MTBS3D We're back from vacation w/ @oculus & @SamsungCanada demos & interviews from @intlCES #VR #CES
MTBS3D RT @industrychanger: Interviewed Neil Schneider from @MTBS3D about @OpenSource_VR and open standards. This is what he said:
MTBS3D Open Source vs. Open Standard, an important distinction. @UploadVR @official_ita3d #VR
MTBS3D RT @randizuckerberg: Excited to be keynoting at Miami's 1st #VirtualReality Conference - #BIGSummit @theBigSummit
MTBS3D MTBS is in South Beach for @theBigSummit, Miami's first ever #VirtualReality conference! #BigSummit #CEEK #VR
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: This is going to be potentially huge for sharing experiences with VR! 360 support in YouTube @MTBS3D
MTBS3D .@AMD talks latency at @intlCES, plus #VR, FreeSync & more! #CES2015
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Interviews from last week are starting to get posted @MTBS3D #CES2015
MTBS3D RT @FeelThree: @MTBS3D Pre-Kickstarter raffle @ to win 2 cool VR Motion Simulators&shipping p…
MTBS3D .@ImmersiONVRelia awarded best of @intlCES & our #CES interview with CEO, Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo! @TDVision #VR
MTBS3D Neil's wife is insanely jealous! MTBS goes shoe shopping w/ @sixensemotion at @intlCES! #sixensestem #VR #CES2015
MTBS3D RT “@VRGLASS: @MTBS3D @intlCES We are Crowdfunding. Can you help us by retweet?
MTBS3D First interview from @intlCES w/Snail Games & their #3D gaming console & smartphone featuring eye tracking! #CES2015
MTBS3D We are back from @intlCES! Special thanks to @Robertsmania for his camera work! Keep an eye out next week for his interview w/ @oculus! #CES
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Just interviewed Nate Mitchell at Oculus after checking out the Crescent Bay - Amazing, seriously really good #CES2015 @M

UploadVR Hits METREON in 2015!


Happy Holidays everyone!  Meant to be Seen and The Immersive Technology Alliance are proud to be media sponsors of the upcoming UploadVR event taking place Thursday, January 15, 2015 on the top floor of the iconic METREON in San Francisco.  With an anticipated audience of about 1,500 people and 60 exhibitors, UploadVR promises to be a Silicon Valley hub for showcasing modern VR to the general public and demonstrating through example why we are all excited about this technology and where things are headed.

Deep ticket discounts are available for ITA members, and they will be shared upon request and through private ITA mailing lists.  Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!
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SVVR & ImmersiON-VRelia at Immersed!

Neil Schneider (The ITA, MTBS) and Karl Krantz (SVVR)Today we have a two for one special from Immersed!
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Get Your Ambulance Chasers Ready!

Absolutely PRICELESS!!!  It reminds us of a comedian that explained that every dumb sign we see (e.g. "don't smoke in a gas station") is there because some idiot tried it at least once before.  PRICELESS!

We know this is from 2011...but come on!
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