MTBS3D Check out 'What's Under The Hood' #VR panel from #CES2016 moderated by @alexbdavies!
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: .@alexbdavies did a great interview on @tomshardware with @AMD's Director of VR & ITA's #VRCouncil Chair! #AMD #VR http…
MTBS3D Great interview by @alexbdavies with Daryl Sartain!
MTBS3D RT @htcvive: VP of Virtual Reality at @htc @obriend17 chats with @MTBS3D about the future of Vive and VR. via @YouT
MTBS3D @vfxtrainer Lol! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)
MTBS3D @anshelsag Yes. Neil would love to talk to you. Send him an email to, and I'll make sure he gets it. :)
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Get your facial expressions in VR with Conjure Controller @reachbionics @MTBS3D #CES2016

MTBS Tries the Vive and Interviews HTC

It was about a year ago that we would have been grateful to just try the thing out (the HTC Vive).  This year, HTC pulled heaven and earth to make this interview possible, and it was clearly one of the CES highlights for us.  We hope you like it too!

Much more to come from CES.
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Immersit Brings Haptics to a Sofa Near You!

I've heard of souping up your car...but never your couch!  Check out our interview with Immersit, a new product line designed to add haptics features to your every day sofa.
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Crytek Joins The ITA

“The ITA’s focus on facilitating collaboration between leading technology and content makers fits perfectly with our own ambitions for virtual reality. We’re not only working hard to make CRYENGINE the best possible resource for virtual reality development, but also striving to offer consumers truly immersive experiences in our upcoming VR game for the Oculus Rift and PSVR, The Climb and Robinson: The Journey. We look forward to being part of the ITA and continuing to drive innovation alongside like-minded partners around the world.” – Frank Vitz, Creative Director, Crytek

Crytek Logo

The Immersive Technology Alliance is very proud to announce that Crytek has joined The ITA. As long as we can remember, they've always delivered memorable experiences with the Crysis franchise and through their CRYENGINE product lines. It's a big victory for the industry that Crytek is taking virtual reality seriously with their latest work The Climb and Robinson: The Journey.

A big honor all around!
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