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Happy Back to the Future Day!

How could we forget to celebrate Back to the Future Day?!?  We are indeed living in the future on October 21, 2015 - and the future sucks!  It really does!  I wanted some friggin flying cars by now, or at least that super cool hoverboard even without the...POWAH!

The only people feeling older than I are those that were living in Hill Valley in 1955.  I mean, come'on!  We are living in the future!  The future was supposed to be a joke, and I'm old enough to live in the joke!  Honestly, if you were around when the movie actually came out, how old does that make you feel?!?  Great Scott!

At least I'm around long enough to see...Jaws 19.  Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone!
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Haven't Made the Magic Leap YET!

While this video is impressive, I'm still not ready to take the Magic Leap.  At least not yet (close!).  It's important to remember that this is a vision of Magic Leap and not a direct camera through the lens example.  This strikes me as more of a software demonstration than the hardware demonstration that everyone is really excited about.  Look at the Vuforia technology which Qualcomm recently sold to PTC demonstrated below:

If you can view this video in 2D or grab a stereoscopic 3D display, you will see that Qualcomm showcased very similar ability of adding dynamic digital characters complete with shadows added to the real world in augmented reality.  This isn't anything least not yet (or shown!).

The real demo will be the product in action with glasses you can see through.  That's the ultimate proof of concept everyone is excited about; myself included.
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Immersed 2015: Mission Impossible V in VR!

Jose Luis Navarro is CEO of InMediaStudio which is the agency that created the Mission Impossible V and Tomorrowland VR experiences that were tied in with the films.  It would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to fly the exhibits to Toronto, so Jose came up with some creative alternatives and even got the audience involved!

This is just a sample of the magic that happened at Immersed 2015!
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