MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference this week & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
MTBS3D Neil has arrived in Stuttgart for @FMX_Conference! The live stream is here: #fmx2016 #VR
MTBS3D Check out the very first episode of our new show, Neil's Messy Basement! #VR #AR
MTBS3D First guest on first episode of Neil's Messy Basement is Bertrand Nepveu of @Vrvana! #VR #AR
MTBS3D Introducing Neil's Messy Basement, a new weekly program from MTBS! #VR #AR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D RT @Vanessa_FMX: The calm before the storm at the #fmx2016 location. Good to be back in the #castle. Prepping venue starts today. https://…
MTBS3D Minecrift released with Oculus SDK 1.3 support!#Minecrift #Oculus #VR
MTBS3D Virtual Reality’s PC Mass Market: When and Why #VR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D @JohnBerman How do you keep such a straight face? We were dying here every time you smiled. Ben Carson makes for classic TV.😂😂😂
MTBS3D The #HTCvive fulfills virtual reality's boldest promises. #VR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D Interview w/@idealens a mobile #HMD w/positional tracking based on magnetic resonance. #VR
MTBS3D @OssicVR You're welcome. So glad you liked the interview! :)
MTBS3D Interview w/ @OssicVR who are developing unique #3Daudio headphones for #VirtualReality #VR

Wireless VR HMD For PC

Wireless VR HMD Prototype for PC
Last week, we gave mention to a new VR HMD prototype we are going to be adding Vireio Perception support to.  As proud as we are, that was the smaller story.

While the brand name will remain anonymous for now (they are a very reputable brand), we have been given the go ahead to share these specs of the early wireless prototype featuring positional tracking. So why is this a big deal, you ask? Multiple brands have been promoting the importance of room scale virtual reality. The catch is with the wires following you wherever you go, it's a distraction - maybe even a risk if you aren't careful and accidentally trip or a wire gets caught.
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Some Really Cool Vireio Perception News

For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception are the free and open source drivers that let you take existing games and play them in VR.  When we say VR, we mean true stereoscopic 3D rendering with positional tracking and as few sacrifices as possible.

We are not ready to release a build to the public yet, but the Vireio Perception team decided to try something different this time around. With thanks to Razer, the team received a bunch of OSVR Hacker Development Kits, and we are pleased to report that we got Direct Mode to work with DirectX 11 support. For us, this was a very cool achievement.

The Vireio Perception team will strive to support every head mounted display we can get our hands on.

Now, we don't yet know if the unnamed prototype will be ready fast enough for what we have planned (it's not by Razer), but we are also going to be experimenting with a brand new PC based HMD that is completely wireless and features positional tracking (intended to be room scale). Someone has to do it. ;-)

We'll keep you posted.
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Why Your Ten Years is Different from Facebook's Ten Years

Don't go Full Lawnmower!

It's kind of a crazy world we live in!  Facebook is regularly going on record that virtual reality won't be a mass market for ten to twenty years while others are quitting their day jobs and making full virtual reality commitments for a short term future.  The messaging is so far apart and seemingly mixed, we decided to write this piece to share our own interpretation of what it all means.  Well, someone had to do it!
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