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Maintenance Day!

Site Maintenance
Just having some server maintenance done today.  The site may go up and down periodically.  Thanks for your understanding.
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Nexperience Shows Fun Platform at GDC 2016

Nexperience Logo
Nexperience is a new platform designed to let VR content makers extend their work to the public exhibition space.  What we tried was a lot of fun!  Check out the interview from GDC 2016.
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Idealens Talks Mobile Positional Tracking at GDC

Idealens HMDThis was a pleasant surprize at GDC 2016.  Idealens is a new stand-alone mobile HMD that features positional tracking based on magnetic resonance; it's a similar concept to the magnetic tech that Sixense uses in their STEM product line.

Check out the interview and see what you think.

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