MTBS3D RT @CubicleNinjas: Need a vacation? We'll be demoing virtual reality relaxation with Guided Meditation ( at @GetImme
MTBS3D RT @GabrielleMade: Getting more and more excited for @GetImmersed conference tomorrow! Hoping there are many VR experiences to try! #Immers
MTBS3D RT @CanopyVR: Here we come, @GetImmersed!
MTBS3D RT @pathadnagy: Flying up for @GetImmersed Excited to see the latest developments in VR.
MTBS3D RT @VideoStitch: On the way to Torronto to @GetImmersed !
MTBS3D RT @ianmachunter: Headed to Toronto for @GetImmersed come visit the @jauntvr booth for a sneak peak at our #CinematicVR @KaijuFuryVR @The
MTBS3D RT @BennettLoudon: Dimension Technologies in Rochester NY plans to launch glasses-free 3-D @DandC @RITIGM1 @MTBS3D #…
MTBS3D DTI's Tom Curtain @tcadguy & Neil interviewed in the Rochester @DandC on glasses free #3D!
MTBS3D Ready to @GetImmersed this weekend in @TorontoComms! Try out cool new tech! Great prizes! #immersed #VR #AR #awesome
MTBS3D RT @industrycanada: This 3D #virtualreality tech is tackling phobias #VR conf & expo this wknd in T.O. @GetImmersed
MTBS3D RT @jauntvr: Want to see the Paul McCartney #VR experience on an #oculusrift? First opportunity will be at @GetImmersed:
MTBS3D RT @VRReviewer: @GetImmersed Immersed Conference taking place this weekend in Toronto
MTBS3D Thanks @VRReviewer for 20Q w/Neil! #truthdoesntlie He's done a lot for the #VR community. #respectmyauthoritah #mtbs
MTBS3D "Rebecca Minkoff Debuts Immersive Retail Experience" Now this is a #VR story that really speaks to me! Love her stuff.
MTBS3D @jauntvr We're very excited to experience this on the #OculusRift this weekend at @GetImmersed!
MTBS3D .@RollingStone This weekend @jauntvr is showing this for the 1st time on the #OculusRift at #VR show @GetImmersed !

Immersed Professional Training Stream Revealed

Immersed Logo
Immersed is quickly growing
into the must-attend event on the East Coast. Well over thirty-five speakers on record, Immersed is the industry-building event for technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture tech, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

While panels and presentations will be happening all day on November 23-24, Immersed is equally designed to help attendees with their professional development, and today we have revealed the Training Stream at Immersed.

Sebastien Kuntz, CEO of MiddleVR and speaker at Oculus Connect (2014) will talk about coding for VR in Unity. Dr. Jason Jerald from Nextgen Interactions who has worked with everyone from Oculus VR to Valve will share his insights on effective VR development. Ben Miller from Wemo Lab will talk about VR development on mobile platforms such as Samsung's Gear VR - a similar presentation by Ben is slated for Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015, so Immersed attendees are getting an early look. We've also have Arun Kulshreshth from the University of Central Florida to talk about the effective use of stereoscopic 3D in video games and what their latest research has shown; he will also be talking about gesture technology.

It's very possible (probable) that additional training will be provided, though our speaking opportunities have nearly maxed out.

Immersed is just a few short weeks away.  Be sure to register and GET IMMERSED! ;-)
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CEEK and CEEKARS at Immersed!

Mary Spio, Founder and President of Next GalaxyThis is something we are really excited about!

Mary Spio (pictured left) is the Founder and President of Next Galaxy Corp.  She's best known for creating and holding patents on the technology used for the digital distribution of movies over satellite and for demographically targeted distribution of digital media. The technology was commercialized via Boeing Digital Cinema for the release of movies such as Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones.

Her company is currently earning the headlines for being the founder of CEEK – a fully immersive social entertainment and educational hub for VR; a professional grade metaverse if you will.

On the hardware side, Next Galaxy Corp has developed 360-degree audio headphones specifically designed for virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift.  Why are we excited?

Mary Spio is not only speaking at Immersed this coming November 23-24 in Toronto, Ontario (and really...who isn't?!? Look at all those speakers!), she is also going to give a very early look at both the CEEK and CEEKARS technologies in the exhibit hall.  Yes, there are other surprises in store too. ;-)

Just one more person who will see at Immersed!
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A Big Yawn Says James Cameron!

James Cameron at 3D Entertainment SummitA big yawn! That's how James Cameron describes the Oculus Rift. Not because it's a poor experience, mind you. It's because he's seen it all before in his professional life. Not quite phrased the same way, but I've heard this sentiment from the likes of Jaron Lanier and other top experts in the field.
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