"We're excited about joining the ITA and working with the other members to push VR and 3D stereoscopic development forward. With the excitement around VR and the challenges developers face creating great VR and 3D experiences, it's great to be able to discuss ideas and solutions with other people down in the trenches and push the medium forward." – Jason Spangler, CTO and Co-Founder of Descendent Studios

It doesn't get much cooler than that!  Very proud to have this fine addition to the ITA to help push the industry forward.  Non-profit and non-proprietary, the Immersive Technology Alliance is the voice and standards body for immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

More developments to share soon!
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