The ITA Meeting is ONLINE

The Immersive Technology Alliance has placed the majority of its meeting contents online for all to see.  This was a day to be proud of because this effort really caught the imaginations of pretty much everyone in the industry.  We seriously didn't know what to expect!  It was gratifying to see the room filled to capacity with perceived competitors excitely talking to each other and sharing the potential of what's in store.

The meeting summary features nine presentations that feature The ITA, Technical Illusions, I'm in VR, The Game Creators, YEI Technology, Avegant, Epson America, VRelia and GameFace Labs.

Efforts like this mark the beginnings of an industry-wide Immersive Technology revolution, and the alliance will be relentless in helping bring out the best this market has to offer.
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Meet Geekmaster, Video Game History Museum

Lots to show from GDC 2014!  It was a big honor to meet Geekmaster in person as well as Jesse Joudrey from Jespionage.

Today, we have a great interview with The Video Game History Museum who had an exhibit at GDC 2014.  They've obviously got a great toy collection that lots of people will be jealous of!
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VR Mixer Super Cool at GDC!

Last night's VR mixer was just awesome! Special thanks to San Francisco VR and SVVR for for pulling this off in a big way.  You can't fabricate a true passion for VR and immersive technology, and these guys have it.  MTBS and The Immersive Technology Alliance were thrilled to be part of this, and it was just great to see many of the industry's best making an appearance!
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