MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: At #YYZ waiting for our flight to #SFO. See you tomorrow at 9:00 am for our Annual Meeting at SFGreenSpace! #GDC2015 ht…
MTBS3D MTBS is at #YYZ waiting for our flight to #SFO for #GDC2015! See you there!
MTBS3D Unreal Engine 4 is now available for free! #UnrealEngine4 #EpicGames #TimSweeney
MTBS3D RT @NextVR_app: Interview on @MTBS3D: David Cole, NextVR Co-founder, Talks Light Field Cameras For #VR #VR
MTBS3D Interview w/ @NextVR_app on their new light field camera rig for #VR! #virtualreality #NextVR
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Only 10 tickets left for Annual Meeting at #GDC2015! Sponsored by @thekhronosgroup and @ImmersiONVRelia. Tickets at htt…
MTBS3D Valve and HTC are working together on an HMD called VIVE. #HTC #HTCVive #Valve #vive #virtualreality #VR
MTBS3D "He and I made a habit each morning of watching #StarTrek together."RIP #MrSpock #LeonardNimoy
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: This just in! @AMD's Chief Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy is joining the panel at our Annual Meeting at #GDC2015! http:…
MTBS3D .@TO_siggraph presents 2014 Computer Animation Festival! Get tickets:
MTBS3D RT @NextVR_app: David Cole to speak @ ITA Annual Meeting and NextVR will have new demos @ #VRMixer Come see us at #GDC2015!
MTBS3D RT @HelenSitu: David Cole to speak @ ITA Annual Meeting and NextVR will have new demos @ #VRMixer Come see us at #GDC2015!
MTBS3D RT @NextVR_app: "Imagine you are sitting at a game, thousands of screaming fans all around you.." Read more: #Stadiu
MTBS3D RT @thekhronosgroup: Immersive Technology Alliance annual meeting March 4 at SF Green Space, before #OpenCL session and #WebGL meetup http:…
MTBS3D RT @Vrvana: The Khronos Group and the ITA: "Consumer-ready VR and AR will require many interoperating standards" #Vi
MTBS3D RT @ImmersiONVRelia: "There can only be one winner..." Congratulations to the entire ImmersiON-VRelia team! and thanks to all our... http:/…
MTBS3D RT @industrychanger: Keep an eye out for @NextVR_app! They are doing some amazing things in the virtual reality realm.
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: ITA is a media sponsor for the #VRMIXER at #GDC2015...and it's already sold out! Awesome! http:/…

AMD Talks Latency, VR, FreeSync and MORE at CES 2015

AMD is of course an industry leader in the world of virtual reality and graphics power, so we were thrilled to interview Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist (what a title!) about Mantle, FreeSync, low-latency VR, and more.  Check out the interview - lots of fun!

Looking forward to traveling to Miami, Florida tomorrow!  The BIG Summit is coming up and features Randi Zuckerberg!  The Immersive Technology Alliance and MTBS are proud to be media sponsors for this.  It's going to be a great show!
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The Politics of 360-Degree Video

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First stereoscopic 3D 360 degree video? According to Gizmodo's Sean Hollister, Google has made a statement that they will be adding full panorama 360 support in the coming weeks.  360 video has been around for ages, but it has taken on new interest because it's a great format for VR and sharing experiences remotely to headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, ImmersiON-VRelia GO HMD, and more.
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Sulon Technologies' Cortex at CES 2015

Does a picture not say a thousand words?  Today we have our interview with Sulon Technologies about their mixed reality Cortex HMD.  Clearly one of the more unique offerings we saw at CES 2015!
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