MTBS3D RT @cfcmedialab: From #BetaKitIPO to #ideaBOOST launch pad Canadian startups are #winning this week. #Startups
MTBS3D RT @BlackShellGames: Sumo! Revise! needs your support on Greenlight! #gamedev #indiedev #gamersunite ^
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @The_Lionheart @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 @podvrcast why hello thar :o The good old days in a forum with limitless possibilities :P dr…
MTBS3D RT @_jasonjerald: Who is going to be the next #birdly? @siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities Contest deadline May 26.
MTBS3D RT @BOLL7708: @MTBS3D @SVVR2015 this means I haven't heard everything from SVVR15 yet, didn't think the Vive was there! Reminds me, time fo…
MTBS3D .@nevillespiteri Hahahaha! That's funny. Looking forward to you getting involved with @official_ita3d, too! 😀
MTBS3D Happy #MemorialDay to our American followers! I have some friends & family that have served/are serving in the US Military & support them!
MTBS3D @Chaoss86 FOV was OK maybe 100 deg. Screen door is noticeable, but not more than #CrescentBay. Need more time w/ Vive for firm judgement.
MTBS3D Interview at @SVVR2015 w/Josh Farkas of @CubicleNinjas Chief Architects of Immersed Access! #immersedaccess #SVVR #VR
MTBS3D RT @karlkrantz: The @FOVEinc VR eye-tracking headset will change everything you know about #VR. Learn more: #FOVE
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Thanks @SVVR2015, @jonpeddie @MissQuickstep @denise_quesnel @MTBS3D David Traub & everyone who joined us for our Futuri…
MTBS3D Amazing two days @SVVR2015! Thanks Nana, @karlkrantz and @CymaticBruce on a job well done! Now go take a vacation! :) #SVVR2015
MTBS3D RT @SVVR2015: Thank you to the incredible VR community who made SVVR 2015 an amazing success!
MTBS3D RT @JoshuaFarkas: A huge thank you to @karlkrantz @CymaticBruce and Nana for making SVVR 2015 another unforgettable event!

Another Vireio Perception Release IMMINENT!

Sorry for all the MTBS downtime yesterday.  We've been working on some software upgrades on MTBS.  Work continues!

In the meantime, we are also hard at work on the next version of Vireio Perception which should be out shortly.  We'll announce additional features when the driver is out...soon! ;-)
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Neil Schneider Interviewed by Voices of VR!

This turned out really nicely!  Voices of VR ran an interview we (cough, cough) Neil Schneider.  The interview covered everything from how MTBS got started, modern virtual reality, The Immersive Technology Alliance, and where things are headed.

Check it out here!
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Xpand and ImmersiON-VRelia Join Forces on AlterSpace

Xpand 3D Glasses
While ImmersiON-VRelia are up and coming head mounted display manufacturers, they have strong roots in the stereoscopic 3D broadcasting space via TDVision Systems.  Their work is actually part of the 3D BluRay standard.

While virtual reality is a seemingly new thing, TDVision Systems already had metaverse software called Alterspace (not to be confused with Altspace!) which they had been developing for their early HMD prototypes and stereoscopic 3D support.

Now this earlier technology is being reimagined and put to good use with a fresh strategic partnership with Xpand. Similar to ImmersiON-VRelia, Xpand's roots are also in stereoscopic 3D technology.  They are best known for their LCD shutter glasses that are used by both 3D movie theaters and at-home 3D displays and devices, but have also taken an interest in passive 3D projection as well.

Looking forward to seeing what the two can accomplish together!
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