Morpheus, Morpheus, Morpheus

Custom Matrix Pic
We were asked to not tell you who sent this picture, so all we can say is the launch of The Immersive Technology Alliance really struck a chord with some visionary people.  Let the immersive tech revolution begin!!!

The fun continues at GDC 2014 with two Morpheus videos!
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ITA Launched, Sony Reveals Morpheus

What can we say?  What a friggin day!  This morning marked the launch of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  Yes, definitely some media splatter we could have done without - but wow!  The room was packed, the energy was positive, and it was just gratifying to see the early makings of an industry.  Not one or two players, but a real industry looking to build itself up.

We're still getting congratulatory emails, and some cultural VR moguls have been patting us on the back and are coming forward to lend a hand as they know how.  There is definitely something in the air that is bigger than any one of us can claim.
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Mind Control Asteroids at UOIT Game Jam!

If you don't have a 3D display, choose "no glasses" and "left image only" in the YouTube 3D viewing options.

We still have more to share from the University of Ontario's Immersive Technology Game Jam!  Check out this cool game featuring the Mindwave device.  Imagine Asteroids with a touch of mind control.  You'll get it when you see it.
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