MTBS3D RT @MTBS3D: Just in time for #BlackFriday MTBS' Ultimate #VR Shopping Guide! #VirtualReality #HTCVive #OculusRift #PlayStationVR https://t.…
MTBS3D Just in time for #BlackFriday MTBS' Ultimate #VR Shopping Guide! #VirtualReality #HTCVive #OculusRift
MTBS3D Just in time for #BlackFriday MTBS' Ultimate #VR Shopping Guide! #VirtualReality #HTCVive #OculusRift
MTBS3D How #3D Improves Situational Awareness presentation by Tom Curtain of @DTI3Dunleashed. #Immersed2016 #VR
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See How Olympians VR!

Olympics in Rio
In a previous episode of Neil's Messy Basement, we interviewed Jose Luis Navarro, CEO of inMediaStudio. Jose revealed work being done with, the Spanish public radio and television corporation to recreate the Olympic training regimen in virtual reality form.

To make this innovative work possible, the inMediaStudio team used techniques like photogrammetry, 3D scanning, 360 degree video and sound, and much more. The experience works on all major platforms including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and more.

One of the unique features is VR Analytics whereby details are learned about where people are looking in the experience so the content makers can learn more about making effective VR experiences in the future.

The experience is viewable and downloadable from RTVE.  The inMediaStudio team are coming to Immersed 2016 in force - so be sure to see them October 16-18, 2016 in Toronto.
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Immersed 2016, MorrowSound

Immersed Logo
In its third year of operation, Immersed 2016 takes place October 16-18 at the Ontario Science Centre. While Immersed will continue as an industry conference for entrepreneurs and professionals working in the immersive space, we are also doing something incredibly ambitious to directly appeal to future customers of virtual reality technology and content at a separate venue in the Science Centre.
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SIGGRAPH 2016 Nearly Upon Us!

Siggraph Masthead
There are a few events we go to each year, and SIGGRAPH is one of them. In addition to a rich program featuring virtual reality and augmented reality, they are holding a new VR Village this year. The VR Village hosts a wide range of experimental ideas and projects with virtual reality, and this year's edition features everything from a collaborative VR environment put together by Eon Reality to MechVR, an experimental simulator where you ride a giant biped robot - lots of fun!

One of the flagship exhibits is the VR Storylab which blends narrative-driven, 360-degree VR content in a physical lab environment. It provides an immersive adventure by showcasing a wide range of art, entertainment, academic, scientific, and experiential VR.

Then there is all the educational immersive content and discussions! It's going to be an amazing show - looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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