AMD Walks the VR Talk at Extravalanza!

Last weekend, The Immersive Technology Alliance and AMD worked together to host a special VR exhibit as part of AMD's Extravalanza event.  To make this work, ITA members PrioVR (YEI Technology) and IRIS VR collaborated to really wow the crowds at AMD's headquarters - and they did. ;-)

Check out our interview with Darren McPhee, Director of Graphics Product Marketing for AMD.  Darren tells all about their GPUs, their vision for VR, FreeSync, and more!  The interview pushes 20 minutes, so there was obviously a lot to cover.

There is more to come, of course!
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Alien Isolation at E3 Expo, AMD Extravalanza!

Alien Isolation was a big VR hit at E3 Expo 2014, and we're really happy with the way this interview turned out!  Lots of fun!

Also, just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Extravalanza at AMD's headquartersThe Immersive Technology Alliance has joined forces with AMD to put on a VR display as part of the larger exhibit.  We are crossing our fingers that certain things will work out, but PrioVR and Technolust will be showing their stuff as part of this exhibit, and we are really looking forward to it!
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MTBS Catches Up With Gaijin Entertainment at E3 Expo!

Today we have our interview with Gaijin Entertainment talking about War Thunder!  It kind of sucks that their use of the Oculus HD Rift meant that we couldn't show in-game footage on the secondary monitor the way we would have liked, but you'll get the idea.
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