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Valve Announces VR Hardware, Samsung News

Valve Revealing VR Hardware SDK at GDCNow how cool is that?  Pretty darned cool!  Crossing our fingers that we get to see this thing...whatever it is.  There is an expectation that it's an HMD, but who knows what cool things Valve keeps locked away in their garage.

In the meantime, we did notice something striking at GDC.  Sony Morpheus has talks, Oculus VR has talks, obviously Valve has talks...where is Samsung?
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Today We Get VR Moonstruck With Robert Godwin

We were saving this story for the most opportune time. Earlier this month, a Kickstarter was launched called The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience.  You guessed it - it's a virtual reality recreation of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and historical developments leading up to the event. A very exciting concept and idea. They are about 40% funded with a deadline of March 16, 2015 - so there is still plenty of time for backers to join the vision and help make this idea a reality.

At the B.I.G. Summit, we had the opportunity to meet Robert Godwin, CEO of CG Publishing Inc. Robert has made a career of covering the aeronautical and space industries, and is considered a top educator in the field. Through his virtual celestial travels, he has gotten hold of all kinds of unique content and materials that few have laid eyes on. Some of that content is specially created 360-degree images of the moon and stereoscopic 3D captures.  Yes, he has personally worked with nearly all the NASA greats as well!  Very interesting individual.
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Sony Gets Augmented, Sensio Interviewed at CES

We actuallty saw this at CES 2015!  Sony announced the availability of their new SED-E1 Developer Edition augmented reality glasses. It features a monochrome see-through display and connects to smartphone devices based on Android version 4.4 and above.  According to Sony's spec sheet, it will run for 150 minutes continuously.
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