Why John Gaeta is THE MAN!

John Gaeta, Creative Director New Technology and Experiences at LucasfilmTHIS is why John Gaeta is THE MAN.  While he hates being called this, he's definitely a visionary in our book.  He and his team won the Academy Award for the special effects and famous Bullet Time sequences in The Matrix Trilogy, and he completely gets it as far as seeing the potential of virtual reality and immersive technology.

Of course, he's speaking at Immersed along with other futurists with an equally huge vision and mindset.  I think Gaeta exemplifies why Immersed is so important.  The politics and posturing are all scraped away, and what we are left with is a vision and mindset for building a huge industry.  That's what we need right now, and that's what you will find at Immersed.

A complete honor that John and over 40 speakers will be at Immersed.  Good job, John!
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Industry Leaders Step Forward at Immersed!

AMDlogo small Immersed logo logo immersion gris

"AMD Radeon™ GPUs and AMD Accelerated Processing Units are widely recognized as high-performance platforms for augmented, gestural and virtual reality technologies.  We are proud to support Immersed as an opportunity to foster new Canadian expertise in these exciting areas of graphics innovation." - David Nalasco, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, AMD

We really want to give a shout out and express our appreciation to the Premier Sponsors who have stepped forward to make the Immersed conference possible.  In tandem with Founding Partners Canada Media Fund and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, these leaders are making it possible to hold the first industry-building conference designed to meet the needs of the virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and gesture tech communities on the East Coast.  Their efforts are further supplemented by the growing number of exhibits that will be showing brand new content, technology, and ideas.
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Oculus VR Releases Mobile SDK

Oculus VR has revealed their new Mobile SDK at the Oculus Developer Center.
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