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The Immersed Innovators Panel

This was the first Immersed panel and featured VRvana, Next Galaxy Corp., and Dimension Technologies Inc. Sorry about the audio when Nick Stephan first speakers, it gets fixed very quickly.

A really cool bonus is that according to DTI3D's Kickstarter update, after Nvidia saw their monitor in action at Immersed, they confirmed that they would add them to their supported list of stereoscopic 3D hardware. That's a big plus because this means the DTI3D hardware will be supported by all the 3D driver makers to maximize game compatibility. The only caveat is Dimension Technologies Inc. has a ways to go before hitting their $150,000 Kickstarter goal - so get cracking on making those 3D purchases! ;-)
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Immersed Opening Remarks

WHAT A SHOW!  Here are the opening remarks for Immersed, the industry-building event held last month in Toronto, Ontario for technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D and more.

For those that missed it, the Toronto Star ran an article on Sunday that truly encapsulated the positive energy and karma that made Immersed as memorable as it was.  Yes...definitely going to do it again next year; only bigger.

Immersed is the gift that keeps on giving as there are more announcements to come.
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The Ramifications of the Dimension Technologies Inc. Kickstarter

Letter from Neil Schneider:

Demo of Dimension Technologies Inc. 3D Prototypes at Immersed
Too often, 3D glasses have been credited as the major handicap for 3D content such as games, movies, and broadcast for being as successful as they could be. Up until now, glasses-free 3D meant losing resolution, rampant ghosting, required sweet-spot viewing, single viewer limitations, proprietary formats, and who knows what else.

The Immersed conference was a huge success and marked the beginning of new immersive technology stories. One of those stories was the launch of the Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) 27" glasses-free 3D monitor Kickstarter. Jointly with NASA, Dimension Technologies Inc. has been actively prototyping what promises to be the ultimate glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display. Clear 3D without the trade-offs and glasses.
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