Condition One Interviewed at GDC

While video games have seemingly taken the immersive technology cake, there is a lot happening in the VR movie and broadcasting business thanks to companies like Condition One and Next3D.

Today, for the first time ever...dah - dah - dahhhhhhh...we have an interview with Condition One at GDC 2014.  Money says most don't have a camera rig like THIS sitting around in their basement! ;-)
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MTBS Interviews Cloudhead Games at GDC!

More content is coming from GDC 2014.  Today, we have our interview with Denny Unger from Cloudhead Games.  Lots of fun!
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Coldplay is Cooler Than $2 Billion

$2 billion dollars for Oculus is pretty cool.  However, if you're not on the receiving end of all that cash, wouldn't watching Coldplay in VR be much, much cooler? ;-)
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