Meet the Murcia Invisibility Cloak!

Rochester Cloak
While it's been in the news for about a year now, there is still a lot of hoopla about a lens-based invisibility cloak being developed at the University of Rochester. The idea is that with some complex apparatus, you can place an object between the apparatus and something you want to see, and you will seemingly see through the object - it will be invisible.

A few weeks ago, MTBS had the opportunity to visit Murcia, Spain and meet some of the VR and AR experts in the area. We even got a tour of the University of Murcia by Professor Fernando Vargas-Martin in their Faculty of Optics (Optica).
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No Consumer Rift in 2015?

One of the challenges of being part of a publicly traded being part of a publicly traded company.  Gamasutra just ran an article that according to Facebook's earnings report meeting, they do not have plans to release a consumer version of the Oculus Rift in 2015.
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SIGGRAPH Brings Dr. Michael Macedonia to Toronto!

It's extra cool when something major happens right in your backyard!  Put together by the Toronto SIGGRAPH chapter and sponsored in part by AMD and the University of Toronto, Next Generation Virtual World will feature none other than Dr. Michael Macedonia.  Tickets are just $15 plus applicable fees and taxes.
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